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PIE 2023: The Park Tank is Looking for Participants! 

February 14, 2023



PIE 2023: The Park Tank is Looking for Participants!




Welcome to the Park Tank!



Do you have an innovative product or service that will revolutionize the parking industry?

This is your chance to pitch a panel of parking experts at PIE 2023.

Up to 10 start-up vendors will be invited to present their parking/mobility solutions to PIE attendees and a team of parking experts.

Will you be able to entice the parking experts to turn their chairs? This mash-up of several popular television programs will provide each selected vendor with 4 minutes to pitch their solution.  The experts and live audience will only hear the pitch (no slide decks). Each parking expert will have the chance to turn their chair if they like what they hear.

The vendors are vying for a 6-month mentorship with a parking expert along with the opportunity to showcase their parking solution to the PIE audience.

If you are interested in being considered for this unique opportunity, please send an email to ParkTank@dixonresourcesunlimited.com with your contact information.

Submissions must be received by March 10th for consideration. Participation is not guaranteed and those selected must comply with the conference/session guidelines. Presentations will be in person on March 28th. There will be no compensation for travel or conference expenses.

If you have any questions, please email ParkTank@dixonresourcesunlimited.com.

The Parking Industry Expo and the Big Ten and Friends Parking and Transportation Conference, Announce Joint Event

November 14, 2022




The Parking Industry Expo and the Big Ten and Friends Parking and Transportation Conference, Announce Joint Event



The Parking Industry Expo and the Big Ten and Friends Parking and Transportation Conference are excited to announce that their joint 2023 conference events will be held on March 28-30 at the Schaumberg Convention Center, PIE Director Marcy Sparrow announced today.

The Big Ten and Friends will host 80 plus university parking, transit, and fleet leaders, who will be participating in the PIE seminars and exhibit hall along with university-specific programming.  A highlight will be a panel session featuring university transportation experts on Thursday, March 30. During this interactive session, the experts will share their stories and answer questions from attendees.

Big Ten and Friends Parking and Transportation Conference representative Ross Allanson, CAPP, CPP, Director of Parking & Transportation Services at the University of Minnesota, said that he was pleased that the two organizations could come together after they paused their Big Ten conference while the country responded to COVID-19.  Centrally located, Schaumburg, Illinois is an ideal location for a conference that brings together universities and colleges from across the nation.

The Parking Industry Expo is sponsored annually by Parking Today Magazine. In 2023, it will be held at the Schaumburg Convention Center adjacent to the Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel, a short 20-minute ride north of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The dates are March 28-30. For full information, log on to pieshow.parkingtoday.com

Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin, Privacy  … and PIE 2022 – ParkNews.biz Nov 9th – 15th, 2021

November 15, 2021



Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin, Privacy  … and PIE 2022 – ParkNews.biz Nov 9th – 15th, 2021



‘Tis the time of the year to bake a pie.  The Parking Industry Expo one and the various flavors we bake or order or buy for the most beautiful Holiday of the Year, that is Thanksgiving.


Is your preference a store bought or yourself made one?  There are pluses and minuses with both. The former, less time in the kitchen can be spend on other things and especially on being fully engaged with others.  The latter, nothing shows love and appreciation as something we make from the scratch.  Be it a pie, a dish or creating something wonderful that benefits others even in the smallest way.   Another plus with baking your own pie, there is joy in work for the sake of work itself.  As when we go the extra mile, this work gives us happiness beyond measure.

Think Michelangelo Buonarroti and his David, his Sistine Chapel ceiling, Bacchus, the Last Judgment, Pieta and so much more including Michelangelo becoming the architect of St. Peter’s Basilica at age of 74 and work on it till his last days.  He passed less than a month short of his 90th birthday Feb 18th, 1564.  Michelangelo truly worked for the sake of work.  For the glory of creating something that outlasts us.  He didn’t do anything half way.  He didn’t produce half baked pie.  It was all or nothing.   All, as with all of his heart, mind, soul and body.  Complacency was not in his MO.

