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TKH: UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Technology Focus Extends to the Parking Garage

December 13, 2022



TKH: UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Technology Focus Extends to the Parking Garage



Cheshire, CT – December 13, 2022 – TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) has been awarded an additional Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS) contract with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) in Dallas, Texas. UTSW was recently heralded as the No. 1 hospital in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area by U.S. News & World Report for the 6th year in a row.

UTSW’s technological approach to healthcare also extends to the parking garages. With an anticipated second quarter 2023 completion, the APGS will be located in CUH Garage B of UTSW campus’s newest edition – the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.  Opened for patients in 2020, research and innovation are the foundation for the medical center’s patient-centered care. CUH Garage B, a 950-space facility accommodating both visitors and staff, will soon join CUH Garage A in housing the latest in parking technology.

“The hospital was designed with the care and comfort of patients and their families in mind.  Our goal was to create a calming environment to reduce stress and I believe we’ve achieved it.  Each step of a patient’s process has been made easier – entrance, checking in, internal wayfinding, discharging, external navigation, and exit. Since installing the AGPS in garage A, our patients and visitors praised their parking experience. Adding it to garage B was an easy choice,” said Senior Operations Manager Rick Harbaugh. “With the systems, we’re able to maximize occupancy, enhance security, and utilize the data to adjust parking operations to meet driver and medical center needs.”

Visitors, patients, and their families will have the means to efficiently find an available parking space with TKH Security’s new smart-sensor M5 camera-based APGS. Each smart-sensor can monitor up to six parking spaces simultaneously. The bright, red and green color-coded LED light on the smart-sensors instantly visually direct motorists to available spaces.  Reducing time to park by up to 63%, the APGS will help patients arrive to their appointments quickly.

“It’s been great working with UTSW over the past few years and we are excited to be installing our system at another site.  It shows the commitment TKH Security has to our existing customers, providing exceptional technology and services,” said Regional Account Manager Jeff Sparrow. “I’m delighted to have our company selected for this project.”

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s APGS package also includes:

  • Park Surveillance to capture streaming video when motion is detected in or around a space, or continuously if desired,
  • Park Alerts, which notify operators when certain vehicles enter the building including VIP patients and visitors,
  • LCD NAV signs to provide up-to-the-minute parking space availability for drivers,
  • And INX with real time dashboards and business intelligence for operations to maximize parking facilities.

On the UT Southwestern Medical Center project, TKH Security is proud to partner with Associated Time.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

About UT Southwestern Medical Center

UT Southwestern, one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers, integrates pioneering biomedical research with exceptional clinical care and education. The institution’s faculty has received six Nobel Prizes, and includes 24 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 18 members of the National Academy of Medicine, and 14 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators. The full-time faculty of more than 2,900 is responsible for groundbreaking medical advances and is committed to translating science-driven research quickly to new clinical treatments. UT Southwestern physicians provide care in more than 80 specialties to more than 100,000 hospitalized patients, more than 360,000 emergency room cases, and oversee nearly 4 million outpatient visits a year.

About TKH Security

TKH Security specializes in the development of smart electronic security, safety, and parking guidance systems. With over 25 years of experience, we offer complete solutions for Parking Guidance, Parking Facility Management, Security Management, Access Control, Video Management, Intrusion Detection, Intercom, Surveillance, and Asset & Site Management. We are always looking for innovative solutions for the market with a focus on creative, flexible and open architecture integration. Recently merging with seven companies (Park Assist, ParkEyes, Aasset Security, Flexsposure, Key Processor, Siqura, and VDG) TKH Security has a strong position in North America, Australia, Europe, and multiple offices all over the world. TKH Security is a member of TKH Group NV.


Sarah Clevinger

Director of Marketing, NTHAM


TKH Security Obtains Additional Innovative Patent

December 05, 2022


TKH Security Obtains Additional Innovative Patent



Cheshire, CT – We are proud to announce TKH Security (formerly Park Assist) has been recently granted an additional United States patent. In effect as of November 1, 2022, the patent is for systems and methods for identifying vehicles using wireless device identifiers.

