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SpotHero Eclipses $1 Billion in Parking Reservations Sold, Sets Sights to Further Modernize the Parking Industry

October 20, 2022


SpotHero Eclipses $1 Billion in Parking Reservations Sold, Sets Sights to Further Modernize the Parking Industry


Digital parking leader continues to unlock and expand availability of parking throughout North America




CHICAGO, October 20, 2022—-SpotHero, the digital parking leader in North America, has exceeded $1 billion in parking reservations sold since its founding in 2011. SpotHero’s latest milestone signifies its continued leadership in the market and its commitment to further digitizing the parking industry, making it more affordable and convenient for drivers to find and book parking, and easier for parking operators to effectively manage and more efficiently monetize their parking lots/spaces. The North American parking industry is a $36B marketplace that is currently only two percent digitized.

“We’re extremely proud to celebrate the $1 billion milestone, but SpotHero isn’t stopping here. We see this as a larger opportunity to continue transforming an industry that is lagging in our digital-driven world where we can solve problems for people and parking operators in real-time,” said Mark Lawrence, SpotHero co-founder and CEO. “We don’t need to build or create more parking spaces; we just need a more efficient way of connecting drivers with existing inventory. This allows them space to spend more quality time at their desired destinations instead of circling the block looking for parking. This core focus has led to our growth, success and ongoing approach to innovation.”

The average motorist roams 1.22 miles before they find a place to park, which is why in SpotHero’s 2022 State of Parking Report, the company found that nearly half (48.5%) of all Americans say parking is a source of stress. SpotHero offers a solution to the hassle of finding a parking spot by equipping drivers with an easy-to-use platform. The platform, accessed online or via mobile app, allows drivers to explore affordable parking options near their destination and provides an instant parking pass upon receipt of payment. SpotHero’s consumer and operator-friendly platform has established the company as a leading parking marketplace and helped park more than 40 million cars throughout the United States and Canada.

“There’s a lot of room for growth in the parking industry because it’s one of the few industries where things are still done non-digitally, such as pulling tickets and paying with cash,” said Matt DiBari, Chief Product Officer at SpotHero. “From our SpotHero IQ pricing platform to our Customer Hero service team, we’ve created a product for drivers who demand reliability in where they can park and how much they will pay. We believe there is tremendous opportunity to innovate within this lens and are excited to continue developing new partnerships and forging ahead to make parking easier for our drivers and operator partners.”

Since its founding in 2011, SpotHero has seen an average 145% annual increase in digital parking reservations while partnering with 1600+ operators across more than 300 cities and 8,000 locations. Despite a complete market disruption and freeze in parking due to COVID, the company has seen a significant resurgence in demand across North America, with major U.S. cities including Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco surpassing pre-COVID usage levels. Over the next three years, SpotHero aims to significantly grow its impact on the parking industry through investments that will expand its digital capacity with a goal of achieving 20% digitization of parking inventory by 2025.

With over $1 billion in parking reservations sold, SpotHero solidifies its reputation as the most reliable and convenient option for customers across the industry. A key factor of SpotHero’s growth has been a direct result of its commitment and investment to excellent customer service. SpotHero’s Customer Heroes are available 7 days a week to assist drivers with everything from parking reservation cancellations to technical and location-based issues. This customer-centric focus is embodied throughout the company and has led to SpotHero receiving highly favorable customer experience rankings with an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 60, Customer Satisfaction Score of 4.44/5 and a Trustpilot score of 4.1, all of which are among the highest scores in the parking industry.

Parking operators have also seen the impact of SpotHero’s commitment to leadership in the industry with over 1600+ operator partnerships across North America. Since 2011, SpotHero has grown its number of parking locations by nearly 30% each year, as more and more operators have recognized the value of SpotHero’s innovative tools and insights. The data SpotHero can provide through SpotHero IQ, the parking industry’s most dynamic pricing tool, allows operators to run their businesses more efficiently and more effectively manage their parking inventory, further driving revenues.

About SpotHero

SpotHero is the digital parking leader and only independent off-street parking marketplace in North America. Millions of drivers use SpotHero’s mobile apps and website to find, book and access off-street parking in over 8,000 locations across 300 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Leading operator partners leverage SpotHero’s AI-powered dynamic pricing platform SpotHero IQ to power data-driven decisions. For more information, visit SpotHero.com.




