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March 21, 2022






Concord Control Management System as a Single Suite of Parking Software Solutions.




VANCOUVER, BC, – Concord Parking and SFU’s contract was announced effective June 2021.

Concord Parking has been awarded the contract to provide parking management services for Simon Fraser University, located in Burnaby, B.C. SFU is one of Canada’s largest universities with 37,000 students and 6,500 faculty and staff. This represents one of Concord Parking’s largest contracts to date. The SFU contract will allow Concord Parking to showcase newly developed in-house parking management software designed specifically for university applications.

“SFU will be completely automating the permit purchase process for students, faculty and staff utilizing Concord Parking’s self-hosted permit management software. Additionally, we are providing parking enforcement with Concord’s mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) vehicle and violation management software,”
said Concord’s Director of Parking and Branch Leadership, Marc Postlethwaite.

Prior to introducing Concord Parking’s solution, SFU staff had to walk through each parking lot and inspect each vehicle’s windshield for a permit. “We are excited that Concord’s solution will save them time and effort. We want to maintain high standards for customer service and communication with the public as representatives of the University. We will incorporate the same standards as part of our operating plan,” shared Michael Murray, Concord Parking President.

Further, Concord Parking is responsible for servicing and maintaining 14 T2/Digital Luke II LPR pay stations located throughout the SFU Burnaby campus and managing violation payments and disputes for SFU.

Concord Control Integration with CAS and Permit Group Segregation

SFU students, faculty, and staff gained access to their individual online accounts through CAS. Each user is assigned a unique username and password to log into their account. An active CAS account is required for online permit purchase. As part of the Concord Control implementation, the team developed the software programming required for Control to communicate with CAS and authenticate the user prior to accessing the permit purchase portal. Additionally, they are able to identify CAS user groups by student, faculty, or staff classification. This allowed SFU to segregate permit purchase options for each user group. For example, a student user will only see permit options available to students. They will not have access to see permit options available to faculty and staff.



Permit and Violation Management for Multiple Sites

SFU can now manage both the Burnaby and Surrey permit and violation systems from a single login through Concord Control. This eliminates the need to have separate applications of permit and violation management software for each campus.

Permit Access Codes

Access to certain permits required pre-authorization from the parking office. With this requirement, Concord Parking implemented the option for online permits to require an access code to be entered prior to registration and purchase. The parking office creates access codes through their Concord Control management portal for distribution to approved users. Codes can be programmed for single use or for multiple uses.

SFU Department Day Permit Self-Management

Prior to the implementation of Concord Control, Faculty Departments contacted the SFU parking office directly to obtain day passes issued to visitors. This was a time-consuming and inefficient process for visitor permit management. To streamline the process and eliminate this responsibility for the parking office, the Concord Control Validation program was implemented for all SFU Departments to self-manage their visitor permits. Each Department was issued a login credential and unique authorization code by the parking office to access our validation app. Department administrators can now register guests online themselves for visitor permits. Visitor permits can be registered the “day of” or can be programmed for future dates. Future date permits will automatically activate and deactivate on the specified date. On a monthly basis, the Parking Office runs a permits issued report by Department and creates an invoice based on the number of permits issued. The report is also included with the invoice as a backup.

Concord’s solution process and implementation successfully allowed SFU to focus time and energy on what was needed to meet their business needs.


Concord Parking

Concord Parking provides its clients with specialized parking management services designed to enhance customer parking experiences while utilizing the best in industry technology for License Plate Recognition (LPR) enforcement, violation & data management, and patrol enforcement. https://concordparking.com/


#925 – 4710 Kingsway Metrotower I, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5H 4M2T: 604 689 4005 F: 604 689 3244 www.concordparking.com

August Reset: Paying attention to the plank in our own eye – ParkNews.biz July 27th – Aug 2nd, 2021

August 02, 2021


August Reset: Paying attention to the plank in our own eye – ParkNews.biz July 27th – Aug 2nd, 2021



Welcome to August 2021 – this awesome hot summer month, when perhaps due to reading some great books or even fun beach books, we can self-reflect and live and let live.  While moving forward better than ever with more solutions, compassion, faith,  creativity and irony.

The Olympics are happening.  The commercial that resonate is about the mother  desiring her baby for adoption as wanting: It might not be easy but it will be amazing! Legs or not, it will be amazing.

Have you heard this call for you or others in your life or around your life?  It will not to be easy but it will be amazing.  Legs as these or my limping ones, I can’t even fathom as I can’t fathom this woman loving her daughter, as the Lord loved us first.  He said it will be amazing before we did anything,  Blessing first.  Then the doing,  And thus, acceptance and then work.  But please remember it isn’t not the critic that counts as Teddy Roosevelt said in his 1910 Speech.  The address that JVH reminds us of in his baby bath water amazing blog.  Please read here: https://www.parkingtoday.com/blog/2021/08/the-baby-with-the-bathwater/


So what is the antidote?  Celebrate.  Own your planks.  Don’t point fingers.  but foremost be sincere.  John Morgan said something to me this PIE conference about a challenge I had.  He said be careful with “Minnesota nice”.  Never heard it before but the whole table chimed in.  Thank you John and the group.

In other words, be sincere.  it isn’t the reputation that matters but your character. Flowers blossom with this and without it they can’t even green buds:  Earnest.  Sincere. Respectful.  how awesome is that!  And for goodness gracious let live and live.  How empty is your cup when you have to crucify others?  Celebrate them instead.  Comparison kills the soul. You never know what the other is going through and how much poop they have to clean.  The best part?  We all change.  So hello planks?


On that note of celebrating and truly sincerely valuing others:

Congratulations to my favorite Jeff Perkins on the honor a and responsibility to lead ParkMobile.  Yea!