“The new patent demonstrates our continuous innovative process. The R&D team consistently strives to improve our ability to uniquely detect vehicles in parking garages and surface lots.  I’m proud of their dedication and dynamic skillset,” said VP of Product Management Scott Dubois. “When combined with our M5 Smart-Sensor System, this technology provides the opportunity to further assist with decreasing the number of vehicle identification challenges asset owners and operators encounter on a daily basis.”

US Patent No. 11,488,471, which is part of TKH Security’s patent portfolio, has the potential to enhance TKH Security’s third generation smart-sensor for a camera based automated parking guidance system (APGS), the M5. This recognition reaffirms TKH Security’s proprietary technology as the world’s only patented camera-based APGS. In 2016, TKH Security originally established M4 as the parking industry’s first patented smart-sensor for camera based APGS.

“We’re pleased to receive the intellectual property protection the USPTO has granted us with the issuance of this patent. It provides us with the comfort that our inventions are protected. It also encourages us to invest more and continue to innovate, creating new solutions for our clients and prospects,” said North America General Manager Pete Messman.

TKH Security’s M5 Smart-Sensor camera-based APGS provides drivers the means to efficiently find an available parking space. Each smart-sensor can monitor up to six parking spaces simultaneously. The bright, red and green color-coded LED light on the smart-sensors instantly visually direct motorists to available spaces.  Reducing time to parking by up to 63%, the APGS helps drivers arrive to their destination quickly.

For owners and operators, the M5 contributes a wealth of data, ready for custom configuration, to assist with decision-making on the macro level and for day-to-day operations. The analytics and insights increase garage utilization and revenue maximizing. The crisp video feed provides Security personnel with an additional vantage point within the garage, specifically between vehicles where crime often occurs.  The smart sensor system can also provide vehicle identification, flexible specialized parking, and a competitive advantage.

About TKH Security

TKH Security specializes in the development of smart electronic security, safety, and parking guidance systems. With over 25 years of experience, we offer complete solutions for Parking Guidance, Parking Facility Management, Security Management, Access Control, Video Management, Intrusion Detection, Intercom, Surveillance, and Asset & Site Management. We are always looking for innovative solutions for the market with a focus on creative, flexible and open architecture integration. Recently merging with seven companies (Park Assist, ParkEyes, Aasset Security, Flexsposure, Key Processor, Siqura, and VDG) TKH Security has a strong position in North America, Australia, Europe, and multiple offices all over the world. TKH Security is a member of TKH Group NV.


November 22, 2022






To make its offering in guidance solutions even more comprehensive, Quercus Technologies is launching its outdoor digital information Totem. The Totem informs users entering and driving through an outdoor parking lot on the availability of parking spaces on the main and secondary aisleways, and restricted areas, and the direction to take to reach them, in real time. This is a major step forward to streamline mobility and automate the parking facility.

The information signage that can be achieved with the Totem is especially designed for outdoor or rooftop parking facilities, where parking guidance systems are needed that help improve the parking process and maximize occupation of the available space. One of the most common complaints that parking users make about the facilities is the lack of directional signposting at key points of the lot or garage. Digital signage brings much more from a guidance perspective than directions painted on the floor or on columns which, in fact, are easy for drivers to overlook. The signaling achieved with equipment like the Totem can be set at the height of drivers’ eyes. It is a catalyst for increased visibility by the user and with it, a better overall parking experience.

The Totem shows the number of available spaces and the direction to
take to locate them in real time. It is a visual guide that offers directions
to drivers accessing the parking facility, which makes it much easier and
convenient to find a parking space in record time. The SC Outdoor system sends all of the information on parking space availability to the Quercus Technologies parking software platform, where the data gathered are processed and transformed into useful information shown by the Totem in real time. This management system centralizes and inter-relates the information gathered by all of the products that make up the comprehensive parking solution, to have a complete, and much more accurate control over the parking lot.

page1image62332848 page1image55634048


A Totem’s added value lies in its interoperability with the rest of the products that make up the outdoor parking solution through the BirdWatch software platform. The perfect combination of SC Outdoor cameras, matrix LED panels and now, the Totem, all adds up to increased satisfaction of parking facility users, by cutting down on congestion and raising vehicle rotation rates inside the parking facility. It should also be noted that the outdoor guidance system dovetails with the equivalent indoor system in the case of mixed parking garages.