ParkHub Continues Meteoric Growth, Named to Third Consecutive Inc. 5000 List

September 01, 2022



ParkHub Continues Meteoric Growth, Named to Third Consecutive Inc. 5000 List




Dallas-based parking software, payments provider achieves 144 percent growth over last three years


September 1, 2022 DALLAS, TX – ParkHub, a leading provider of parking software and payments solutions, has been named to Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000, an annual listing of America’s most successful companies.

Founded in 2010, ParkHub provides a fully integrated software and payment processing solution to optimize parking operations, facilitate payments, and deliver real-time business insights to customers in multiple vertical markets, including sports, music & entertainment, higher education, parks & recreation, and other destinations. Through reliable technology, advanced reporting and analytics, and integrations with numerous parking and ticketing solutions, ParkHub helps clients increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000 are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. To qualify for the list, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2018. In addition, companies must be U.S.-based, privately held, for- profit, and independent–not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies–as of December 31, 2021, to qualify for consideration.

ParkHub clocks in at number 3,588 on the 2022 Inc. 5000. The company has achieved 144 percent growth over the most recent three-year interval. That figure reflects an increase from 2021’s 117 percent growth, while in 2020, the three-year growth average was a whopping 369 percent.

The company’s steady success has come through a combination of strong organic growth coupled with key acquisitions to round out ParkHub’s capabilities in software, payments integration, business intelligence, and offerings aimed at new industry sectors. In 2021, ParkHub acquired Bonfire, a provider of campground management software. Last week, the company added payments integrator Fuzse, another Dallas firm known for its expertise at the intersection of payments and software development.

“For many businesses, finding growth is hard, and maintaining it can be much harder,” said George Baker, Founder & CEO of ParkHub. “Inc 5000 recognition for three years running is recognition of our market leadership, the market opportunity, and most of all, keeping close to our clients to meet and anticipate their needs with innovation. I am proud of our team and our continued growth with our recent investment from LLR Partners.”


About ParkHub:

ParkHub is optimizing the world’s journeys by providing cutting-edge enterprise technology to support the parking industry. The company’s products offer contactless payment options, real- time operational data, robust performance analytics, and leading integrations with ticketing and parking reservation providers. For more information, visit parkhub.com.

Media Contact:

Riese Rubin, Marketing Manager



ParkEngage Online Reservation System Transforming Parking and Transportation Experience at Yankee Stadium

May 03, 2022

ParkEngage Online Reservation System Transforming Parking and Transportation Experience at Yankee Stadium


ParkEngage has partnered with New York City parking operator, City Parking, to provide numerous electronic reservation services at the parking facilities serving Yankee Stadium. This system will dramatically improve and expedite the parking experience for the hundreds of thousands of visitors and spectators to Yankee Stadium each year.

ParkEngage has implemented solutions tailored specifically to the needs of Yankee Stadium parking patrons and City Parking. The project includes the launch of a new parking website that allows patrons to accomplish all parking and transportation related tasks including making parking reservations, purchasing parking passes, purchasing bus passes, and more. The ParkEngage Online Reservations solution also provides numerous benefits such as managing real-time pricing and availability, enhancing customer service and loyalty, and increasing revenues.

City Parking’s Anthony Llopiz stated “City Parking is committed to implementing solutions that enhance the iconic experience of visiting Yankee Stadium for visitors from the minute they arrive until they leave. We are excited about the opportunities the ParkEngage Online Reservation system will provide to create the best parking and transportation process for everyone who enters our facilities.”

Not only will this help to improve the parking experience for stadium visitors, but it will help to create a more efficient operation for parking staff. For more information, visit www.parkengage.com.

To learn more about City Parking visit cityparking.nyc.

Parkster.ai joins #1 Private Business Incubator in the World, 1871

November 01, 2021


Parkster.ai joins #1 Private Business Incubator in the World, 1871




CHICAGO, IL (November 1, 2021) – 1871, the #1 Private Business Incubator in the World, welcomes Parkster.ai to their Chicago based tech hub. Parkster.ai is bringing instant parking to the world through an artificial intelligence powered SaaS API.


