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UW – Eau Claire Implements AIMS LPR and AMP Park Pay-by-Phone Solution

February 01, 2022




UW – Eau Claire Implements AIMS LPR and AMP Park Pay-by-Phone Solution



University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire has leveraged the AIMS system to modernize their parking operation, provide contactless parking options to their campus community and streamline their enforcement tools.    A user of the AIMS system since 2012, UW-Eau Claire transitioned to virtual permitting and LPR enforcement in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

The decision to implement AMP Park in 2020 stemmed in part from COVID’s effects on customers’ parking patterns and needs.   AMP Park integrates with AIMS in real-time and provides parkers with a contactless payment solution and short-term parking options.

In turn, UW-Eau Claire leverages the AIMS LPR solution for real-time enforcement of their entire parking operation including virtual permitting, AMP Park pay-by-plate transactions, vehicle hot lists, and enforcement of shared permits.

One of the many benefits realized by UW-Eau Claire is the ability to use one back-end system to track and view LPR and pay-by-plate data.  According to Allyson Wisniewski, Parking Supervisor at UW-Eau Claire, “We have used AIMS since 2012, transitioned to the LPR system in 2021 and were one of the first AIMS customers along with the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to implement AMP on our campus.  The customer service from AIMS is hands down the best.   I really like that pay by plate is integrated seamlessly for the user and the backend all within AIMS. “

UW-Eau Claire continues to use the AIMS suite of products to provide their customers with an easy-to-use parking self service portal, backend permit and citation management, and complete reporting on each and every aspect of their parking operation.




EDC Corporation is a leading provider of parking systems for municipalities, higher education, and other industry segments. For 25 years, AIMS system has been implemented and hard at work at over 180 parking operations across North America.

Proven, reliable, easy-to-use, fully integrated, scalable and fully supported by a customer-focused team of in-house software developers, seasoned field/sales professionals, and knowledgeable implementation experts — AIMS supports: ticket management; permit management; mobile enforcement; LPR (license plate recognition); event management; and a consumer-facing mobile payment app.

EDC offers a step-by-step process simplified process for transitioning to a new parking system.

To learn more about AIMS Parking Management Solutions — or schedule a live demo – visit www.aimsparking.com.


Tattile: Parking enforcement in France made mobile and digital

June 17, 2021




Tattile: Parking enforcement in France made mobile and digital



Following the decriminalisation of the non-payment of parking fees in France in 2018, the management of violations passed into the hands of municipalities and private companies. These companies began to establish digital parking payment verification using systems such as TePI (Traitement électronique des Plaques d’Immatriculation) which translates as “Electronic Processing of Number Plates” using smart traffic ANPR cameras such as those from Tattile. As the name indicates, users need to enter the license plate number upon paying the parking fee and can choose from three options; either paying with cash or with credit card at a parking meter with the meter sending the plate number together with the information of the paid parking time to a central server. The second option is to pay through a smart phone app which communicated the plate number to the central server. Thirdly, drivers can obtain a subscription through a web portal and enter payment details as well as the plate number there.



In all cases the required data is sent to a central server which enables mobile parking enforcement with patrol cars that are equipped with Tattile ANPR cameras for scanning all license plates in a designated parking area. The one-board architecture of the scanning system is built around a mobile PC and 5G + GNSS router, mounted in a customized hardware case inside the vehicle. Connected to the mobile system are the Tattile mobile ANPR cameras. The entire system is controlled by the driver or automatically depending on the configuration via a dedicated tablet, securely mounted to the dashboard. Monitoring and telemetry are made available through various SaaS platforms updated in real-time allowing for minute-by-minute reporting and providing the observer with a live, evolving map of the state of parking ticket payment in their zone. The license plate data recorded by Tattile cameras is sent to the remote server where it is matched with all registered payments and corresponding license plates. Violations detected by the software lead to the automatic issuing of parking penalty notices.



With the proven reliability of the mobile parking enforcement technology using Tattile license plate reading cameras the main parking operator in France is now active in most of the major cities in mainland France, including the capital. In Paris alone 25 vehicles are under operation, each of them is equipped with four Tattile cameras. One prerequisite to further establish the system in other regions is to prove the ability to interface with all major parking ticket solutions. This is maintained by the operators´ own ticket centralization server. Furthermore, according to the operator the solution is constantly evolving, and the roadmap includes other enforcement uses such as the real-time mapping of «low-emission» zones within urban areas.