The different functionalities of BirdWatch, along with this new device for outdoor use, enables the generation of reports that identify parking usage patterns, and with them, continued work on improvements that raise profitability, achieve efficient parking management and added security on the premises where they are deployed.

| How does the outdoor guidance system improve with a Totem?

  • Space occupation notification for parking lot operators and users.
  • Display of data in real time.
  • It can be combined with other types of signage already being used in the parking facility.
  • Promotes dynamic parking space searches.
  • Designed to be high performance, and high-visibility, in outdoor use scenarios.
  • Indication of available spaces with 2 digits and colors (green, orange or red). Colors will change depending on the availability of parking spaces.
  • Designed specifically for outdoor and rooftop parking facilities.
  • Compatibility around the world (according to the regulations of each country).Installation of a Totem meets one of the key requirements for optimal parking operation and management. Digital signposting empowers parking facility operators to show their essential information at key points such as entrances, or at intersections. Totem technology is suited to any outdoor parking area, and can either be installed at the center of the lot or to one side of the sidewalk.


page2image55607296 page2image55607872 page2image55614784 page2image55619392 page2image55619584

| Models

  • Totem with 1 or 2 displays (occupancy of two-way lanes).
  • 4 versions of the Totem: Arrow to the left, to the right, in both directions or without arrows.| Technical highlights

Size (width x length x height)

35 x 35 x 195 cm / 13.77 x 13.77 x 76.77 in


35 kg / 77.16 lb (1 display) / 38 kg / 83.77 lb (2 displays)


Internal structure of zinc-coated iron. Aluminum casing and protective covers.


White (RAL 9016 Traffic white) / Anthracite (textured anthracite gray RAL 7016)

Protection Level

IP65 (water, dust and contact-resistant)

Power supply

100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz

Number of digits


Digit height

117 mm / 4.6 in

Digit color

Green, orange or red

Signaling arrow

Reflective paint (UV protection) on the front frame


LoRa (wireless communication system)

Introducing the Cleverciti Circ 360 Ultra and Ultra+

July 25, 2022



Introducing the Cleverciti Circ 360 Ultra and Ultra+




Atlanta, Georgia and Munich, Germany


This newly updated version of the patented Circ builds on the success of the original with improved features, higher resolution, and more flexibility for customers.


Circ 360 Ultra+

By mounting a Circ 360 Ultra at intersections or decision points, drivers are guided turn-by-turn to available parking spaces— whether on-street, surface lot or a garage. Redwood City, California has a Circ at most intersections in its downtown core, as well as at each surface lot entrance.



Original Circ in Redwood City, providing guidance into a surface lot

“The Circ has allowed Redwood City to provide dynamic parking information to the public while maintaining a small, flexible, non-intrusive footprint. It allows parkers to get a real-time snapshot of the parking availability in an area, minimizing unneeded circling and reducing traffic congestion.”


The Circ 360 Ultra has a 50% higher resolution versus the original Circ, enabling richer graphics and greater clarity in communication to drivers. The display is available in single-height (Circ 360 Ultra) and double-height versions (Circ 360 Ultra+), allowing for additional messaging. With this real estate, clients can now use the Circ to communicate detailed information like bus or train arrival times, reinforce neighborhood branding, or sell advertising space to help fund parking operations.


Circ 360

“We have already proven we can reduce parking search times by 45-55% through deploying the Circ for turn-by-turn parking guidance,” said David Parker, CEO of Cleverciti. “The Circ 360 Ultra brings our driver communication capabilities to the next level.”