Therefore, in our gratitude for you as the people who put their everything to creating the best parking experience for our customers, and the best parking industry for all of us involved, we are determined to make PIE 2022 the most productive and beneficial conference yet.  Everyone one of us and the parking industry has been going through myriad challenges due to the pandemic and beyond.  How can we turn the poison to medicine and create better products and practical solutions.  This is our goal and determination.  This Monday, our Website for PIE is up and running.  Marcy is working non stop be of service to every exhibitor and every attendee.  We see you and we hear you.   Go to PIE website here and secure your exhibiting space or your attendance at the lower early bird special price.  #PIExpo

Last but no least, there is no PIE without you and our Parking Today Magazine.  This January issue focusses on environment and parking industry truly caring about climate and sustainability.  We have some engaging articles coming in and Brian Bullen, who not only provides the best service, can do some magic with you to showcase your company, your mission and your brand.  The space is due immediately but he is willing to work with you till the end of this week.  Please, reach out to Brian at Brian@parkingtoday.com.

Privacy flavor: Please read JVH’s latest blog here – Nov 15, 2021 – Dog Bites Man Story — Parking at Trader Joe’s – JVH, Parking Today  – more to come in the near future apropos of this subject.  The quagmire is: it is your information thus, shouldn’t it be protected?

In the meantime, I pray you are enjoying this miraculous season of Thanksgiving and just like us, putting your heart into baking your pies, actual ones or proverbial, at work and in your daily life.  We appreciate you, respect you and celebrate you.  We can’t wait to see you in Parking Today Magazine each month and then in May 2022 in Reno for PIE 2022.

Thank you.

Have a blessed week!


Astrid Ambroziak

Editor, ParkNews.biz

Creative Director

Parking Today

310 390 5277 ext 9



PIE 2022: Parking Today Awards’ Entries Due March 15th, 2022

November 12, 2021


PIE 2022: Parking Today Awards’ Entries Due March 15th, 2022



Participate in Parking Today’s 4th annual awards program by recognizing the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations.


Nominate potential awardees at the PIE: https://pieshow.parkingtoday.com/awards_info.cfm


Feel free to enter any organization public or private or any individual including yourself.


Deadline March 15th, 2022


The Award Categories for 2022 are:

  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Parking Person of the Year
  • Outstanding Parking Garage/Development
  • Parking Organization of the Year
  • Excellence in Technology and Innovation- OFF STREET
  • Excellent in Technology and Innovation- ON STREET




*In order to make it to the finalists of any category, you must have a  paid registration and plan to attend the PIE 2022 show.

FlashParking Welcomes Tesla’s Former Top Executive, Neil Golson, as its New Executive Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

November 20, 2019





FlashParking Welcomes Tesla’s Former Top Executive, Neil Golson, as its New Executive Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships



Golson specializes in restructuring different assets of the marketing channel to 

increase business growth and partnership opportunities




AUSTIN, TX (November 20, 2019) – FlashParking, an innovative parking technology company, today announced the appointment of industry expert Neil Golson as their new Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. In his new position at FlashParking, Golson will lead the company’s growth in the parking and mobility markets by crystalizing FlashParking’s vision for the role of parking within the smart city to life and by spearheading new partnerships.



While he brings a fresh perspective to the FlashParking organization, Golson also brings a deep understanding of the changing consumer expectations in transportation and logistics. Before FlashParking, he served as Tesla’s Head of Marketing & Sales Operations and was responsible for demand generation for residential energy generation, storage, and vehicle charging across all channels.


“There is an escalating need for infrastructure that meets modern mobility needs,” said Juan Rodriguez, CEO of FlashParking, “and using our mobility grid operating system to turn existing parking assets into hubs that support the broader ecosystem is the most realistic and qualified solution. At Tesla, Neil was instrumental in shifting the auto industry’s narrative around infrastructure and bringing to fruition a new vision for the future – and that’s why we’ve brought him in to spark that same paradigm shift in the parking and mobility industries.”


Golson’s powerful ability to cultivate shared narratives and establish collaborative relationships with industry experts is helping him to grow FlashParking’s network of mobility service partners. With a more robust set of ecosystem partners, FlashParking will bring the mobility hub concept to scale and help the parking industry and local governments work together to meet some of the most pressing concerns for urban areas today.


