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City of Trenton Modernizes Parking System in Partnership with Flowbird

May 28, 2019




City of Trenton Modernizes Parking System in Partnership with Flowbird




The Capital City Focuses On Customer Convenience




Moorestown, NJ – The City of Trenton, New Jersey has begun the long-awaited upgrade to the city’s aging parking meters, replacing old, broken meters with Flowbird’s Strada multi-space pay stations. As of May 23rd, 22 of 83 pay stations have been installed, providing motorists with additional payment methods and customer ease.

The easy-to-use solar powered Flowbird Strada Pay Stations will be installed on the majority of blocks and in downtown parking lots throughout Trenton. The pay stations feature a 7” full color display screen that walks users step by step through the transaction, accepting coins, bills, credit cards, and debit cards at all pay stations. Users will get a receipt at the end of the transaction and place it on their dashboard for enforcement officers.


The new Flowbird system brings the ability for the pay stations to alert City technicians of any maintenance issues so uptime can be optimized. Flowbird’s robust cloud-based data intelligence platform also provides secure and actionable information to City staff, such as metrics, data visualization, and automated reporting.

“This is something we’ve been trying to do in the Capital City for a long time, and we anticipate that the new parking system will have a very positive impact on downtown Trenton,” said Mayor Reed Gusciora in a press statement on Thursday, “Paying for parking will be very convenient, and the data we collect will let us create better parking policies to make finding a parking space much easier.”


The parking upgrade comes as a resolution to a parking problem years in the making. According to City Council, the city was losing thousands of dollars of revenue per year due to broken meters. Parking enforcement officers were only able to ticket cars at some of the City’s meters, since many were broken or missing.


Downtown business owners report that broken meters allowed employees to park in front of their stores all day for free, taking up spots that should be available for customers. With the new pay stations, City Council believes businesses will now draw more customers because parking enforcement will produce more open spaces.


According to Mayor Gusciora, the city has been taking in just over $100K each year in parking revenue, but with the combination of new meters, kiosks and enforcement, the city will be able to bring in more than a million dollars each year.

So far, 22 pay stations have been installed along East State Street from the front of City Hall to the Trenton train station. The remainder of the 83 Flowbird Strada Pay Stations are planned to be rolled out this summer, starting with higher traffic areas.


Currently, Flowbird supports over 40,000 parking pay stations for 600 customers throughout the U.S. This project allows the company to continue its rapid expansion in the northeast, where major cities such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia utilize Flowbird systems.


City of Tulsa Creates Convenient Downtown Parking System in Partnership with Flowbird

January 31, 2019




City of Tulsa Creates Convenient Downtown Parking System in Partnership with Flowbird



Replaces 30-year-old parking meters with smart city solution



in tulsa city with skyline around downtown


Moorestown, NJ – The City of Tulsa, Oklahoma has begun the final transition to pay-by-plate parking in partnership with Flowbird Group, a global supplier of urban mobility solutions. The changeover is part of the City’s plan to remove all outdated parking meters within the year, replacing them with Flowbird’s Strada multi-space pay stations.


The first round of pay stations were installed in the Tulsa Arts District in July of 2018, with the main goal to progress towards a more modern, functional mobility system. Compared to the outdated meters, the Strada Pay Stations provide ease-of-use for both the customers and the City’s parking division.


With the new pay-by-plate system, Tulsans and visitors can pay for on-street parking anywhere downtown with coins, credit or debit cards, or with the simple touch of a smartphone via the mobile payment app. Each Strada Pay Station is equipped with a 7” full color display screen, runs on solar power, and withstands rain, snow, fog and inclement weather. The pay stations are connected to Flowbird’s back-office system, Smartfolio, a cloud-based data intelligence platform that provides secure and actionable information to City staff, such as parking performance metrics, data visualization, and automated reporting.


The decision to update all remaining parking stations came from Mayor G.T. Bynum’s 2018 executive order to help the City’s parking system.


“As Downtown Tulsa continues to grow, it is important to have an on-street parking system that works. We are replacing antiquated 30-year old parking meters with new technology, and will have one consistent on-street parking system throughout downtown that will be compatible with our new mobile parking app,” Mayor Bynum said.


The City began looking to improve parking in 2015 with the goal to create a convenient and effective downtown parking system. The City tested parking kiosks from 3 different vendors before deciding on Flowbird’s Strada for its ease-of-use, back-end system, value and compatibility with mobile payment apps. The City entered into partnership with Flowbird, and installed 21 Strada Pay Stations, a successful implementation that would lead to an expansion of nearly 200 pay stations.


Installation of 175 Flowbird Strada Pay Stations began on January 16th, and is expected to be complete by early February.  Flowbird’s local distribution and service partner, Wetherbee Electric is managing the installation of all of the new devices.


Currently, Flowbird supports over 40,000 parking pay stations for 600 customers throughout the U.S.  



