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The launch of Parking Forum

December 04, 2019



The launch of Parking Forum



Colombus, OH – Parking industry veteran and consultant Dave Altman today announces the launch of Parking Forum (www.ParkingForum.org), a source of knowledge for parking professionals and property owners. 



The idea behind the Parking Forum project came about when several large US universities kept asking Dave the same questions as they built new parking structures or added new technology.

“It felt wrong to take consulting fees and just keep answering the same questions over and over. Our industry needs a repository of knowledge, so that’s why I am launching Parking Forum.”

Parking Forum was in private beta for the last month, and already has hundreds of answers to common questions like how to implement ALPR, which parking app has the best rates, and how to handle guest or visitor parking.

“I think this tool will get more and more valuable, especially as parking moves to a service. From scooter parking to mopeds and electric vehicle charging, parking is evolving faster than ever and most of the knowledge is specialized and hard to find. Let’s build a community.”

Find out more and join the discussion at ParkingForum.org