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Flowbird: Sewickley To Update Its Parking System with User-Friendly Solution This July 2023

July 10, 2023




Sewickley To Update Its Parking System with User-Friendly Solution This July 2023


New mobile payment options offer faster convenience than ever before

Sewickley, Pennsylvania – The Borough of Sewickley, Pennsylvania has announced an exciting upgrade to its parking system in partnership with Flowbird Group, the leader in curbside management and urban mobility solutions, and Butts Ticket Systems, Flowbird’s local distributing partner. The Borough is replacing its aging parking pay stations with Flowbird’s Pay-by-Plate Solar-Powered Smart Parking Kiosks, fully equipped with the industry’s latest technology. Additionally, the Borough will now be offering two modernized payment options, the Flowbird mobile payment app and Pay-by-Text.

The new parking system will feature solar-powered parking kiosks with a 9.7” full color touch display that is accessible for all customers, including meeting ADA standards. The touch screen display has the look and feel of a tablet, walking users step-by-step through the transaction process. To begin, the user simply enters their license plate number and desired length of stay. Payment will now be accepted with either coins or debit/credit card. Once payment has been made, the parking session has started and there is no need to walk back to their vehicle to display a receipt on the dashboard.

A new and exciting feature of the updated pay stations is Extend-by-Text. Once users finish their transaction on the kiosk, they will have the option to input their mobile phone number. When their parking session is about to expire, they will receive a text with the option to add more time remotely without needing to walk back to the pay station.

The Borough is also excited to announce the release of two new digital parking solutions, the Flowbird Mobile Payment App and Pay-by-Text.

The Flowbird App allows patrons to pay for parking from their mobile devices, receive text notifications when time is about to expire, and extend their time without having to visit a parking kiosk. Designed as a true mobility app, the Flowbird App features a map-based user interface, integrated with Waze and other navigation systems to guide users to their preferred parking location. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Pay-by-Text is an easy-to-use web-based solution that allows drivers to pay for their parking session directly from their phone without creating an account or downloading an app.

Here’s how it works: Once the user is parked, they can find a number posted on the kiosk near their parking location. The user simply texts the number provided, immediately receiving a secure link to follow to input their parking details. They enter their license plate number, parking duration and payment information. A confirmation is sent, and their parking session begins. Information is sent to parking enforcement who can verify the vehicle is in compliance. That’s it! There is no need to create an account, download an app, or visit a kiosk.

By implementing modernized parking solutions with convenient payment options, the Borough will be able to better manage parking turnover and visitor influx during peak periods. The addition of digital payment options will bring a consistent and higher level of customer service to the parking public.

Project management and installation is being managed by Flowbird’s local distribution partner, Butts Ticket Systems, based out of Pennsylvania.

The new payment solutions are planned to go live mid-July 2023.


Sewickley To Update Its Parking System with User-Friendly Solution This July 2023

Flowbird Unveils Highly Anticipated Off-Street Parking Solution at the 2022 IPMI Conference

August 04, 2022



Flowbird Unveils Highly Anticipated Off-Street Parking Solution at the 2022 IPMI Conference


Company presents FlowbirdGO, a cloud-based off-street solution for gated and gateless facilities


Moorestown, New Jersey – Flowbird North America, a leader in cloud-based mobility solutions, announced the release of its latest advancement in parking technology at the 2022 International Parking and Mobility Institute Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. FlowbirdGO is a dynamic off-street system giving operators the flexibility to manage parking in gated and ungated garages and lots. Visitors to Flowbird’s IPMI booth got a first-look at the system’s cloud-based functionality, easy to use hardware, and frictionless entry in action.

In gated parking scenarios, the FlowbirdGO system begins with a fully configurable touch-screen entry kiosk. As the driver approaches the parking facility, the gate arm is down and the entry terminal illuminates. The driver prints their QR code entry ticket and the gate arm opens for access to the facility. Alternatively, the FlowbirdGO system can be customized to accept phone numbers, credit cards, and permit access as an entry token.


Payment for parking stays can be made at Flowbird’s Pay-On-Foot machines or at an in-lane Flowbird exit kiosk. The QR code from the initial entry ticket is scanned and Flowbird’s cloud-based system calculates the amount owed. The Pay-On-Foot machine can be configured to accept various forms of payment including magstripe, chip, NFC, coins, and bills. In-lane payments can be made by card or NFC payment. The Flowbird mobile parking app is also a key payment method in the FlowbirdGO eco-system.

Once payment is confirmed by the Pay-On-Foot machine, a QR code receipt is printed and scanned at exit to raise the gate. If payment is done in-lane, the gate will raise automatically following the successful transaction.

