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ParkMan USA LLC: Award-winning parking tech aims to reshape the San Francisco cityscape

April 30, 2018




ParkMan USA LLC: Award-winning parking tech aims to reshape the San Francisco cityscape




Building on its recent success in Denver and New York City, the mobile parking platform ParkMan has teamed up with California Parking and will be launching the first lots in San Francisco on May 1st, 2018.



Following years of dedicated effort and continued growth in European markets, the Nordic software company is now gaining traction in the

U.S. market and is soon in business on both U.S. coasts.

The CEO of ParkMan USA LLC, Patrick Kongsbak, commented that: “We have partnered with the top regional player, California Parking for our launch here and couldn’t be more excited to join them in serving the citizens of San Francisco. The interest we’ve experienced from parking companies in the U.S. has been incredible and there’s clearly a demand and need for a unique solution like ParkMan’s in the abundance of parking apps,” he said.

All-in-one platform for parking companies

The ParkMan CRM platform is a state of the art parking solution and the fruit of 8 years of industry experience. Catering specifically to private parking companies, it includes a suite of tools for strengthening customer relationships, including demand-based pricing, a live chat function and personalized reward programs, which allow operators to maximize occupancy and retention based on key insights into their customers’ parking behavior.

Kongsbak further added that: “Together with our partners, we are determined to invest heavily in further developing the parking solution of tomorrow. Our approach at ParkMan is very hands on and I will personally be working very closely with our partners on the ground to collect first hand feedback for product development.”

For more information about the company and its CRM platform, please visitwww.parkman.io. The parking app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


For any further queries, please contact: Patrick Kongsbak patrick.kongsbak@parkman.io