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OperationsCommander: New option brings accounting functions to OPS-COM parking management software 

September 30, 2018



OperationsCommander: New option brings accounting functions to OPS-COM parking management software 




Carleton Place, ON: OperationsCommander is launching a new, optional, add-on to its ParkAdmin parking management software. The new FinanceAdmin package is designed with streamlined financial tracking and accounts receivable functions fully integrated with the parking management tool. This add-on will provide our clients with a much more robust payment system then ever before. 



With FinanceAdmin, parking departments have easy administrative controls for key items like monthly rollover billing, prorated permit sales, automatic payments, billing rate codes, accounts receivable reporting, and customized invoicing. All of the recurring payments, monthly permits, annual permits, can be automated and are fully PCI DSS secure supporting both EFT and credit card billing. 

“This is really a big step forward for parking departments who can now seamlessly administer their parking management and financial systems together.” says Phil MacCallum, OPS-COM Business Development Manager. “It’s all about simplicity, accuracy, and building tools that contribute to the growth and success of the client’s parking operations.” 

The addition of FinanceAdmin also gives parking operations significantly more flexibility over how they manage their corporate accounts. Dashboard-style, self-serve access is available for clients to manage their own parking lists and permits for employees. “We think this feature will help parking departments deliver better service to their customers while at the same time minimizing the related administrative work.” MacCallum adds. 

FinanceAdmin is already in use and available for all current and future OPS-COM clients. Departments interested in the new features can email phil.maccallum@ops-com.com. 

About OperationsCommander 

The OPS-COM platform provides a full service, cloud-based parking and security application to help organizations automate all facets of parking, violation, and security incident processes into one solution. Tomahawk Technologies Inc. offers seamless installations of OperationsCommander, reliable and quick support, and a commitment to create flexible solutions to fit budgets and existing processes. We care about our clients’ investment. 


Phil MacCallum phil.maccallum@ops-com.com 

Business Development Manager