FlowbirdGO can also be configured for gateless parking facilities, allowing for frictionless entry and exit. Seamlessly integrating with 3rd party LPR cameras, drivers can freely enter and exit the facility while their license plate number is recorded by the FlowbirdGO system. The solution can accommodate pre-payment or post payment, prior to leaving the facility, as well as mailed invoices if the user does not pay on-site.

The system’s open technology platform allows for an array of possibilities that are customized to individual parking facilities. FlowbirdGO offers real-time digital parking validation solutions to keep customers coming back to the local business community. For frequent visitors, the system offers a complete permitting solution that can include proximity cards or an RFID system to help manage monthly parkers. Intercom systems are available around-the-clock to quickly service customers while in-lane.

Built with advanced technology integrations, the FlowbirdGO system offers unique insights into clients’ parking facilities, delivering a simple yet dynamic solution with enhanced results. FlowbirdGO is a fully cloud-based solution, meaning there is no need for an on-site server, saving both time and unnecessary costs. All payment transactions are stored in a secure, PCI compliant location.

The power behind FlowbirdGO is in its advanced, yet intuitive, management system, offering real-time equipment health reporting, advanced analytics, third-party integration, and remote rate and message changes. The Business-Intelligence (BI) system generates reports with precision, providing detailed summaries of facility activity, financial information, statistical reports linked to operational performance, occupancy levels, distribution of payment methods, and more.

For clients utilizing Flowbird’s on-street parking solutions, adding the FlowbirdGO system will greatly enhance operational efficiency by bringing together all on and off-street data into one powerful system.

“We have built the FlowbirdGO system from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s off-street parking operations,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America.  “The key aspects for us were to make the system flexible and cost effective to give cities, universities and parking operators a solution that can be customized, integrate with 3rd party systems, and meet their day to day operational needs.”

To request more information about the FlowbirdGO system, contact Flowbird at us-info@flowbird.group.





Text Box: About Flowbird
FLOWBIRD operates in over 5,000 towns and cities in 70 countries. The company is constantly innovating and breaking new ground to help provide solutions. Its mission is to facilitate the individual journey and maximize a city’s unique mobility potential, while considering all city stakeholders and end-user experiences. Through its devices, elite service platform and teams, Flowbird enables a new era for maximizing urban harmony and value throughout the city’s core.

South Lake Tahoe Launches Flowbird App

August 02, 2021



South Lake Tahoe Launches Flowbird App



Parking convenience comes to drivers in SLT this summer



Moorestown, NJ —  Flowbird Group, a global leader in smart city and campus solutions, has announced that it has launched the Flowbird app in the City of South Lake Tahoe, California. The smart mobile parking solution will bring ultimate convenience to motorists, allowing users to pay for parking with their iPhone or Android devices.


South Lake Tahoe brings in nearly 3 million visitors per year for both its great summer activities and winter sports. The area is known for its highly-acclaimed restaurants, diverse shopping and for its casinos that lie just over the Nevada state line. Visitors will travel great distances to ski at the famous ‘Heavenly Mountain Resort’ and then stay to explore all the city has to offer. For this reason, having an easy way to find and pay for parking is crucial to keep locals and visitors coming back to the destination’s local businesses.


In April of this year, the City partnered with Flowbird Group to launch the Flowbird App, the app platform that services over 2.5 million users worldwide.


The Flowbird App offers an easy, fast and secure option to make mobile parking payments. Once the app is downloaded to a user’s mobile device, a quick registration process walks them through their profile and payment set up. When ready to park, users simply select their parking location from the GPS enabled map, choose a duration and confirm payment. A notification will be sent to the user when the parking session is about to expire with an option to extend right from their phone. Payment methods can be securely stored for quick and easy parking transactions in the future.


The app provides users with a map-based user interface, making it simple for users to select their parking location without manually inputting a zone code or scanning a QR code.  Drivers can get a reminder notification when their time is about to expire and they can extend their time right from their mobile device.  Walking directions back to their original parking location are also a handy feature of the app.


Over 125 cities and universities are now using the Flowbird app to help manage parking around the country. Globally, Flowbird’s mobile platform generates over 50 million transactions a year. For more information, please visit www.flowbirdapp.com.



Flowbird US Media Contact

Sean Renn – Vice President of Marketing & Communications





Minneapolis Technology Company, Municipal Parking Services, Inc. (MPS), Launches Breakthrough Health Safety Kiosk that helps Mitigate Spread of Covid-19 

May 04, 2020





Minneapolis Technology Company, Municipal Parking Services, Inc. (MPS), Launches Breakthrough Health Safety Kiosk that helps Mitigate Spread of Covid-19 




Helps Facilitate Safe Reopening of Private and Public Sector 

Ensures Body Temperature and Hand Sanitization Compliance with Controlled Entry and Optional Mask Monitoring 



(Minneapolis, MN May 4, 2020) Municipal Parking Services, Inc. (MPS) today announced the launch of the first and only automated system to help mitigate the asymptomatic spread of Covid-19 on private and public premises through the detection of elevated temperatures, audited hand sanitation and entry access control. 

