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ParkingZone Auction House launches the only internet-based, surplus parking equipment auction marketplace.

April 11, 2016


ParkingZone Auction House launches the only internet-based, surplus parking equipment auction marketplace.

VANCOUVER, WA, April 6, 2016 – Pacific Cascade Corporation has announced the company’s expansion into the on-line auction platform with its newly deployed ParkingZone Auction House website. The auction website will complement their existing site the ParkingZone, the nation’s largest e-commerce provider of Parking Lot Equipment, Traffic Enforcement, and Valet Supplies.


Seeing a void in the Parking Industry, Pacific Cascade realized an under-utilized service. “Over the years, many of our clients have asked us to find solutions to give them a cost-effective way to solve their challenges”, said Mark Curtis, President of Pacific Cascade Corporation. “They may not need the latest product as a solution, they may need replacement parts for future use, or sell a simple barricade that is gathering dust in a crowded storage room. We want to be that resource to help them save money, make money, or solve a problem.”

Auction websites generally charge a small fee to the seller and are nothing new to the internet. Multibillion dollar powerhouse sites carry millions of products in all types of categories on their sites. “At times, having so many items listed can be problematic when you have to sift through too many categories to finally arrive at the item you’re looking for,” offered Ethan Curtis, who oversees the auction site. “That is why the ParkingZone developed our auction platform where posting a parking industry specific item for re-sale is essential.”

ParkingZone Auction House was designed to benefit both parking industry professionals and consumers, giving them a definitive portal to sell and acquire parking items.

Visit ParkingZoneAuctionHouse.com to see how to sell a product or purchase a gently used item.

Pacific Cascade Corporation
Ethan Curtis
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Vancouver, WA 98685-5759
(360) 574-9313 ext 209

Since 1987, Pacific Cascade Corporation has been providing the Parking, Hospitality, Traffic Enforcement, and Environmental Sustainability Industries with products to manage and support their effective operational needs. http://www.parkingzone.com

Greg Parzych becomes President of ZipBy LLC

February 23, 2016

Greg Parzych has become President of ZipBy LLC, a subsidiary of TMA Tech Pty Limited (TMA), a market leader providing equipment to the Australian Parking Industry.

Opening the North American branch in Sudbury, Massachusetts, ZipBy allows users to enter, exit, and pay for parking in a completely touchless, ticketless, and hands-free environment.

ZipBy can be integrated into any existing Parking System with additional modules related to Pre-Booking, Scan to Pay, Session Transfer, and various other customer-based functions.

For more information, visit www.zipby.com.au