The Circ 360 Ultra combines the above improvements with the best of the original Circ. Key features include:

  • Unique, patented 360° display that provides real-time turn-by-turn guidance for drivers helping to reduce the time spent searching for parking, and in turn, emissions.
  • 50% higher resolution.
  • Two sizes (single and double height) for full flexibility of content displayed.
  • Remotely managed & monitored 24/7, like all Cleverciti devices.
  • Display parking occupancy data for spaces managed by the Cleverciti platform; option to pull data from any other source (such as train arrival times).
  • Ability to change templates on-the-fly through the Cleverciti Cockpit to update the guidance plan as needed— such as for special events.
  • Dimmable to ensure maximum readability while minimizing light pollution (Automatically or by schedule).
  • Mounted onto and powered by existing infrastructure, facilitating easy installation whilst integrating seamlessly into the streetscape.

Parkopedia launches Amazon Alexa default parking Skill as millions of Americans plan to travel this summer

June 08, 2022




Parkopedia launches Amazon Alexa default parking Skill as millions of Americans plan to travel this summer



●  50 million Americans are expected to be on the road during this year’s July 1–5 holiday period alone, with parking a top priority for drivers

●  The new Parkopedia Alexa Skill enables drivers to use voice interactions to find, reserve and pay for parking from anywhere – at home, on-the-go, or from the comfort of their vehicle en route to their destination

●  Alexa users can just say “Alexa, find parking nearby” or use locations, such as “Alexa, find parking in Seattle”, and Parkopedia will provide them with parking information including accurate location, opening hours, pricing and booking availability

●  Nearly 130 million US drivers currently use in-car voice assistants for hands-free convenience, improved safety and 24/7 connectivity2



08 June 2022 – London, UK – Leading connected vehicle services provider, Parkopedia, has launched a new Amazon Alexa Skill for voice-enabled parking assistance, supporting the millions of Americans who plan to travel by car this summer.

According to the American Automobile Association1, a record-breaking 43.6 million Americans were estimated to have driven to their destinations during the July 1–5 period alone last year – the highest on record, and 5% more than the previous record set in 2019, with this number expected to grow further this year to an estimated 50 million.

Parkopedia’s Alexa Skill enables drivers to seamlessly find, reserve and pay for a parking spot, either from home with Alexa-enabled smart home devices, on-the-go with ‘Echo Buds’ or the Alexa mobile app, or in the vehicle, using integrated Alexa or supported Alexa auto accessories.

Using Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, drivers will have access to the Parkopedia database of almost 75,000 off-street parking locations across America, including more than 6,000 reservable locations – allowing drivers to find the nearest parking spot either to a given address, their current location, or at their final destination. Parking can also be booked ‘hands-free’ in advance of, or during the journey, via any Alexa enabled device.

When a driver needs help finding the most convenient parking space, they can just say “Alexa, find parking nearby” or use locations, such as “Alexa, find parking in Seattle”, and Alexa will default to the Parkopedia Skill, providing users with information such as accurate parking location, pricing and facility opening hours, as well as confirming the required parking duration and total cost prior to booking. If a location has multiple parking options, drivers can ask Alexa to skip suggestions until they find a parking spot which best suits their needs.

Drivers are also able to ask the Parkopedia Skill to verbally confirm reservations, make payments via Amazon Pay, or request for an e-receipt to be sent.

Data from Juniper Research3 shows that by 2024, the number of voice-interactive devices in use (8.4 billion) is expected to overtake the world’s population, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic creating a surge of interest in contactless, voice-based interfaces for our daily demands. When used behind the wheel, voice assistants can simplify vehicle operability, help keep drivers’ hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, and enable a more comfortable driving experience.

Eugene Tsyrklevich, Founder and CEO of Parkopedia, commented: “The growing popularity of at-home voice assistants means consumers now expect a seamless transition with this technology between work, home and in-car environments. When behind the wheel, one voice command can replace several manual actions, vastly improving safety and efficiency. The latest generation of voice assistants now also utilize AI to learn and think – understanding a variety of accents and gaining the ability to action more than one command at a time, as well as analyzing user data to learn individual preferences. The latest Parkopedia Alexa Skill is a progressive step forward for hands-free, in-car driver convenience technology, which is core to our product portfolio and continues to improve the driving experience.”

