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March 24, 2021







  • The Alpha project explored how a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) data publication and distribution system could transform how traffic order data is accessed and published
  • AppyWay played a vital role in the project, leveraging extensive TRO data innovation experience garnered via previous DfT and Innovate UK projects and the development of their Traffic Order Management Suite
  • Valtech led and managed the project as DfT’s appointed digital partner, building upon their previous work transforming the Blue Badge Digital Service. The Valtech team brings together capabilities including data modelling, service design and user research to deliver an Alpha that passes Service Assessment.
  • The Alpha project explored the need for standardised TRO data to help cities tackle their most pressing mobility challenges and unlock future transport innovation



London, UK, Wednesday 24th March 2021, Kerbside management and intelligent parking firm AppyWay has today announced their involvement in the DfT’s Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) Data Model Alpha Project as an SME partner to the global Digital Agency, Valtech, who led the project. The Data Model Alpha Project explored how a data publication and distribution system could transform how the data is accessed and published. The work builds on the previous DfT project in 2018 and 2019 that consisted of a Discovery, draft standardised data model development and a Policy Alpha.


At present most local authorities are unable to publish standardised and open TRO data for anyone to access, use and share. The current legal procedures for making traffic orders are paper based, process heavy, costly and the data is inconsistent and non-standardised. Standardised TRO data would enable local authorities and other TRO stakeholders to support new services, digital mapping, and enable the digital infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles, which is another industry Valtech has hands-on experience with.


AppyWay’s role in supporting the project drew upon their in-depth knowledge of local authority and private sector traffic order challenges, and the experience gained from the development of their digital, end-to-end, traffic order management suite that enables councils to share traffic order data via API. AppyWay works with clients that span touchpoints across the entire TRO data spectrum, ranging from local authorities who manage and maintain the data, to fleet operators and consumers who need this data in human and machine-readable formats.


Valtech, the global Digital Agency leading the project, has considerable experience and success in the delivery of Alpha and Beta projects using agile methodologies and leveraging the entire range of digital experts from UX experts to some of the best digital developers in the industry. Perhaps more importantly, the projects they have delivered have secured many Government Digital Standard (GDS) Assessment passes, a fundamental requirement for this project.


AppyWay Founder & CEO, Dan Hubert comments, “The centralised data model that the Alpha project worked towards will deliver huge benefits across the board and we’re excited to be supporting Valtech. We want to ensure all consumers of TRO data have their specific requirements represented in the development process and that the DfT TRO Model works for every traffic order stakeholder.”


“At AppyWay we have been championing open, standardised, and accessible traffic order data, and we are proud to be taking an active role in helping Valtech and the DfT transform TRO data through the Alpha project. It is through open and standard data that cities can tackle their most pressing mobility challenges and unlock future transport innovation.”



Valtech comments, “Valtech are delighted to be working on this exciting project with so much potential to deliver an improved user experience together with cost and efficiency savings, and to be working with AppyWay with their extensive expertise in this domain. “



AppyWay exists to help cities thrive from the kerb up. We see the kerb as a catalyst – the key to powering progress with the most pressing urban mobility challenges.

Our platform of data, APIs and tools provide digital kerbside management solutions that enable intelligent mobility, better connecting cities with people and businesses.

Through close collaboration and industry leading partnerships, the AppyWay platform effectively acts as a ‘future mobility’ conduit between the public and private sector:

Learn more about our Traffic Order Management Suite here https://appyway.com/traffic/



Valtech is a global digital agency focusing on business transformation and working for clients including Department for Transport, Department for Work & Pensions, NHS, Ofgem, LNER, EasyJet, L’Oréal, Audi, BMW, Sanofi, Carnegie, Lufthansa, Dolby, Toyota, Phillips, Danone, Levi’s, and Forex. Founded in 1993, Valtech has established itself as one of the largest independent global agency groups with more than 3.000 exceptional individuals operating out of 45+ offices in 15 countries (USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil, China, India, Singapore, Argentina, and Ukraine).