Known as the Sentry Health Kiosk™, the system was inspired by the company’s line of touchless smart parking products currently installed in municipalities and university settings around the world. Sentry Health Kiosk™ is a non-contact kiosk that automatically takes and reports body temperature, mandates hand sanitization and manages access control while creating a comprehensive audit trail. 

The system leverages MPS patented technologies to provide best-in-class safety and peace of mind for consumers, employees and employers. With an optional facial recognition function, it can also ensure compliance in locations where face masks are required. 

“Studies show that most people with Covid-19 are asymptomatic, so having a device that just takes temperatures is inadequate at best,” said Joe Caldwell, founder of Sentry Health. “According to experts, the best way to protect yourself and mitigate the spread of a virus is simply to wash your hands. Sentry Health Kiosk is the only system that checks both boxes – temperature reading and audited hand sanitization. If a person doesn’t complete the process, they simply can’t come in,” Caldwell added. 

  • • The technology can also allow for personal health surveys and other information, including remote or on-site video calls through the kiosk’s interactive smart screen. 
  • • MPS is significantly expanding its capacity to accommodate the rapid demand for the kiosk. 
  • • The Company will donate 5% of Sentry Health profits to provide kiosks to foodbanks and other non-profit organizations. 

About Municipal Parking Services (MPS) 

Founded in 2009, MPS is a leader in touchless payment and enforcement systems for both public and private institutions. Sentry Health Kiosk is a division of MPS focused on detection and prevention technologies for retailers, manufacturers, public institutions, educational institutions, healthcare settings and the sports and entertainment industries. 

See www.sentryhealth.life for more product details and specifications. See www.mpspark.com for more information about Municipal Parking Services 

Pittsburgh Partners with Flowbird to Test Fully Digital Parking Kiosks

June 04, 2019




Pittsburgh Partners with Flowbird to Test Fully Digital Parking Kiosks


30 upgraded CWT kiosks are now live throughout the city



Moorestown, New Jersey — The Pittsburgh Parking Authority has partnered with Flowbird Group to launch 30 upgraded parking terminals that will now be both cashless and paperless. The upgrade transforms Pittsburgh’s original Flowbird CWT parking terminals to open architecture kiosks, leveraging credit card payment and digital text receipts,.


The City of Pittsburgh is no stranger to innovation, known in the parking industry as the first city in the country to transition to Pay-by-Plate as early as 2012. Now, in its 7thcontractual year with Flowbird, the Pittsburgh Parking Authority (PPA) recently extended its contract this year with plans to upgrade all 1100 original Flowbird CWT terminals to this new open technology.


“We want to keep on the edge of technology and advancement for our city,” said David Onorato, Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority.


The City’s original CWT terminals have a monochrome screen, functioning in pay-by-plate mode and accepting payment in credit or debit card, coins, or mobile payment.


The PPA will be testing out 30 upgraded Flowbird CWT terminals for 6 months to collect feedback from customers. Transactions, usage trends and performance will be reviewed, analyzed and compared to the previous 6 months.


Benefits of going both cashless and paperless span from environmental to operational. By switching to text-only receipts, the city could save nearly 3 million feet of paper per year. Additionally, the Authority would benefit from increased operational efficiencies while at the same time advancing the parking experience for the City’s residents and visitors.


Among the 30 upgraded terminals, five have been changed from monochrome to color touch screen, all of them remaining paperless and cashless. Usage of these 5 kiosks will also be reviewed and compared after 6 months to test consumer transactions and feedback.


“We will be monitoring all of these for the next 6 months to make sure we achieve an adequate database,” said Onorato, “By the end of the year, we will be able to make an educated decision on how we upgrade the remaining CWT terminals with Flowbird.”


The upgraded Flowbird CWT terminals can be found throughout Pittsburgh’s downtown core with 2 of the color touch screens located in North Shore.


“We are extremely proud to continue this longstanding partnership with David Onorato and the forward-thinking PPA team,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America,“We look forward to helping them manage their impressive growth by implementing key smart city solutions.”


Currently, Flowbird supports over 40,000 parking pay stations for 650 customers throughout the U.S. This project allows the company to continue its rapid expansion across the State of Pennsylvania.  In addition to Pittsburgh, Flowbird systems can be found in top destinations across the State such as Philadelphia, Lancaster, New Hope, and Williamsport.



