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Dave Dorner Named to Toledo Ticket Company’s Leadership Team

August 17, 2018




Dave Dorner Named to Toledo Ticket Company’s Leadership Team



Toledo Ticket Company, a leading provider of ticketing solutions for over 108 years, has named Dave Dorner Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Dorner has held executive positions in sales, sales training, and sales management, and brings over 25 years of experience in business development, operations management, and performance assessment through leadership positions at Abbott Laboratories, the University of Toledo, and the Stone Mill Group. Dorner is a former Executive Director of the Oregon Economic Development Foundation and Director of Business Development for Rocket Ventures, LLC.


“We’re excited to have Dave lead our sales team,” said Thomas Carter, President/COO and fourth generation family member of Toledo Ticket Company. “His sales and business background provide a unique entrepreneurial and innovative perspective to our products and services.”


 One of Dorner’s first projects after joining Toledo Ticket in April 2018, was adding various processes to the company to enhance responsiveness to its customers. “We are not just a vendor, we strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers providing assistance to help them reach their goals” said Dorner.

“Toledo Ticket is more than a ticket company—we are an access company,” he said. “Anything a company needs to grant and secure access, whether it be in parking, healthcare, sports, entertainment events, and more, Toledo Ticket can provide.”

Toledo Ticket, which began in 1910 as a provider of tickets to movie theatres and carnivals, today produces consecutive numbering, bar codes, magnetic stripes, multi-part valet, scratch-off tickets, pay & display, pay-by-space, access and debit cards, and spitter tickets for thermal/non-thermal revenue control. It manufacturers and provides products in all 50 states and more than 30 countries.

“While the cornerstone of our work is in the parking industry, we also manufacture custom event tickets, credentials, wristbands, access and gift cards, bag tags, plastics, envelopes, and more,” said Dorner. “We also specialize in RFID (radio frequency identification) tags for college and university parking and credentials to improve security.”

“Businesses today look for value-added services and that’s where Toledo Ticket really shines,” said Dorner. “We are a resource to our customers for collateral materials. Whether they need posters to advertise an event we’re providing tickets for or a valet stand for the parking tickets they’ve purchased, we go the extra mile to get them what they need.”

Toledo Ticket is also a leader in its green efforts and service flexibility. So much so, that the company’s mascot is Gumby—the popular green and flexible animated character.

“A focus on green has long been part of Toledo Ticket’s culture,” said Dorner. “We recycle 98% of the waste we manufacture, use water-based non-toxic ink, and use recycled materials whenever it can to work with our customers machinery and specs.”

“We’re also known for our flexibility with customers,” he added. “When a customer asks for a particular shape or size product, Toledo Ticket will customize almost anything. We provide our customers with what they need, not with what we have.”

“It’s great being part of a company that provides a product that people still like to hold on to and keep,” Dorner said. “Tickets remind people of a special time or event. We’re proud to be a part of people having a wonderful experience.”