“Disruptive companies solve big, pervasive problems, and in the parking industry today, those problems all revolve around modernizing for today while anticipating a vastly different future in which electric and autonomous vehicles become fixtures of the landscape,” said Neil Golson, EVP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships. “Tesla is known for prioritizing innovation above all, a practice that FlashParking shares. I admire FlashParking’s ability to apply simple solutions to complex business problems, and I am eager to help accelerate this smart city transition by bringing the mobility hub vision to life.”


Before joining Tesla, Golson was the Senior Director of Business Development for SolarCity and spent seven years working for The Coca-Cola Company leading the Coca-Cola brand in North America. His last role with Coca-Cola was managing the McDonald’s Division for the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, where he was responsible for developing a regional supply chain to accelerate foodservice innovation in emerging categories such as coffee and smoothies.


“My goal at FlashParking is to leverage strategic partnerships and deliver solutions to start addressing the global mobility challenge quickly,” said Golson. “During my time in Asia, I witnessed firsthand how transformative even small-scale mobility initiatives can be. With our mobility grid technology, business intelligence, and ecosystem of partners, there is no doubt in my mind that FlashParking is going to make waves not just in parking but in so many adjacent industries and, most importantly, in our communities.”


About FlashParking

FlashParking is a leader in mobility solutions that address some of the most complex transportation problems facing urban societies. Founded in 2011 with a simple mission to perfect the parking experiences, FlashParking has grown to serve thousands of operations, enterprise portfolios, and smart cities nationwide. Today, the company is enabling traditional parking assets to evolve into next-generation mobility hubs by implementing future-ready hardware and software infrastructure, a powerful business intelligence engine, and a robust partner ecosystem. FlashParking is the best parking solution for today and the only mobility solution for tomorrow. Visit us at flashparking.com to learn more. 

PIE 2020 Features Parking Today Awards

November 13, 2019





PIE 2020 Features Parking Today Awards





Again, this year, the Parking Industry Exhibition will feature the Parking Today Awards at an awards breakfast on Tuesday, March 24. The program is to recognize outstanding achievement in the parking industry.

The awardees will receive a special trophy plus coverage in Parking Today that will describe the activities that led to their nomination and selection. They will also have time to discuss their award at the awards breakfast.

Nominations are open in the seven categories listed below. Companies, organizations and individuals are welcome to enter themselves or other worthy individuals or groups.

There is no fee to nominate an organization or individual, however an individual or group from that nomination must be registered for PIE 2020. Complete rules and descriptions of each category can be found in the ‘awards’ tab at pieshow.parkingtoday.com. Nominations must be completed by Jan 15, 2020.

The Parking Industry Exhibition, sponsored by Parking Today Magazine, offers seminars, networking, and exhibits over the four day event. There will be keynote speakers, over 150 exhibitors, 1000 attendees, and special events including speed networking, a “Top Gun” party, and a symposium juxtaposing technology and PIE’s theme this year, “The Parking Experience.”

PIE 2020 is being held this year at the San Diego Convention Center on March 22-25. Register and get complete seminar and exhibitor information at pieshow.parkingtoday.com.


PIE 2020 – Parking Experience: Call for Speakers

May 17, 2019




Call for Speakers = PIE 2020



The theme for PIE 2020 is The Parking Experience. How do we as an industry make the parking experience the best for our customers, the parkers? We are looking for out of the box ideas to reduce the stress and turn the parking experience into one that people will actually look forward to and enjoy.


With that in mind, we are reaching out to all Parking Today readers, whether consultant, supplier, member of an organization that runs or manages parking for an office building, city, university, airport, shopping center or venue. If you are interested, apply for a speaking slot.

These presentations can be short, 10 minutes, or a panel lasting an hour. We are starting early and are flexible. If you have had great customer service successes, let us know. We may pick you for an entire session, or blend you in with others.

Just write up a short summary of what you would like to present, along with your contact information and send it in. If you make the cut, we will let you know. Astrid will coordinate and our team will review. Send your entry to her at astrid@parkingtoday.com.

Deadline is June 15. You don’t have to have the complete presentation done, just a quick outline.

See you in San Diego


PS  If you have other ideas for a presentation, we are open to that too.