Flowbird US Media Contact

Sean Renn – Vice President of Marketing and Communications






Parkpnp secure €500k investment to roll-out employee parking system: Office parking automation software to roll-out across US & Europe

January 23, 2019

Parkpnp secure €500k investment to roll-out employee parking system

Office parking automation software to roll-out across US & Europe


Award winning digital parking company Parkpnp has announced a new investment of €500k to launch their ParkOffice product which smartly maximises the use of limited company parking. ParkOffice automates employee parking, allowing parking professionals to reduce their workload and spend in relation to office parking management. The funding will see Parkpnp roll out their new SaaS product across Europe & the US.


Having identified the need for a product which allowed companies to increase the amount of parking available to staff, ParkOffice’s core feature allows staff to release assigned parking spaces when they are out of the office at meetings, on holidays etc. While a host of other features allow for the full automation of all aspects of staff parking.


ParkOffice is powered by a cutting edge algorithm and AI which allows companies to park more staff in the same amount of parking spaces, reducing the cost and administrative burden of company parking in the process. ParkOffice has already recruited a chunky list of clients with Colliers International, Europcar & Benelux property giants Befimmo & MVGM amongst the early movers saving them money, improving employee wellbeing and promoting efficiency. Clients have already reported saving upwards of €50k a year per location using the service.


Speaking about ParkOffice, Parkpnp Co-Founder & CEO Garret Flower remarked “We’ve become something of a magnet for companies looking toward technology to improve parking issues. We noticed while many companies thought they needed extra space, in fact they just needed a solution to help them ensure their existing spaces are in use all of the time. We’ve been developing ParkOffice for over a year now and are really looking forward to the impact this product will have across the world”.


Parkpnp was founded in 2016 by Irish entrepreneurs Daniel Paul & Garret Flower has quickly established itself as a major player in the European parking market. The company’s marketplace is regularly parking 40,000+ drivers across Ireland, Belgium & the Netherlands allowing all types of parking space owners to rent out and advertise their underutilised space.


The latest tranche of investment includes contributions from sustainability focused fund BVP Investments and former Europcar supremo Colm Menton. The investment brings Parkpnp’s total amount raised to date to €1.4m.


Irish Times Innovation Awards Judging Day 2018 Picture Conor McCabe

Parkpnp CEO Garret Flower pictured launching the new office parking management software ParkOffice.


About Parkpnp

Parkpnp is on a mission to organise the world’s parking. Founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Garret Flower and Daniel Paul, Parkpnp products include the Parkpnp.com marketplace which is trusted by over 40,000+ motorists across Europe and ParkOffice, the office parking management system.


PARKPLUS: Manhattan’s Largest Automated Parking System Puts More Cars in Less Space

January 18, 2019




PARKPLUS: Manhattan’s Largest Automated Parking System Puts More Cars in Less Space




In the heart of New York City, where street parking is virtually impossible and real-estate is some of the most expensive in the world, a new, state-of-the art automated parking structure stores more cars in less space and less time, and eliminates parking lot accidents. The new facility, designed and built by PARKPLUS, is the largest automated parking system on Manhattan island. Opened December, 2018, it offers robotically operated parking and retrieval for patients and visitors of a large hospital complex on the east side of Manhattan. “Automated parking systems like this are an effective solution for urban areas where parking space is desperately needed,” states Ryan Astrup Director at PARKPLUS. ”A conventional drive-through garage needs wide aisles for turning and maneuvering the cars. The robotic system is much more efficient, eliminating the need for much of that space. It can make use of lots that might be too small for a drive-through garage. This system provides 119 spaces in approximately 30,000 sf on 4 floors. That’s up to 30% more cars than a conventional garage.”


The system is set up as Valet parking, but humans only perform a small portion of the process. Visitors hand their keys to a valet who drives it into the loading bay, but from then on, the automated system takes over.

The robotic transfer device, a low profile handling mechanism (dolly), travels below vehicles and moves them onto a shuttle that travels the fixed-rail system. The shuttle travels on a lift to one of the four upper floors of parking and transfers the car horizontally to a pre-determined stall, where the dolly unloads the car. Integrated software records all transactions and allows for remote monitoring for improved system performance and enhanced user experience. Vehicles can be parked in tandem up to 3-deep, and the system will automatically shuffle vehicles as needed. Retrieving the car is simply the same process in reverse, and takes only about 90 seconds in most cases.


Moreover, it’s integrated with the hospital’s information system. There are computer pads throughout the hospital where customers can pay for parking and initiate retrieval. The car can be brought down while the driver is still on her way to the parking structure, and is waiting when they arrive at the valet desk.

The parking system is contained within the walls of the hospital building. There is no “garage building” visible from the street. Systems of this type can also be built as free-standing structures, and can have an architectural facade applied to suit the surroundings.


The hospital’s valet set-up is an appropriate amenity, but robotic parking systems are user friendly enough that they can be operated without human valets. PARKPLUS has installed robotic parking in residential buildings where the entire parking process is handled automatically, and enabled with a mobile phone app. Drivers retrieve their cars by requesting them from the app, which works from anywhere via internet, and can even schedule a vehicle retrieval time in advance.