After launching at the Parking Industry Expo 2021, Parkster.ai keeps the momentum moving forward by joining 1871. Hundreds of tech startups call 1871 home. Parkster.ai is not the first parking startup to come out of 1871. SpotHero is an alumni company of the startup incubator and moved out in 2013.


“We are excited to join 1871! Things have been moving so fast since launching only a few months ago. We hope to continue growing at a rapid pace while trying to end the pain of parking for all” said Drake Burciaga, Parkster.ai’s Founder, Chief Executive and Chief Technical Officer.


About 1871

1871 is a not-for-profit organization that exists to inspire, equip, and support founders to build great businesses. It is the #1 ranked university-affiliated business incubator in the world, and the home of ~450 high-growth technology startups and ~1,500 members supported by an entire ecosystem focused on accelerating their growth and creating jobs in the Chicagoland area. Located in a 140,000 square-foot space in The Merchandise Mart, 1871 has 350 current mentors available to its members, as well as more than 100 partner corporations, universities, education programs, accelerators, venture funds and other organizations that make its extensive matrix of resources possible. For more information about 1871, visit www.1871.com.


About Parkster.ai

Parkster.ai is on a mission to provide instant parking to the world. Every driver deserves the right to park faster. We are building an artificial intelligence focused solution that is able to detect available parking spaces in a quick, scalable, and accurate way. We look forward to partnering up with a parking experience app by supplying our real time data of where available spaces are located in real time through an API. For more information about Parkster.ai, visit www.Parkster.ai.



Drake Burciaga

Founder, CEO & CTO

Email: Drake@Parkster.ai

Premier Parking Introduces Revolutionary Parking Innovation in Houston

October 12, 2021


Premier Parking Introduces Revolutionary Parking Innovation in Houston




In Partnership with Metropolis, Premier Rolls Out New Touchless Parking Technology Across the City


NASHVILLE, TN  – Premier Parking announced today that new technology, made possible through an exclusive partnership with Metropolis, will make parking easier, safer and more consumer- friendly in Houston.

This new wave of parking is made possible by new, proprietary technology created by Metropolis: an AI- powered autonomous commerce platform built to modernize parking and empower the future of mobility. Metropolis’ proprietary AI platform is unmatched in today’s parking industry.

“For customers, this takes the pain out of parking. For the industry, it is going to radically change the national parking landscape. This technology makes parking quicker, easier and safer by turning what used to be a difficult process into an effortless and fully touchless customer experience,” said Premier CEO Ryan Hunt. “We’re excited to be rolling out Metropolis technology in the bustling city of Houston, where we know drivers will appreciate the ease of parking with us regardless of whether they are running to work, grabbing groceries, or heading out for an evening on the town. This is truly ushering in a new era of parking, and we couldn’t be more excited to be at the forefront of the change.”

Premier deployed the new technology in April in their headquarters city of Nashville, and has since rolled it out in Austin and Detroit among other markets. Houston now joins the list of early cities to receive this revolutionary technology.

With Metropolis’ technology, customers get access to a frictionless, checkout-free mobile experience; by quickly signing up one time before their first Metropolis parking session, they will have a touchless parking experience at any of the enabled locations from then on. Once enrolled, each time a customer pulls into a location, the computer vision technology immediately detects the customer’s arrival and triggers a text message confirming the start of their parking session.

When they leave the facility, customers simply drive out and are charged for the duration of their stay – no more looking for the payment kiosks, getting ticketed for expired time or paying for more time than they used. Subscription parking and validated parking will also be more seamless than ever, with the scan of a QR code or a tap on your phone granting weekly and monthly access.

The technology also locates guaranteed available parking, helping alleviate congestion in urban areas by taking cars off the road that are driving in circles looking for an open spot.
“With Premier as our partner, we are disrupting the traditional parking experience and empowering the future of urban mobility,” said Metropolis CEO Alex Israel. “Parking takes up 15 percent of urban landscapes in major metropolitan areas, so using space smarter makes a big difference – that’s exactly what we are doing with Premier.”

The technology is currently deployed at the following sites in Houston, with additional sites across the city coming online soon:

  • Woman’s Hospital of Texas, 7900 Fannin St
  • Saks Garage, 625 Fannin St
  • 1102 Preston StUltimately, Premier plans to deploy Metropolis’ proprietary computer vision technology across its entire portfolio, which consists of 129,000+ parking spaces across 500+ parking programs in 50+ cities nationwide.

