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Introducing Park Assist’s Latest Signage Solution: LCD-NAV

May 07, 2020

Introducing Park Assist’s Latest Signage Solution: LCD-NAV


Park Assist is excited to announce its new LCD-NAV signage solution. Park Assist’s latest sign is both dynamic and customizable for real-time content updates.

Increased customer engagement.
With the ability to communicate a variety of dynamic messages, the LCD-NAV sign provides up-to-the-minute content updates to all customers. From guidance to maintenance alerts to branding opportunities, the LCD-NAV enhances the customer experience, increases garage efficiency and supports new revenue opportunities.

Advanced technology, simple design.
Engineered with pre-built templates, you can customize your screen with brand specific colors, a company logo, and display dark or light themes to suit your needs.

Dependable remote operations.
The LCD-NAV sign, a weatherized commercial-grade outdoor display, is an all-in-one plug and play solution. Utilizing a web-based content management system, the unit can be configured and monitored remotely. This innovative signage solution allows you to stay connected with your customers at all times, providing state-of-the-art guidance.

Eager to learn more? Please reach out to your Park Assist account manager for additional information or contact us here.