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Not Mission Statements, but Mission Questions

July 27, 2020





Not Mission Statements, but Mission Questions 




“Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” – Louis D. Brandeis



Parking Industry never gives up!  As ParkNews.biz press releases and news show, we are moving forward.  We don’t do mission statements but mission questions: How can we serve better, create jobs, get people parking and making parking non event?  And how can we use the wins of others to motivate ourselves and be the change we want to see?


Here are some successes from this past week:


Smarking and Wen Sang hosted a fantastic panel Webinar on July 21st, 2020.  Wen Sang rocks as a host of zoom panels.  He is a master or of questions and there is art to asking questions.  Have you tried lately creating a culture of inquiry in your company?  Wen does that in Parking Industry.  Thank you Wen.  The panelists of the Webinar were : • PaybyPhone: Adam Kriegel VP of Sales, East • Parkmobile: Jeff Perkins, CMO and Head of Product • HonkMobile: Kacey Siskind, Senior Vice President • Parkonect: Harlan Karp, Founding Partner • JustPark: Hannah Fuller, Head of Parking Partnerships • ParkHub: Geoffrey Byers, Chief Product Officer • GetmyParking: Chirag Jain, Founder & CEO • ZipBy: Brooks Ellis, President • TEZ: Geremy Rodamer, Director of Concepts • Smarking: Cassius Jones, Head of National Accounts.  From all of them the one who valued the manner of questioning most was Harlan Karp.  He asked albeit all the technology is great and necessary, how do we get occupancy levels up and people parking?



JuiceBar is thriving.  More and more people are interested in buying EVs.  The infrastructure of EVs in parking structures, parking lots and on street, make the ownership of an electric car even more appealing.  And yes, we are going to be driving more I see it in my crystal ball.  Thus, JuiceBar has launched an innovative line of chargers that deliver the safest and fastest electric vehicle charging experience and which do not require network servicing agreements.  Now is the time for cities and municipalities, universities, shopping venues and other to gear up with these chargers.


QR codes are going bananas!  Yes, you can pay for parking with a QR code via Flowbird Strada Pay Stations as well as their app in Las Vegas.  You can also find and reserve parking and EV charging.  Once again Brandy Stanley refuses to be complacent and is determined to create the best parking experience for Las Vegas visitors and locals alike.


We are better together than alone unequivocally.  Thus partnerships thrive, as shown on ParkNews.biz by APS and EnSight Technologies in installing EnSight’s camera-based parking guidance solutions for the US Navy Headquarters in San Diego.


Since contactless and touchless is the MO these days, PayByPhone and ParkMobile apps are becoming the way to pay for parking.  PayByPhone launched in Fort Lee, NJ, Cleveland, OH and Wellesley, MA.  ParkMobile entered partnership with EasyPark throughout Canada.  Passport is now in Hamilton, Ontario.


However, apps or not, dig out your spare change from your pockets and feed those meters.  We need circulations of these coins since it is reaching into our own “clay jars” for our treasures and spending them freely, gets this parking business and economy going.   Drive, spend, create or at least ride your bike.  Yes, the sales of the latter are through the roof!


See you next week,

Astrid Ambroziak


Editor, ParkNews.biz

Creative Director PT