About Premier Parking

Premier Parking, founded in 2001 in Nashville, offers self-parking accommodations, valet and transportation services for commercial parking assets, hospitals, hotels and special events (private and public), and much more to offer full scope parking management services to businesses and asset owners throughout the country. www.premierparking.com


About Metropolis

Metropolis is an AI-powered autonomous commerce platform disrupting traditional city infrastructure to make way for modern mobility. Starting with vertically integrated parking technology and a frictionless, checkout-free mobile experience, Metropolis makes parking easier end-to-end. Founded by CEO Alex Israel, Metropolis launched in stealth in 2017 and recently released its mobile app to the public. The brand is rapidly scaling its platform across the U.S. this year, including: Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Nashville, Detroit and more. www.Metropolis.io


October 11, 2021








Atlanta-Based Parking Company Replaces Antiquated Parking Management Solutions

with Modern Technology




ATLANTA (Oct. 11, 2021) – Phoenix Parking Solutions, an Atlanta-based parking management company that is completely digital, cashless and contactless, is rewriting archaic parking rules by utilizing a cloud-based parking method to replace antiquated systems that feature paper tickets, costly gate arms and high-maintenance payment kiosks. Phoenix owner Jeff Patterson is a leader in this digital conversion, and his business practices bring both value and convenience to his clients and their customers.


“Last year the pandemic forced contactless payments to become an essential part of the parking business,” says Patterson, who provides the latest platforms, applications and technology to property owners and asset managers of retail, residential and mixed-use properties. “According to Mastercard, 75% of consumers prefer using contactless payment over other methods of payment. But not every customer wants to download another app. So, we had to take a close look at how to respond.”


Patterson decided to respond by incorporating state-of-the-art technology to deliver a contactless, cashless valet process along with gateless garages and surface lots. He converted all his parking locations to Oobeo, a cloud-based software that streamlines operations via web, mobile and SMS technologies to make it easier for guests or residents to access parking services using their mobile phones without having to download a separate app. Now, garage and lot operators throughout the Southeast benefit from his expertise and foresight into the future of parking.


When it comes to Phoenix’s valet operations, Patterson provides guests attending restaurants, retail establishments, hotels and community events with a safer and more efficient payment process. In lieu of paper tickets, guests simply provide their phone number to the valet upon arrival, which serves as their digital valet ticket. The valet may then input a range of details to track the vehicle, including a built-in plate scanner. To retrieve their vehicle, guests simply click a text link on their way to the valet stand where they can also pay and tip via credit card or any major digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. This process means the guest can initiate the retrieval process much sooner, resulting in greatly reduced wait times and a seamless payment process. The digital valet ticket can also serve as a marketing tool. Businesses have the option to customize messaging that is sent to the valet guests after they retrieve their vehicle.


Phoenix’s surface lot and parking garage clients can take advantage of going gateless. Instead of expensive gate arm and payment kiosk equipment that requires frequent maintenance, cloud-based software allows users to pay for parking safely and seamlessly through web, mobile and SMS technology while in their vehicles. Users do not have to download a parking app, worry about social distancing while waiting in line to pay at a parking kiosk, wait for a slow-moving gate arm to raise or return to the lot to extend their parking time. When guests or residents arrive at a Phoenix mixed-use surface or garage facility, they will see simple signage that displays three contactless methods to pay for parking: SMS, QR code scan or tap the NFC tag. Users then receive a link to enter their license plate number and the duration they want to park before paying via credit card or digital wallet. Users can then provide a rating of the experience, receive a receipt for payment or extend the parking duration. An integrated LPR system provides a list of authorized license plates to the parking enforcement team.


Patterson has experienced firsthand how this digital conversion saves time and money while keeping customers satisfied. “Garage and surface lot operators usually see a 20% to 30% increase in revenue by going gateless due to the pay-in-advance model, but it’s not just about saving money. It’s about creating a convenient frictionless experience for guests,” he adds.


Offering added value, Patterson’s digital solutions also encourage property owners and property management companies to improve their services with real-time data and user reviews. He presents opportunities for customer feedback plus data analytics that can easily identify how much time customers are paying on average and peak times and lulls that might require rate changes for maximum profit.