The Parkopedia Skill is planned to expand in the near future to cover more of the company’s existing services, such as on-street parking and dynamic predictably, which directs the driver to the nearest, available parking space, as well as finding parking at known locations, such as ‘work’ or ‘home’ and advising drivers of the distance from the suggested parking space to their final destination.

To learn more, or to download the Parkopedia




About Parkopedia

Parkopedia is the leading connected car services provider used by millions of drivers and organizations such as Audi, Apple, BMW, Ford, Garmin, GM, Hyundai Kia, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Sygic, TomTom, Toyota, Volkswagen, and many others. Parkopedia helps drivers find and pay for parking, EV charging, fuel and tolls in 15,000 cities across 89 countries. Parkopedia is also developing highly detailed parking maps and corresponding algorithms to help drivers and self-driving vehicles navigate to an open parking space indoors. Visit business.parkopedia.com for more information.

Media Contact

Adam Calland
Marketing Director
T: +44(0)7838219129
E: adam.calland@parkopedia.com W: business.parkopedia.com

PIE 2022 and the Salt of the Earth of American Small Towns – ParkNews.biz Jan 18th – 24th, 2022

January 24, 2022



PIE 2022 and the Salt of the Earth of American Small Towns – ParkNews.biz Jan 18th – 24th, 2022





“To play catch on an evening, to smell the river, to hear the train pass. These little towns were once the bold ramparts meant to shelter just such peace.”
― Marilynne Robinson, Gilead


This past week, our Parking Today team, were blessed to spend some time in Reno, NV at the Grand Sierra Resort, where our PIE 2022 will be held on May 15th – 18th, 2022.  Marcy Sparrow, marcy@parkingtoday.com, has organized and hosted most engaging and inspiring, get together for us at Parking Today and our sponsors.  Thank you Marcy.  Through those couple days in Reno, we have discovered that kindness, sincerity, courage, appreciating and joy of life, are well alive in small town America.  And perhaps that is where we should look while getting back to living fully.

Please read this blog from JVH, that tells you more about Reno: Jan 24, 2022 – What Kind of a Place is This? – JVH, Parking Today.  

John says: “Reno is 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful settings in the world. It is surrounded by mountains that offer vistas unparalleled. A short drive away is historic Virginia City, reminding one of the times when fortunes were taken from the ground. When you go to Reno, plan to stay a few days and see what this area has to offer.

Locals talk about being able to walk their downtown. Central Reno is 10 minutes from the Airport, traffic is light during rush hour, major hotels are within a few minutes’ drive of each other.  Our hotel, the Grand Sierra Resort, is less than seven minutes from the airport, and 10 minutes to downtown.

This city offers world class accommodations at shockingly low prices. Our rooms, comparable to any in major hotels across the country, were under $100 a night. We aren’t talking Motel 6 here, but recently renovated, ultra modern, extremely comfortable places to stay.”

QR codes are talked much on ParkNews.biz including the headline: Jan 24, 2022 – FBI issues warning after fraudulent QR codes scams in Texas:  

“This week the FBI issued a public advisory about this after fraudulent QR code stickers were found in more than two dozen parking stations in Austin, Texas.

According to the Austin Police Department, those QR codes may have sent those parking payments to a fraudulent vendor instead.

Chris Hamer advises people to question everything even if it’s a trusted business or restaurant.

“It’s very easy to print up a QR code and replace it on a sticker,” said Hamer.”

Also there is a blog spot from Honk addressing the issue: Jan 24, 2022 – Honk: A Quick Response to the Question of QR Security

Last but not least, Brian Bullen has a special email blast offering on the Road to PIE 2022.  Promote your company, your products, your solutions via his program.  Don’t miss out – contact Brian at brian@parkingtoday.com

Have a blessed week.

Thank you.

