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Honk Taps Into the Future with World’s First Virtual Parking Meter

June 11, 2019


Honk Taps Into the Future with World’s First Virtual Parking Meter



Honk Leverages NFC Tap-to-Pay Technology and Apple Pay to Bring Contactless Payment to Parking


ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, June 10, 2019 – Today, at the International Parking and Mobility Institute Conference & Expo, HonkMobile (Honk), the fastest and most convenient way to find and pay for parking, unveiled its newest product: the world’s first virtual parking meter – HonkTAP. Honk’s virtual parking meter uses NFC technology and ApplePay to allow drivers to pay for parking with just a tap of their iPhone. Once parked, drivers simply tap their iPhone on the posted NFC signage and walk away, knowing that their parking ispaid.

Honk leverages NFC tags to immediately bring up Apple Pay on iPhone. Users can skip the step of downloading an app or registering for an account – making paying for parking infinitely faster and frictionless.

Drivers simply tap their iPhone on the NFC-enabled signage – which can be as simple as a sticker or as elaborate as a custom sign – input their license plate number and select the amount of parking time desired on the guest checkout screen, and pay with Apple Pay. Drivers can opt-in to receive text notifications when their parking is set to expire, and can add time remotely from their iPhone. Purchase history, changing vehicles and many other features can be accessed by signing up for a free Honkaccount.

With HonkTAP, parking operators no longer require bulky and expensive payment terminals that can be exposed to vandalism, and experience periods of down time and long lines of drivers waiting to pay. Instead, customized, NFC-enabled signs and structures can be used throughout parking locations, saving tens of thousands of dollars, giving customers even more choice and accessibility in parking paymentoptions.

HonkTAP is now live in select cities across North America, with 10,000 HonkTAP signs and structures to be installed across 20 cities in Canada and the US by the end of summer 2019.

“HonkTAP marks an entirely new era for parking,” said Michael Back, Honk Founder & CEO. “Our patent pending technology allows drivers to bypass the parking meter, an app download or user registration, and simply purchase parking with a tap of their iPhone. Our novel approach gives drivers the fastest and easiest way to pay for parking on site. This isn’t just a win for drivers – the affordability and ease of integration into parking operations makes HonkTAP the most scalable parking solution on the market today – it costs up to 95% less than your typical parking hardware. No power costs, data charges, paper supplies and zero machine downtime make HonkTAP a game-changer.”

About HonkMobile

Honk is North America’s leading provider of both on-demand mobile payments and advance reservations for parking. Honk has been creating solutions to avoid and eliminate the traditional parking meter for years. First, with their innovative app, then Honk KIO – a low-cost payment kiosk


aligned with the app, and now HonkTAP rounds out their family of products to serve the needs of all drivers, parking operators and real estate owners whenever and however they require.


Honk sourced the NFC tags from Smartrac, a global leader in NFC technology, when building out the product to ensure the highest level of tap functionality.

Honk is already accepted at over 2,000 locations representing 250,000 parking spaces across Canada and the United States. With the touch of a button, motorists can pay for parking anywhere Honk is accepted across North America.


Flowbird: Original 1960’s Parking Meter Joins the National Museum of Sweden

January 09, 2019




Flowbird: Original 1960’s Parking Meter Joins the National Museum of Sweden






The National Museum of Sweden has reopened after a 5 year renovation and with it, a Cale (now Flowbird) single-space parking meter proudly on display.


Nationalmuseum, Stockholm


The lone parking meter (here painted in original Cale yellow) was designed in 1966 by Swedish manufacturer, Per Heribertson, who belonged to the first generation of industrial designers in Sweden. The meter was a well-known item in the urban streets of Sweden for most of the 20th century. His famous design not only gave the user clear guidance on the function of the device, it also brought an industrialized modularity to allow high volume production and simplified maintenance and repairs.


Today, guests who visit the newly reopened National Museum will find the meter artifact along the ‘timeline tour,’ starting at the top floor from the 16th century and working their way down to present day. The meter will be displayed in the 1960’s segment known as the “Wealthy Years,” where Swedes attained a higher living standard and increased their entertainment, travel and leisure time.


“We are very proud of the company’s contributions to the innovative history of Sweden, as well as our legacy of leadership in the global parking technology industry,” said Anton Kaya, Deputy Managing Director BU & CTO for Flowbird.



The Cale single-space meter was gifted to the Swedish National Museum after Heribertson passed away in 2012. The meter is among the oldest in preservation in the world.



Flowbird US Media Contact

Sean Renn – Vice President of Marketing and Communications





FLOWBIRD Signs First Dual Contract to Provide Both Cale and Parkeon Lines

July 23, 2018



FLOWBIRD Signs First Dual Contract to Provide Both Cale and Parkeon Lines




City of Fort Worth Amends Agreement to Include Cale MAX Single/Dual Space Meters





The City of Fort Worth, TX, a long-time customer of Flowbird’s Parkeon brand products, has recently amended their service contract to include Flowbird’s Cale MAX Single/Dual Space Meter. This addition is the first dual contract of its kind, thanks to the recent merge of parking and transit leaders, Parkeon and Cale, allowing the new combined company to offer both product lines for customer convenience and ease.


Installation of 57 Flowbird Cale MAX Meters will begin in early July of this year. The installation comes with an additional 19 of Flowbird’s Parkeon Strada Kiosks. Both meter types will address the issue of Fort Worth’s recent expansion along the West 7th District, an entertainment and residential region, that hold both large and small areas for parking.


The City was looking for a single/dual space meter solution that also integrated with existing back office systems. The solution needed to be compatible with remote programming changes, including rate adjustments and download functionality across all units within the West 7th Urban Village Core. By adding the single-space MAX meters, the city is now in the process of reducing operation and maintenance process time.


The Cale Max single and dual space meter is solar powered and comes with an extended battery life. It accepts coins, credit/debit cards and is compatible with mobile app payment.


The original Parkeon contract was amended to include Cale Max Single/Dual Space Meters on January 19th, 2018. Installation of the meters will be completed by September 15, 2018.


“The merger of Parkeon and Cale allowed the company to expand its product offerings, allowing clients to mix and match as needed,” said Benoit Reliquet, President of Flowbird North America.  “We appreciate this opportunity in Fort Worth to showcase our broader product range.”