Thank you for making PIE 2019 the best ever!

March 14, 2019




Thank you for making PIE 2019 the best ever!




To everyone who attended, exhibited, spoke, engaged at PIE 2019, thank you!  Each and every one of you is incredible!  We at Parking Today Media, appreciate you all with all of our hearts.



ParkNews.biz has been tending to PIE this week. We are back to normal next week.


Thus, please send me your news, your press releases and articles for ParkNews.biz and Parking Today.


Wishing everyone safe and pleasant travels home and the most successful and peaceful rest of March.


We at Parking Today Media cannot wait to see everyone soon and then next year at PIE 2020 in San Diego.


With kindness and appreciation,


Astrid Ambroziak


Astrid Ambroziak

Editor, ParkNews.biz

310 390 5277 ext 9




PIE 2019: The Words We Choose – Colleen M. Niese, Marlyn Group

February 19, 2019




PIE 2019: The Words We Choose – Colleen M. Niese, Marlyn Group





Who has the more effective voice in the room: the smart one or the articulate one?  My vote goes with the articulate one every time.  The most brilliant thought may not be heard in the moment if the speaker unknowingly gets hung up on a dreaded communications tick. We have all been on the receiving end of one of those ticks, namely:


  • “The Repeater” – that’s the one who shares the same sentiment over and over again by re-packaging it with different words.
  • “The Embellisher” – someone who may not know the exact details of any given point so opts for overly broad statements or exaggerated facts and figures.
  • “The Filler” – this is the profile that can fill the room with words but not many are quite sure the point.


Want to find out how to avoid the communications tick syndrome and help a conversation get back on track if you find yourself off point?  Then join me at this year’s PIE Show and Exhibition on March 13th to learn more about potential communications bear-traps and how to best articulate in any given situation, from a formal presentation to a spontaneous moment of speech and everything in between.



Colleen M. Niese

Principal, Marlyn Group



Marlyn Group is a consultancy specializing in building and advancing strong teams in the parking industry. Our holistic approach combines executive search and placement with management consulting to provide unique insights. From search to strategy, we shape and advise excellent teams to drive business and intrinsic results.  Learn more by visiting www.marlyngroupllc.com.

PIE 2019: Shift Your Talent Strategy to Meet the Realities of Today – Laney Solutions

February 12, 2019




PIE 2019: Shift Your Talent Strategy to Meet the Realities of Today – Laney Solutions





With the 2019 Parking Industry Expo just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to plan your busy days in Chicago.




Make sure to mark a spot on your calendar for what is certainly going to be a highlight of this year’s show, the panel discussion, “Shifting Gears: How Hiring and Managing Parking Talent is Evolving in Today’s Mobility Market,” hosted by Kathleen Laney, President of Laney Solutions.

With unemployment at an all-time low, the job market is now largely candidate-driven, with more jobs available than candidates to fill them. For parking employers, that means it’s getting harder and harder to find and keep quality talent.  And in today’s fast-changing world of mobility, it’s important for parking employers to attract and retain the best teams possible in order to stay agile and competitive.

During this panel discussion, Kathleen will sit down with four of parking’s brightest leaders from various industry sectors to consider questions related to recruitment, retention, and management of employees. This will be an engaging session complete with audience interaction, games and thought-provoking discussions. Please join Kathleen on Wednesday, March 13that 10 am as she examines top parking employer’s issues with:

  • Stephane Jean-Marc Adovelande, General Manager – Chicago, LAZ Parking
  • Bryan Blackwell, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing – Amano McGann
  • Vanessa Solesbee, CAPP, Parking & Transit Manager – Town of Estes Park
  • Nicole Wylie, General Manager, SpotHero


Kathleen Laney

President & Executive Search Consultant, Laney Solutions



Laney Solutions is the leading parking industry recruitment firm specializing in middle and senior management, experienced sales professionals and executive level placements. Driven by client and candidate satisfaction, we target and locate quality candidates who possess very specific skills, experience, education, training and more – to match our client’s exact requirements. Learn more by visiting www.laneysolutions.com. or contacting Kathleen Laney directly at kathleen@laneysolutions.com.


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