July 27, 2021 – PT Plus: ParkMobile Names Jeff Perkins as CEO






So lets build together. Hearing Listening being present. And darn, seeing our planks before we lash it out on others pointing their speckles.  Wake up August is for all of us.  Accountability, chewing, compassion and Sincerity more than anything else. And then no stopping us including learning Italian thank you JuiceBar for taking me to my college days.  I love you.

God Bless us all.


Thank you.


Astrid Ambroziak
Editor, ParkNews.biz
Creative Director
Parking Today 
310 390 5277 ext 9

Parkopedia to provide premium parking and payment services to Toyota Motor North America

June 29, 2021





Parkopedia to provide premium parking and payment services to Toyota Motor North America





  • Parkopedia announces its parking information, reservation services and integrated payment platform is now available to Toyota Motor North America covering both Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the USA
  • The new ‘Park with Parkopedia’ service covers locating, reserving and paying for off-street parking in 2018 model year or newer Toyota and Lexus vehicles
  • Toyota Motor North America will use Parkopedia’s payment platform to handle payments seamlessly and securely with coverage across major parking providers and locations in the USA
  • Parkopedia’s parking service covers 60,000 off-street locations and more than 6,000 reservable locations in the USA



London, UK / Plano, Texas, USA —Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking service provider has announced its suite of off-street parking services, including reservations and digital payments, is now available to both Toyota and Lexus drivers in North America. The ‘Park with Parkopedia’ service is integrated into the Toyota and Lexus smartphone apps* and vehicle infotainment systems to offer drivers the complete parking experience, allowing drivers to locate, reserve and pay for parking.

The new service covers 60,000 off-street parking locations with more than 6,000 reservable locations across the USA, utilizing Parkopedia’s market-leading payment platform to manage transactions. The platform enables drivers to register their payment details using a single secure digital account and then effortlessly pay for their parking within activated locations. The parking reservation information and navigation can then be accessed via the vehicle head unit.

The Park with Parkopedia service also allows users to not only search and manage reservable locations, but also find the closest or lowest-cost parking in one of the 60,000 parking lots and garages across thousands of towns. Customer support is provided directly within the app by Parkopedia, should drivers need assistance with reservations, refunds or any other parking concerns.

Commenting on the announcement, Hans Puvogel, COO at Parkopedia, said: “Toyota and Lexus are the market leaders in the U.S car market with millions of drivers using both brands’ connected services every day. Drivers want an end-to-end digital solution for parking that unifies and simplifies the experience wherever possible. We are honored to be extending our parking services with Toyota and Lexus across North America and helping improve each of their drivers’ journeys with an unrivalled parking experience.”


Endera CEO John Walsh Announces Partnership and 250 EV Order With Pritchard Ford, Customers Can Now Access National Service Presence Though Ford

June 29, 2021


Endera CEO John Walsh Announces Partnership and 250 EV Order With Pritchard Ford,  

Customers Can Now Access National Service Presence Though Ford



SAN DIEGO, CA [June 29, 2021]  Endera, a technology company specializing in all-electric commercial vehicles, charging infrastructure and software solutions, announced its EV partnership with Pritchard Ford.


Under the partnership, Pritchard Ford will serve as a supplier of Ford Chassis and provide servicing for Endera vehicles. Pritchard Ford has also signed a contract committing to purchase 250 EV vehicles.  Pritchard Ford will expand Endera’s national service network, ship through, and dealership presence with 2,600 service points across the country.

“Pritchard Auto Company is an award-winning and leading Ford dealership nationwide.” said John Walsh, Endera’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the access to new customers and added value for existing ones, Endera’s reach will expand in both size and quality through its partnership with Pritchard. The Pritchard Company corporate heritage brings a depth of experience and experience founded on its fully integrated automotive platform to the Endera team.”


Pritchard Commercial can be found nationally in 50 states with over 60,000 units supplied. As an automotive enterprise that has been family-owned and operated since 1913, Pritchard Companies have over a century of experience in the industry. One of The Pritchard Company’s core values includes relationships, which is apparent in its successful work as a trusted Ford dealership.


“Our partnership is setting the stage for innovation in the electric vehicle market. The depth and breadth of expertise in our team is impressive, and it’s exciting to see each company play a unique and vital role in what we will accomplish in partnership with Endera,” said Joe Pritchard, CEO, Pritchard Companies.


Customers utilizing the Pritchard network to make additions to vehicles receive free shipping nationwide. Additionally, Pritchard’s nationwide purchasing and distribution network will increase Endera’s revenue and presence. By partnering with Pritchard, Endera benefits from over 100 years of industry expertise while gaining increased service, supplies, and access to new connections in the automotive space.


About Endera

Endera is a vertically integrated technology company specializing in commercial electric vehicles, charging stations and software solutions. We design American-made electric vehicles and provide transportation and energy services that leverage leading technologies and American manufacturing. With one of the lowest total costs of ownership over other commercial electric vehicle offerings, Endera provides sustainable solutions that rival its fossil fuel counterparts in price, technology, longevity, profitability and service. . Additional information about Endera is available at www.enderamotors.com.


About Pritchard Companies
Established in 1913, Pritchard Companies is a national automotive enterprise, providing fully integrated solutions to the commercial vehicle industry. The Company owns and operates locations across the United States, representing the world’s finest truck and bus manufacturers. They offer a full range of products, from sales of new and used vehicles to aftermarket parts and service, to financing, insurance, telematics, leasing and rental. Additional information about Pritchard Companies products and services is available at www.pritchardco.com.


Media Contact:
Domenique Sciuto (307) 302-9110 or domenique@enderacorp.com