Coord: City of Omaha Launches City’s First-Ever Smart Zones to Better Manage the Curb 

September 21, 2020




City of Omaha Launches City’s First-Ever Smart Zones to Better Manage the Curb 




In partnership with curb management platform, Coord, Omaha pilots innovative Smart Zones to better coordinate curbside loading, reducing congestion, improving safety and supporting local economic activity




Omaha, NE, September 21, 2020 – The City of Omaha, in partnership with Coord, a leading curb management company, today announced the launch of its first-ever Smart Zone pilot program to better manage the city’s curbs. This builds on Omaha’s effort to develop a robust regional transportation strategy and follows their selection by Coord as one of four U.S. cities to participate in the company’s inaugural Digital Curb Challenge to undertake a brand new curb management program.


Demand for curb space in cities is rapidly changing as on-demand delivery, e-commerce and freight activity continue to grow. Smart Zones, powered by Coord’s technology, can meet cities’ needs by enabling commercial drivers to use the mobile devices they already use every day to locate nearby available loading zones and to hold, book, and pay for time in them. As a result, Smart Zones improve the coordination, safety and convenience of curbside delivery and service vehicle loading in cities. They can also offer a more streamlined experience for drivers, reducing the incidence of safety and congestion hazards, such as double-parking and parking citations.


“Well-managed curb access for service and delivery vehicle drivers makes it easier for businesses to receive supplies and services,” said Ken Smith, Omaha Parking & Mobility Manager. “We are excited to partner with Coord – this new technology will tell us where, when and how loading space is needed. By improving the safety and efficiency of these deliveries we improve the parking experience for everyone in our urban core.”


Park Omaha has deployed five Smart Zones located in Omaha’s busy Downtown and Old Market district:

  • 14th and Capitol, southeast corner
  • 19th and Harney, southwest corner
  • 16th and Harney, northwest corner
  • West side of 13th, between Farnam and Harney
  • West side of 10th, between Harney and Howard


Coord’s Smart Zones will also provide Park Omaha with information that is essential in empowering the city to make data-driven operational changes. For example, curb data can be used to create more loading space where it’s most needed or help manage demand for it through pricing and time limits. Because Smart Zone availability, rules and prices are digitally communicated to drivers, Coord’s platform allows a city to make rules adjustments for zones in response to policy changes, special events or emergencies without the hassle and expense of modifying signage on the street. You can learn more about a Smart Zone program in this video.


“Well-managed loading zones can reduce double-parking and other behaviors that create safety hazards and impede traffic flow, making downtowns more convenient, safe and pleasant to visit,” said Dawn Miller, Coord’s Head of Policy and Partnerships. “As cities look for opportunities to support their brick and mortar businesses, they see creating safe, accessible downtowns – accomodating a mix of in-person and delivery/pickup business – as a way they can make a real difference. We are thrilled to launch this program with the Park Omaha team and look forward to tackling these same challenges with cities across North America in the year ahead.”


For more information on Omaha’s Smart Zone pilot, please visit coord.com/omaha-smart-zonesand https://www.parkomaha.com/smart-zones



About Coord

Coord is transforming city streets, starting with the curb. Coord is the only comprehensive curb management platform, empowering cities with technology to digitally operate and price the curb at scale, creating more efficient, safe and equitable streets. Recognized by CNBC Upstart 100 and Fast Company’s Innovation by Design, Coord partners include cities like Seattle, Boston, Pittsburgh, Omaha, Nashville, Aspen, Boulder and West Palm Beach. Coord is based in New York City and backed by Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, Alliance Ventures, Trucks, Urban.us and DB Digital Ventures. For more information, visit coord.com.

About Park Omaha

Park Omaha is the Parking & Mobility Division for the City of Omaha. As a part of the Public Works Department, Park Omaha is tasked with the proactive and efficient management of parking resources and generating enough revenue to support operations, maintenance and improvements while balancing parking supply and demand. The Division also coordinates mobility efforts to ensure easier, more seamless journeys and smoother commerce across a range of local transportation options. Learn more about Omaha’s Parking & Mobility Division at https://www.parkomaha.com/