Beyond providing innovative parking solutions, every Phoenix executive has received the National Parking Association’s Certified Parking Professional Certification (CPP), which is the parking industry’s only professional certification that spans all aspects of parking management and operation. Built around 15 domain areas of learning, the CPP body of knowledge covers everything from human resource management to valet parking operations and from auditing to sustainability. There are only 400 CPP credentialed professionals in the United States.


About Phoenix Parking Solutions

Phoenix Parking Solutions is an Atlanta-based company specializing in a range of parking services for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, shopping centers, and community events, in addition to parking management, logistics, and consulting services. Currently parking tens of thousands of cars per week at dozens of premium locations throughout the city, Phoenix has established itself as one of the largest parking providers across downtown and Midtown Atlanta. Learn more about the company and the safety of valet from Phoenix president Jeff Patterson in this Atlanta Business Radio X interview. For more information, call 678-412-0505 or visit phoenixparkingsolutions.com.


SpotHero Promotes Nate Phillips to SVP of Market Development

September 28, 2021



SpotHero Promotes Nate Phillips to SVP of Market Development



Parking and Transportation Expert Will Spearhead SpotHero’s Continued Growth


CHICAGO — SpotHero, the digital parking leader in North America, today announced the promotion of Nate Phillips to senior vice president of market development. Phillips joined SpotHero as vice president of enterprise sales and client development in 2016. Since that time, he has been instrumental in the success of SpotHero’s  parking reservation app for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which allows drivers to view, navigate to and redeem SpotHero reservations via their car’s dashboard in over 300 cities. Phillips was also responsible for the ideation, creation and launch of SpotHeroIQ, a process automation app for parking lot operators that has been adopted by 800 locations in just eight months.


“Nate has developed the partnerships that make SpotHero the go-to parking app in North America. He’s also identified and helped close the acquisitions we’ve needed to expand our capabilities,” said SpotHero co-founder and CEO Mark Lawrence. “We promoted Nate to SVP and expanded his role so he can pave the way to even more aggressive product and company growth.”


In his previous position as SpotHero’s VP of enterprise sales and client development, Phillips worked with the parking industry’s largest operators to foster technology innovation and adoption across the industry. Before that, he applied his technology and operations expertise at Propark and Urban Mobility Now, where he served as senior vice president and worked to scale one of the largest parking and transportation companies in the U.S.


“SpotHero takes the friction out of finding a paid parking spot. I will be spearheading our strategy with technology providers and operators throughout the industry to help prioritize the types of integrations we develop, and when, to ensure we are providing a heroic experience for our parkers,” said Phillips. “I will also be working cross-departmentally to help identify and ultimately open new markets.”


As a 22-year parking industry veteran, Phillips has a unique understanding of the marketplace dynamics in cities, including consumer behavior, operator presence and Parking Access Revenue Control Systems (PARCS). His promotion signals SpotHero’s commitment to growth market investment, industry-leading integrations and quality service outcomes.


“Nate will be the sage voice of the parking industry, guiding strategic decision making in SpotHero’s three core areas: market development, integration priorities, and industry thought leadership,” said Lawrence. “He has fantastic, long-standing relationships throughout the industry that will greatly help our PARCS and technology relationships.”


About SpotHero

SpotHero is the digital parking leader and only independent off-street parking marketplace in North America. Millions of drivers use SpotHero’s mobile apps and website to find, book and access off-street parking in over 7,500 locations across 300 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Leading operator partners leverage SpotHero’s AI-powered dynamic pricing platform SpotHero IQ to power data-driven decisions. For more information, visit SpotHero.com.


SpotHero IQ Now Offers Dynamic Pricing At Over 1000 Parking Facilities

March 23, 2021

SpotHero IQ Now Offers Dynamic Pricing At Over 1000 Parking Facilities



Data science-powered dynamic pricing platform increases revenue by an average of more than 40% for parking facilities




CHICAGO — MARCH 23, 2021 — SpotHero, the digital parking leader in North America, today reaches a parking industry first by launching dynamic pricing capabilities at over 1000 parking facilities. SpotHero IQ offers the most extensive demand data set in the $36B North American parking industry, incorporating real-time demand data for the most complete view of consumer behavior.