Flowbird US Media Contact

Sean Renn – Vice President of Marketing and Communications





Flowbird Awarded Contract For Modernization of Chicago On-Street Parking System

September 26, 2018



Flowbird Awarded Contract For Modernization of Chicago On-Street Parking System




Chicago to Become Largest City in the U.S. to Implement Pay-by-Plate Technology




Flowbird, a world leader in the field of urban mobility and smart city solutions, has been selected by Chicago Parking Meters, LLC (CPM) to deploy the latest in urban parking technology. The City of Chicago will be the largest in the U.S. to implement Pay-by-Plate parking, covering 36,000 metered spaces, with new user-friendly parking kiosks.


CPM will begin installation of over 4,000 Flowbird CWT Stealth kiosks, the latest model in the Flowbird product line, on October 1st.  The new technology represents a major upgrade to the city’s parking infrastructure and follows an industry trend as more municipalities switch from Pay-and-Display meters to a Pay-by-Plate system.


Pay-by-Plate provides a more convenient customer experience. Each CWT Stealth is solar powered, wireless and features a touch screen interface similar to a tablet, instructing users to input their license plate and choose a parking duration.  The user can then complete payment in the form of a credit card or coins.  Users will no longer be required to display their receipt on their dashboard, and the kiosks even offer receipts via text, reducing the amount of receipt paper and saving on operations costs.


“Flowbird’s experience implementing large scale Pay-by-Plate systems was a major factor when choosing a partner for our project,”  said Dennis Pedrelli, CEO of Chicago Parking Meters, “That experience, combined with their commitment to continuous development of new products and services, helped us conclude that they were best suited to implement the new on-street parking system in Chicago.”


The new system is designed to bring innovation and convenience to Chicago and its mobility structure.  CPM will have access to Flowbird’s updated version of the CWO back-office parking management system featuring na enhanced big data analytics reporting environment.  Transaction data from the kiosks is integrated with the mobile phone payment solution and citation management system.


“We are extremely happy that we will continue over a decade of partnership with the CPM team using Flowbird’s latest technology to benefit Chicago citizens and leadership,”said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America, “Through all of the extensive testing and valuable input from the Chicago team, we have developed a product and solution that is more reliable and durable than our industry has ever seen.  The technology is really a remarkable milestone.”


This latest project builds on an already successful collaboration between CPM and Flowbird, who has been supplying  Chicago with parking solutions since 2009. The new kiosks will begin appearing throughout the city next week. All 36,000 metered spots will have the new kiosks in place by mid-year 2019.





Flowbird US Media Contact

Sean Renn – Vice President of Marketing and Communications






Flowbird Group: Ventura, CA Trades Outdated Kiosks for Modern Parking Solution

April 26, 2018





Ventura, CA Trades Outdated Kiosks for Modern Parking Solution

City installs paid parking system supplied by Flowbird Group




Flowbird Group, the name of recently merged parking and transit leaders, Parkeon and Cale, has announced that is has begun implementing a new Pay by Space parking system for the City of Ventura, California. Fifty nine new parking pay stations will replace old pay stations that had outdated software and faced imminent non-compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.



The Ventura City Council approved funding to purchase replacement pay stations in September of 2017 after it was apparent that the current meters would no longer remain in compliance with credit card industry security and liability standards.

In October of 2017, the Downtown Parking Advisory Committee (DPAC) of Ventura received a total of 5 proposals for new pay stations; all with products currently contracted in various cities in California. Based on the committee’s evaluation, Flowbird’s Parkeon StradaPAL Pay Station, was rated highest based on speed, price and reliability.

“The City of Ventura chose Flowbird’s Parkeon pay stations because they are quick, reasonably priced, reliable, functional and have the ability to integrate well with our existing system,” said Jeff Hereford P.E., T.E., Principal Civil Engineer for the City of Ventura. “They also meet the latest PCI standards.”

Flowbird’s Pay by Space system will be integrated with the City’s citation management system provided by Data Ticket.  The status of each space (paid or unpaid) will be communicated from the Flowbird system to the Data Ticket system so enforcement officers know, in real-time, which vehicles are not in compliance.  From the Data Ticket interface, officers can then issue a citation if necessary.

In addition to helping control where vehicles park, the new system will help the City improve its infrastructure.  Net revenue from the parking system will go towards other projects in the downtown area.

“We are extremely pleased to have been chosen as the preferred system supplier for this exciting project,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America.  “We look forward to providing the citizens in Ventura with an easy-to-use, secure parking solution.”

Currently, Flowbird supports over 40,000 parking pay stations for 600 customers throughout the U.S.  This project allows the company to continue its rapid expansion in Southern California.  The company expects the system to be deployed by the end of April.


About Flowbird

FLOWBIRD operates in over 5,000 towns and cities in 70 countries. The company is constantly innovating and breaking new ground to help provide solutions. The merger of Parkeon and Cale, announced in January, will enable us to combine our expertise and accelerate our investments into products and services that, through digitalization, technology and innovation, will help us to improve individual journey experiences and make our communities better.


Parkeon and Cale have merged to become Flowbird