Astrid Ambroziak

Editor, ParkNews.biz

Creative Director

Parking Today

310 390 5277 ext 9






PIE 2022- Reno, NV
May 15-18, 2022











e 2022


Thank You,  Astrid





Rob Schuurman appointed Nedap N.V. CCO

January 17, 2022


Rob Schuurman appointed Nedap N.V. CCO



Groenlo, the Netherlands: Nedap N.V. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Rob Schuurman (born 1969) as the company’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) as of 1 January 2022. This appointment is in line with Nedap’s strategy, which is focused on increasing the organisation’s commercial strength. Nedap N.V.’s Supervisory Board intends to appoint Mr Rob Schuurman as member of the Board of Directors after announcing to the annual general meeting (AGM) on 12 April 2022. From then onwards, the Board of Directors will consist of Mr Ruben Wegman (CEO) and Ms Daniëlle van der Sluijs (CFO) alongside Mr Rob Schuurman.

Rob has managed various Nedap business units since joining the company in 2004. In recent years, he was a member of the Management Board, a role in which he strengthened the commercial organisation and processes within the organisation. Prior to joining Nedap, Rob was a regional director at Start People Uitzendbureau staffing agency. He has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from HAN University of Applied Sciences.
Mr Fokko van der Zee, member of the Management Board, has announced his intention to continue his career outside Nedap. Together with the appointment of Mr Rob Schuurman as CCO, this has prompted the decision to dissolve the Management Board with effect from 1 January 2022.

Over Nedap N.V.

Nedap focuses on the development and supply of Technology for Life: technological solutions that make people more comfortable and successful in their professional lives. Nedap N.V. has a workforce of over 800 employees and operates on a global scale. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. Its headquarters are located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

HAN University of Applied

intention to continue his career this has prompted the decision to

For more information, please contact:

Daniëlle van der Sluijs CFO
+31 (0)544 47 11 11 ir@nedap.com nedap.com

World Port Center opts for TKH Security’s 5-star security management system

January 17, 2022


World Port Center opts for TKH Security’s 5-star security management system




As one of Rotterdam’s sky-high office towers, the World Port Center (WPC) saw its surroundings change from an old, dilapidated port area into an ultramodern and multifunctional district in just under twenty years. Recently, an inviting entrance was created for all tenants and visitors in the prestigious building, with a 5-star security management system.

About World Port Center

Any company can establish itself in the World Port Center (WPC), a building with international allure. The 124-metre office tower has been regarded as one of the most prestigious buildings in Rotterdam, for almost twenty years. The building’s architect is Sir Norman Foster, a British architect with a preference for open and light buildings. With a variety of tenants based in the building, a focus on hospitality along with the building’s security and safety are imperative.

A safe solution
Taking WPC’s wishes under consideration, TKH Security offered a security management system, called iProtect, to which all underlying systems could be connected. Every tenant has the option to set up the system separately for their specific needs, whereby the structure of the system meets the strictest security requirements of the government and is fully GDPR proof.

Providing easy access
The separation between the generally accessible areas and the offices in the WPC is realized by means of high-tech speed lanes on the ground floor. Central access is provided by means of facial recognition, smartphone or an access pass, depending on the choice of the tenants. Users and guests can request access rights and plan their visits via the web portal. Upon arrival, guests can then submit an access request themselves via a self-service terminal or they can contact one of the hosts or ladies.

Video surveillance
Several Siqura surveillance cameras have been installed at the entrance gates in the main hall. These are monitored via an integrated video surveillance system, called VDG Sense. Access and storage of images takes place at the user level in accordance with privacy guidelines.


A Commend-branded SIP intercom system is used to gain access to the various secured locations within the property. This system allows visitors to communicate with security from the entrance to the various secured areas, such as the bicycle shed, the supplier entrance and the waste container area.


“By introducing a new access control system in combination with facial recognition, WPC proves that you can work in a state-of-the-art office building with a 5-star security management system, without having to compromise on hospitality”, says Pleun Tasche – Asset Manager Real Estate at Unifore.

If you would like more information about our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Rotterdam, the Netherlands



World Port Center (WPC)

About TKH Security:

TKH Security specializes in the development of smart electronic security, safety and parking systems. With over 25 years of experience and by listening to customer needs, we offer complete innovative solutions for security management, video surveillance, parking facility management, parking guidance and asset & site management.