PARKPLUS is the leading provider of high-density parking solutions, including Mechanical Car Stackers, Semi- and Fully-Automated Parking Systems, and custom systems.  With experience on a multitude of international projects spanning half a century, PARKPLUS designs, manufactures, installs and maintains our patented solutions for a broad variety of commercial and residential applications. With unparalleled expertise in creating cutting-edge products and executing the most complex projects, Park Plus counts many world-renowned companies among its clientele.




If you would like more information about this topic, please call Matthew Macris at 213-808-7453, or email matthew.macris@parkplusinc.com

City of Savannah Unveils Digital Pre-Paid Parking System in Partnership with Flowbird

January 03, 2019

City of Savannah Unveils Digital Pre-Paid Parking System in Partnership with Flowbird 

January 3rd, 2019

City finds benefits from Cloud-hosted software 

Flowbird Group, a global supplier of urban mobility solutions, has partnered with the City of Savannah to replace their existing Pre-Paid Smart Card parking system with new cloud-based validation software. The “Validation ePurse” system allows drivers in Savannah to purchase an individual validation code from the City’s department of Mobility and Parking Services at a discounted rate. The code can then be used in the future to pay for parking at the City’s Flowbird Strada Pay Stations.

In early 2018, the Flowbird development team met with Savannah City Officials to make a change with the antiquated Smart Card system. For many years, drivers would purchase these pre-paid cards and the dollar value on the card would get debited down with each parking transaction.  The Flowbird team was able to develop an electronic system to suit the needs of the City and drivers, releasing the Validation ePurse system. 

When customers purchase an ePurse Validation code, they provide their name and phone number for code tracking. Once the code is given to the customer, they may use that code to pay for their parking time on-street at any designated pay station that the City assigns to that code.  After the code is entered into the pay station, the user can choose how much parking time he/she needs.  Once the time is selected, the customer confirms the transaction, their ePurse gets debited down accordingly, and the transaction is wirelessly communicated to the enforcement handheld devices.

The Validation ePurse eliminates the need for any new hardware, running exclusively on software and cloud hosting. There are no more pre-loaded cards to buy nor the need for re-loading stations that City staff have to operate.  This provides a cost savings to the City, and eliminates the need to manage an inventory of smart cards. 

When the validation code is created by the City, they have many controls over how it may be used, such as:

  • The pay stations in the city it may be used on
  • Number of uses per day 
  • Number of hours that may be used on any given day
  • The time of day it may be used
  • The days it may be used

The Validation ePurse system launched in Savannah in September of 2018. Since then, more than 1,600 codes have been used, resulting in approximately $10,000 in pre-paid parking revenue.


SKIDATA completes largescale installation at Raleigh-Durham International Airport 

October 05, 2018



SKIDATA completes largescale installation at Raleigh-Durham International Airport 



New Brunswick, NJ October 3rd, 2018 – SKIDATA Announces Their Largest Installation In North Carolina – The Recently Completed Raleigh-Durham Airport Parking. 



When Raleigh-Durham International Airport decided to upgrade their entire parking infrastructure, they had many options for hardware providers, but identified the need to provide the more than 11 million annual visitors with a modern and convenient parking experience. As part of their Vision 2040 Master Plan, the airport expanded their parking offerings to provide easy and convenient options to meet the varying needs of their many visitors. 

The massive 14-car-park installation includes a total of 19 Entry Lanes and 29 Exits with an impressive 19 APMs. SKIDATA’s tried and true Power.Gate column devices were used at entry and exit with corresponding Barrier.Gates. The abundance of APMs provide the convenience of self-service payment with both credit cards and cash transactions. The airport chose to primarily go with Credit.Cash APM units for credit-card-only transactions along with 3 Easy.Cash credit and cash processing units. As an additional payment option, 10 cashier terminals were installed for in-lane cashiering. 

For the full airport system, SKIDATA’s PARCS solution is paired with Paris Technologies’ business data management as well as ADVAM’s parking reservation product. 

Coley Nash, Business Development – SKIDATA, shared his thoughts on this latest project win, “We are incredibly honored to be partnering with this forward-thinking airport team. This is a great collaboration that shows their dedication to the visitor experience.” 

SKIDATA is passionate about its commitment to deliver superior, reliable, and trendsetting solutions. We are ready to help our customers to unlock the power of SKIDATA. 


SKIDATA is an international leader in the field of access solutions and their management. Almost 10,000 SKIDATA installations worldwide in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, spa & wellness facilities, trade fairs and amusement parks provide secure and reliable access and entry control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in providing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and secure. The integrated concepts of SKIDATA solutions help clients optimize performance and maximize profits. SKIDATA Group (www.skidata.com) belongs to the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group (www.nagra.com), a leading provider of digital security solutions. 

Contact: Matthew Gooley

From: SKIDATA, Inc. 

Email: Matt.Gooley@Skidata.com 

Website: www.SKIDATA.com