Now live in over 65 cities with 100 operators at over 1000 parking facilities, SpotHero IQ provides parking operators automated rate recommendations and inventory management solutions. SpotHero IQ automates the once manual task of adjusting online parking rates by giving parking operators data-driven dynamic rates. This empowers operators to determine optimal pricing in both high- and low-demand environments using real-time data. For drivers, this delivers on the SpotHero mission to make getting everywhere easier at the right price.

“As we approach COVID recovery, it’s never been more important to make data-informed decisions about how to price inventory,” said SpotHero Co-Founder & CEO Mark Lawrence. “SpotHero IQ enables operators to proactively manage demand volatility, whether that be a lull due to lockdown or spike once cities are booming again. In doing so, we help optimize online sales for maximum revenue for our partners.”

Operator partners leveraging the platform see an average revenue increase of greater than 40%. One Parking, a national parking operator with more than 80,000 spaces under management, has seen a 44% revenue boost across 19 locations via SpotHero IQ.

“By having real-time data on where parking is needed and when all inventory and pricing decisions we make are backed by valuable numbers,” said One Parking Vice President Rosario Palella. “This has been a game changer, allowing us to capture parkers in timeframes we wouldn’t have previously. We’re thrilled to join SpotHero at the forefront of the parking industry’s shift toward digital and dynamic pricing.”

SpotHero IQ consists of a broader product family for every partner’s unique needs. The suite’s namesake product, SpotHero IQ, brings demand-based pricing for online inventory to all parking facilities at no cost to operators. SpotHero IQ+ integrates with PARCS to layer in parking occupancy data with online demand and provides robust business intelligence tools. Future developments will offer full yield management for all parking inventory.

To learn more about SpotHero IQ and register for exclusive video content, visit spothero.com/sell-parking/iq.


About SpotHero

SpotHero is the digital parking leader and only independent off-street parking marketplace in North America. Millions of drivers use SpotHero’s mobile apps and website to find, book and access off-street parking in over 7,500 locations across 300 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Leading operator partners leverage SpotHero’s AI-powered dynamic pricing platform SpotHero IQ to power data-driven decisions. For more information, visit SpotHero.com.


CONTACT: Brooke Saharovici

Filling up hotels’ empty parking lots: a.Lot Parking on a mission in Hollywood

February 18, 2021




Filling up hotels’ empty parking lots: a.Lot Parking on a mission in Hollywood



With hotel occupancy rate dropping by 50%+ across the U.S. due to COVID-19, this hotel is driving new customers to… its parking lot.



LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18, 2021 — Hotel parking lots are usually overflowing with hotel guests, staff and vendors. However, something unbelievable happened over the last year and hotels are empty. The hospitality industry is suffering big losses during the pandemic all across the country and around the world.

A crisis of such scope is the right timing for new generation technologies to change the ways important and yet often underestimated assets, like parking spaces, are managed and utilized.

The Hollywood Hotel, a beautiful classic Hollywood hotel located at 1160 N. Vermont Ave, in Hollywood, California, did just that and partnered with a.Lot Parking, a provider of touchless parking technology solutions, to upgrade their parking lot. This proved to be a great decision to meet COVID-19 challenges.

First of all, the Hollywood Hotel wanted to minimize its parking management. A.Lot Parking team has installed a revenue management and touchless access control software re-using all existing parking control hardware such a barrier arms and gates, induction loops and traffic signals. Since a.Lot Parking technology is fully digital, cloud-based and touchless, it can be managed remotely at anytime from anywhere. This has eliminated a need for extra operational costs and enabled the hotel’s front-desk staff to manage all parking operations, from reservations, user permissions and revenue settings.

It turned out that “touchless” became a key word in 2020 helping the Hollywood Hotel not only to deliver the highest quality safety standards to its hotel and parking clients, but also to avoid extra resources making sure that the equipment is constantly cleaned and possible to use.