We have offices worldwide at 17 locations and are a member of TKH Group N.V.

Amano McGann Names Tom Keeley Vice President of Canadian Operations

December 10, 2021



Amano McGann Names Tom Keeley

Vice President of Canadian Operations



MINNEAPOLIS, MN  –– Amano McGann, Inc. (AMI), a leading provider of Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) in North America, is pleased to announce that Tom Keeley has joined AMI as Vice President of Canadian Operations. Based in Ottawa, Keeley will be responsible for all Amano McGann Canada sales and operations.

Tom Keeley is a 30-year veteran of the parking industry, having held leadership positions in distribution, sales, and municipal parking operations. Prior to joining AMI, Keeley was the Regional President – Eastern Ontario, Quebec & the National Capital Region for a national dealer serving the parking industry across Canada.

“With Tom’s extensive experience and record of success in the parking industry, we are confident he will be a great asset to Amano and our Canadian operations,” stated Steve DiMarco, President and CEO of Amano McGann.

About Amano McGann

Amano McGann, Inc. is a member of the Amano Group, a worldwide organization with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion. As a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of hardware and software solutions for the parking industry, Amano McGann distributes across North America through branch offices and an authorized distribution network and provides a level of service and experience unmatched in the industry. For more information about Amano McGann’s integrated solutions visit www.amanomcgann.com or www.amanomcgann.ca.

Flowbird and Wescor Deliver Integrated Parking Solution To Gloucester, MA

December 03, 2021



Flowbird and Wescor Deliver Integrated Parking Solution To Gloucester, MA



New Parking Pay Stations and Mobile Application Launched In Vibrant Coastal Community




Moorestown, NJ —  Flowbird Group, a global leader in curbside management and urban mobility solutions, announced that it has launched a new parking system for the seaside community of Gloucester, MA in partnership with its local distribution partner, Wescor Parking Controls.  Located 45 minutes from Boston, Gloucester is home to America’s oldest seaport.  Visitors come from all over to visit unique shops, artists, and award winning restaurants, making it very important to have an easy-to-use parking solution.


Visitors to Gloucester now have the option to pay at any one of the 79 solar powered parking kiosks or on the Flowbird mobile app.  The system is setup for Pay by Plate parking where parking enforcement is managed by the driver’s license plate number.  All transactions made at the pay stations, and on the Flowbird app, are sent in real-time to the City’s enforcement system.


Gloucester has utilized Flowbird parking kiosks in off-street parking lots for almost 10 years.  This new implementation expands the use of parking kiosks to on-street locations, replacing the City’s single space parking meters.  Drivers now have the convenience of paying with their credit card at the kiosks, or on the Flowbird app, which is available for iPhone or Android or at www.flowbirdapp.com.


The convenience of the Flowbird app helps drivers avoid citations by offering text notifications when time is about to expire and the app also provides time extension functionality. Designed as a true mobility app, the Flowbird app features a map-based user interface, integrated with Waze and other navigation systems to guide users to their preferred parking location.  Flowbird app accounts can be set up for individual motorists or for businesses to manage their fleets.


The City will also benefit from Flowbird’s elite back-office management suite. The system integrates reporting of all meter and mobile transactions, making it easier than ever to manage the parking system minute-by-minute. Flowbird’s powerful data hub provides the City with block-by-block parking activity information, aggregating payments from the Flowbird pay stations and the Flowbird app into one central web-based system.


Flowbird continues to increase its presence in Massachusetts where it recently deployed a new parking solution in Worcester and has had a long term presence in the cities of Boston, Andover, Beverly, Medford, Pittsfield, and Somerville.



Flowbird US Media Contact

Sean Renn – Vice President of Marketing & Communications




About Flowbird

FLOWBIRD operates in over 5,000 towns and cities in 70 countries. The company is constantly innovating and breaking new ground to help provide solutions. Its mission is to facilitate the individual journey and maximize a city’s unique mobility potential, while considering all city stakeholders and end-user experiences. Through its devices, elite service platform and teams, Flowbird enables a new era for maximizing urban harmony and value throughout the city’s core.



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