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ECO Parking Technologies Launches New Website

March 19, 2020





ECO Parking Technologies Launches New Website


Indianapolis, IN – March 19, 2020 – ECO Parking Technologies (ECO) announced today that they have recently launched a brand-new website supporting their novel and revolutionary Falcon Vision Parking Guidance System.


WWW.ECOParkingTechnologies.com As the only solution in the category of Concierge Lighting, the new website better tells the story of their elegant solution.

ECO has rapidly advanced to be a technology leader in the Parking space. “With the development and successful implementation of FALCON VISION, the world’s only Integrated Camera-based, Wireless, Object Detection Parking Guidance System, LED Lighting, and Lighting Control System all in one, ECO has been busy serving customers across all sectors of the parking industry.”  Commented Jeff Pinyot, President & Chief Strategy Officer of ECO Parking Technologies.

FALCON VISION is available for both new construction and renovation projects either integrated into the light fixture, or as a stand-alone system.  Pinyot further commented, “With FALCON VISION, we’re delivering rich functionality at a fair and affordable price, through modern IoT and Cloud Native technologies.”


For more information on FALCON VISION Concierge Lighting | PGS

Contact: Jeff Pinyot @ 317.501.2892   jspinyot@ECOParkingTech.com


Guiding Parking’s Future!




July 19, 2016





Phoenix, AZ (July 19, 2016)— Parking just got more convenient for drivers in Phoenix with the addition of state-of-the-art parking technology suites at three downtown locations. Sentry, America’s leading provider of parking solutions and technology, announced today that the company has completed the installation of new parking suites offering validation, advanced ticket scanners, and EMV chip card capabilities. The new parking suites can be found at the Collier Center, Phoenix Plaza, and the Phoenix Bio Medical Center.


“Technology is transforming the parking experience,” said Andrew Smigel, Director of Business Development, Southwest Region for Sentry. “These new parking solutions make the parking experience more convenient than ever before. Now drivers can quickly and conveniently enter parking facilities, and when it’s time to leave they can exit without having to wait in long, time-consuming lines.”


The new Sentry-installed technology suites include:


Collier Center—Located just a block from RED’s CityScape development, and adjacent to Chase Field, the US Airway Center, and the Phoenix Convention Center, this 600,000 square foot mixed-use center offers a combination of office and retail development. The Collier Center’s 1477 space parking facility serves tenants and visitors, as well as special event parkers. New parking technologies include a Skidata PARCS suite offering pay-on-foot capabilities and CMV chip compatible in-lane credit card payment equipment. There is also an eVal online validation system that permits parkers to pay online.


Phoenix Plaza—This mid-town mixed use office complex boasts three high rise office buildings, a hotel tower, and a 4,000 space parking facility. Phoenix Plaza’s new parking suite includes state-of-the-art Lite.Gate smart gates with advanced RFID and barcode scanning capabilities. There are also two pay-on-foot kiosks, credit card and full cash payment kiosks, and an eVal online validation system for online payment.


Phoenix Bio Medical Center—The Phoenix Bio Medical Center’s newly constructed parking structure features the latest in parking management technology, including an advanced Skidata PARCS system for seamless entry and exit and two pay-on-foot machines to eliminate exiting queues. The new equipment eliminates logjams for drivers entering and exiting the facility.


“These technology suites provide extraordinary convenience for drivers,” said Smigel. “They represent a new approach to managing parking in Phoenix.”




About Sentry

Sentry, a subsidiary of SKIDATA, is America’s leading parking technology company, providing innovative hardware and software solutions that improve the parking experience while increasing profitability. By installing, building, and managing parking control systems Sentry can help developers and owners of all types conquer their unique parking challenges. Sentry has over three decades of proven expertise and is backed by SKIDATA—the world’s leading parking equipment manufacturer. Sentry [www.sentrycontrol.com] offers comprehensive services that set the standard, including extensive training to assure that customers are getting the most from their equipment, ongoing maintenance, and outstanding support. SKIDATA [www.skidata.com] is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Kudelski Group [www.nagra.com].