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 TIBA: Waterloo Regional Airport Parking Increases Profitability by 41% 

August 16, 2019





TIBA: Waterloo Regional Airport Parking Increases Profitability by 41% 



Waterloo, IA (August 15, 2019) – TIBA Parking, in conjunction with Parking Inc., installed access and revenue control equipment at Waterloo Regional Airport, and after one year of operation, the airport has seen a net increase of 41% in revenue. 


TIBA Parking and Parking Inc. were awarded the contract to reconfigure the parking facility by replacing existing equipment including ticket dispensers and pay in lane devices, and activating TIBA’s world-class entry, exit, and access only lane equipment, along with an integrated LPR system on all lanes. 

The seamless LPR system, along with TIB@pay, resulted in an increased ease of use for customers, faster entry and exit, and a substantial decrease in operating costs. Waterloo Regional Airport was pleased with the increase in profitability and Sheila Combs, Regional Airport Administrator commented, “We’ll sure take the bump of 41%!” 

TIB@Pay, TIBA’s payment application for handling traditional bank card payments, also increased the speed of individual transaction times to an average of 3-5 seconds allowing a prompt and simple egress. 

“With the implementation of the TIBA solution, in conjunction with license plate recognition, users and operators have felt a new ease of use,” stated Craig Buscher, Sales Manager for Parking Inc. “LPR allowed for no lost tickets at egress and decreased cheating, or people not paying for various reasons. LPR also eliminated and greatly reduced lane downtime due to high reliability. Servicing fees to customer were also cut drastically compared to the old extinct system. We look forward to our continued partnership with Waterloo Regional Airport.” 

“The TIBA team celebrates the positive revenue growth experienced by the Waterloo Regional Airport. We look forward to the continued success of their facilities, and an even higher increase in their profitability,” said Jon Bowsher, President of TIBA North & South America. “Our solutions are efficient and simple to use for both the driver and operator, and the Waterloo Regional Airport is another great example of the success an effective solution can provide.” 

 About TIBA Parking Systems: TIBA Parking Systems provides innovative hardware and software solutions for the parking market. Based on the latest generation of processors, cloud-based services and physical/wireless credential technologies, TIBA products are reliable, user-friendly and simple to install and maintain. TIBA Parking Systems continuously improves and develops its’ products with the aim of lowering the price of initial acquisition and the cost of ongoing maintenance. TIBA has successfully implemented this through a focus on quality development, while continuing to listen closely to customer requirements and requests. This allows owners and operators to keep the capital investment down while still enjoying all the latest functionality. With extensive global experience, TIBA’s robust, scalable cloud architecture enables parking operators to keep pace with the latest trends in centralized operations, automated smart facilities, ticketless and frictionless parking, web reservations, and mobile payments. TIBA’s flexible systems facilitate IoT-connectivity and leverage big data to increase revenue. TIBA’s agile integrations with third party systems empower parking operators to be an integral part of the growing smart cities ecosystem. 

For over 30 years, TIBA serves parking operators and owners globally, both directly and through its extensive network of Value Added Resellers across diverse industries such as hotels & hospitality, airports, universities, shopping centers, hospitals & medical centers, and local, state & federal governments. For more information about TIBA Parking Systems, visit www.tibaparking.com. 

About Parking-Inc: Smart Solutions for Parking Operators. Parking operations are not all the same. It is important to develop a system which will provide the owner with appropriate revenue and controls, while giving the parker the hassle-free experience commuters want. The needs are very different for a medical center than they are for a hotel, a university, a shopping center, or a mixed-use property. Parking-Inc can help sort out what systems are best for each purpose, provide that system and equipment, and then give you the ongoing maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. Owners looking to update systems can look to Parking Inc. for new parking equipment systems, new payment stations, retrofitting LED lighting in parking garages, or a new security camera system.