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Clark Pacific Launches Parking Configurator, a Rapid Design Tool for Prefabricated Parking Structures

June 17, 2019

Clark Pacific Launches Parking Configurator, a Rapid Design Tool for Prefabricated Parking Structures

Streamlined design process ensures early alignment, allows owners to easily move forward with a prefabrication strategy




SACRAMENTO, June 11, 2019 – Clark Pacific, a leading provider of prefabricated systems that are transforming building design and construction, announced today that PARC, its single-sourced solution for pre-engineered parking structures, now features PARC Configurator, a rapid design tool that meets owner-driven requirements and objectives with conceptual parking structure designs based on Clark Pacific’s proven standards and prefabrication strategies.


PARC delivers a 700+ stall parking structure in under six months, prepared pad to beneficial use, and moves over 2,200 man-days off-site – numbers unmatched with traditional design and construction delivery methods. With the addition of PARC Configurator, designers and owners can rapidly test and compare different designs, structural schemes and concepts, get instant feedback and adjust parameters such as floor height, building length/width and parking geometrics to determine the most efficient design in compliance with owner and jurisdictional requirements.


“The configurator is the next step in the evolution of PARC, allowing for rapid iterations that validate and optimize the structure design,” said Farid Ibrahim, product manager of parking solutions for Clark Pacific. “With this configurator, we further reduce risk and accelerate the design-build process for owners.”


PARC configurator provides a complete structure design that ties into estimating for a real-time rough order of magnitude (ROM) and simplifies prefabricated parking structure design to bring projects to life with greater efficiency and collaboration, and far less risk. With PARC Configurator designers and owners can:



  • Easily incorporate prefabricated building strategies from project conception.
  • Increase design efficiency while leveraging standards and best practices.
  • Quickly design efficient layouts that meet project goals with a collaborative interface leveraging the best of technology and people.
  • Accelerate the learning curve of designing for prefabrication.
  • Deliver a more comprehensive design during the conception phase to ensure goals are on target.



About Clark Pacific

Clark Pacific is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated building systems.  We are transforming design and construction by delivering high quality, cost effective buildings with less risk. Clark Pacific paves the way for prefabrication as a smarter, safer and more efficient way to bring great designs to life. Clark Pacific collaborates with construction owners and design-build teams to develop and deliver prefabricated building systems for commercial and institutional projects of any size and complexity. For more information, visit www.clarkpacific.com.