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FLASH Acquires ParkIt to Deliver a Fully Automated, Digitized Monthly AR Parking Solution to Operators and Owners 

March 15, 2021




FLASH Acquires ParkIt to Deliver a Fully Automated, Digitized
Monthly AR Parking Solution to Operators and Owners 




Austin, TX– FLASH, the leader in 21st century parking technology, announces the acquisition of ParkIt, a cloud-based monthly parking management and AR software solution. It can no longer be ignored: the flex work week is permanently affecting the cadence of employee commutes with 1 in 4 US office workers expecting to work remotely at least one day a week. This strategic technology acquisition will help operators and asset owners navigate new consumer behavior by automating and digitally transforming the monthly contract parking experience for customers and operations.


“For a lot of operators and owners, the process of managing monthly contract parking is outdated and manual. We wanted to change that for our customers and the industry,” said Sam Goodner, Chief Strategy Officer of FLASH. “When we came across ParkIt, we knew immediately the cloud-based monthly parking management software is what operators and owners need to digitize and maximize this part of their operation. With real-time reporting and automation of invoicing and transactions, ParkIt provides a level of visibility and accountability not previously available.”


Today, ParkIt’s technology platform is fully integrated into FlashOS, FLASH’s mobility hub operating system, as the Monthly Contract AR Module. This white-label solution is available for PARCS now and will be for valet soon. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone product.


FLASH’s Monthly Contract AR Module gives monthly contract parkers a self-service portal to manage their parking account and easily request spaces to purchase. The biggest value is for parking asset operators and owners to automate applications, billing, and reporting. This automation streamlines accounts receivable and maintains transparency with customers through in-depth parking specific reports. Also, automating the process allows parking asset owners and operators to focus on digitizing the rest of their operations in support of a holistic, digital consumer mobility experience.


“We are excited to join FLASH and become part of this emerging mobility space,” Said Stein Christensen, CEO of ParkIt. “When I started ParkIt, my one goal was to create a platform that saved time and money for operators. Now working closely with FLASH’s development team, I’m determined to deliver the best monthly parking management solution on the market.”


FLASH is dedicated to the success of ParkIt’s existing customers, who now have access to FLASH’s always-on support team. All contracted pricing will be honored to further demonstrate FLASH’s commitment.


To learn more about the Monthly Contract AR Module, please go to https://www.flashparking.com/contact/.


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