The next question was – how to bring more customers to the underutilized parking lot located in the middle of Hollywood, one of the busiest urban areas in Los Angeles? The biggest help came from a.Lot Parking seamless integration with SpotHero, the digital parking leader and only independent off-street parking marketplace in North America. Millions of drivers use SpotHero’s mobile apps and website to find, book and access off-street parking in over 7,000 locations across 300 cities in the U.S. and Canada. This feature has helped Hollywood Hotel to attract customers from surrounding businesses like medical facilities and municipal essential services offices. Seeing parking revenue rising during the times of red numbers showed the potential of digital solution from a.Lot Parking that enabled the parking sharing in expensive and usually very busy locations like Hollywood.

Kian Zarrinnam from The Hollywood Hotel, said a.Lot Parking provided solutions that fit the Hotel’s needs: “The Hollywood Hotel and a.Lot Parking became partners by listening to each other’s needs and ultimately fulfilling them now and into the future. At the end of the day it’s all about time, and a parking system must be simple with as little maintenance, effort and cost as possible. Time equates to money!”


About a.Lot Parking:

A.Lot Parking Solutions specializes in touchless parking management and access control systems for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities and hospitality industries. A.Lot cloud-based Parking Management Platform (PMP) use license plate recognition (LPR) for touchless access control and mobile app for touchless payments. The PMP offers comprehensive analytics platform and maximizes return on parking assets.

Ada Jonuse | Head of Marketing and Product Manager | 888-884-9507


March 11, 2020








Europe’s favourite airport parking retailer, ParkVia, has beaten off tough industry competition to be crowned Parking Provider of the Year at this year’s British Parking Awards.



ParkVia was presented with the esteemed industry accolade having impressed the 20-strong jury of experts from the parking, transport and motoring sector with its examples of exceptional service, innovation and team collaboration.


Founded in 2008, ParkVia has grown remarkably over the last 12 years, taking bookings through its ecommerce platform from drivers in more than150 countries and holding contracts with 81 of the world’s leading airports.


Having invested in the brand’s development significantly over the last 12 months, ParkVia was able to validate its claim to the winner’s title by demonstrating proficiency across all key areas of its business, in addition to detailing unique initiatives that position ParkVia ahead of its competitors.


Dr Valentina Moise, Commercial Director at ParkVia, said:


“As a British-born company, it’s a great achievement to win a British Parking Award, especially for Parking Provider of the Year, which in itself is recognition of the work our fantastic team do to create such exceptional service not just across the UK, but for all our global markets.


“We have worked extremely hard over the last 12 months in particular to create a dominant digital brand that is recognised worldwide as the ‘go-to’ airport parking reservation provider; this award takes us one step closer to establishing that vision and we couldn’t be prouder.”


Created and presented by Parking Review magazine, the 18th annual British Parking Awards was hosted on 6thMarch at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London and recognise the leading examples of car park management, enforcement, design and team work.


To find out more about ParkVia, please visit www.parkvia.com.



Image caption: (LtR – BPA Presenter, Dr. Xand van Tulleken, ParkVia’s Commercial Director, Dr. Valentina Moise, ParkVia’s Global PR & Brand Manager, Gemma Killackey and award presenter Graeme Middleton, Cemplas).


About ParkVia 

As Europe’s favourite airport parking retailer, ParkVia is dedicated to connecting the world’s drivers with parking spaces in 43 countries. Its online retail platform allows consumers to book parking as part of their journey, working with both car park operators and travel industry market leaders to ensure that parking is visible at the right time.


Encouraging its philosophy of ‘Choose parking’, ParkVia believes pre-booking is the key element in the travel process, allowing customers to plan in advance and giving them freedom of choice to select the parking product that suits their specific journey type.


Founded in 2008, ParkVia has grown in popularity and reputation over the last 12 years, particularly within the wider airport parking sector. As an established partner for many of the world’s leading international airports, ParkVia is able to maximise visibility for official car parks and ancillary products by covering more points of entry with its targeted marketing expertise.


Today the services of over 2,500 parking providers are promoted to ParkVia’s 3.8m registered users, as well as a large network of partner websites, that includes airlines, travel partners, online travel agents and in-car navigation technology – making it an attractive and lucrative proposition for partners looking to collaborate for white label and in-path projects.


ParkVia. Choose parking.



Winner of Queen’s Award for International Trade

Awarded to ParkCloud 2019

ParkVia ® Winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise *
30 Brown Street, Manchester, M2 1DH – UK

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