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Parkopedia announces production version of indoor mapping services for automotive navigation use

March 29, 2021



Parkopedia announces production version of indoor mapping services for automotive navigation use




  • ●  Parkopedia launches production version of indoor mapping technology for use within vehicle navigation systems
  • ●  Parkopedia aims to solve key driver pain points by easily locating and navigating to available spaces, parked vehicles or EV chargers
  • ●  Use cases include in-vehicle indoor navigation, precise indoor positioning and Automated Valet Parking (AVP)
  • ●  The launch follows successful projects with leading car manufacturers in addition to multiple years of testing and developing AVP solutions
  • ●  Parkopedia has already mapped key parking facilities across Europe and plans to expand into new regions shortly to meet growing demands






    London, UK: Parkopedia has announced the launch of the production version of its indoor mapping technology for in-vehicle navigation use. Indoor maps are based on high-definition 3D models of indoor parking facilities, where GPS signal is typically restricted.

    Indoor parking facilities currently present many challenges for drivers. These include navigation system blackouts, finding a vehicle within large parking facilities, and locating vital services such as EV charging stations, a key area of focus for car manufacturers in their pursuit of delivering premium driver experiences for new EV owners.

    Parkopedia’s indoor mapping technology can be used to deliver the following key use cases:

  1. In-vehicle indoor navigation​ – no GPS dead zones
  2. Precise indoor positioning​ – locate your vehicle
  3. Automated Valet Parking​ – self-parking cars require indoor maps

As the automotive industry embraces a connected future, indoor mapping technology will deliver further key benefits to users. For drivers, this would mean never being lost again within parking facilities and enabling end-to-end, uninterrupted navigation to available parking spaces, independent of GPS availability. In addition, vehicle indoor positioning without GPS is a fundamental step in enabling autonomous parking.

EV Charging

Finding EV chargers is still a significant pain point in the automotive industry as drivers transition to electric vehicles. Ensuring fast and easy access to public charging points is essential for automakers looking to persuade drivers to switch to electric vehicles. The largest concern with drivers is around range anxiety and where to find available charge points. Many chargers are hidden away in remote areas of parking facilities, with unclear signage and no navigation option to access these locations, only amplifying the issue. To address this, Parkopedia has developed ‘as built’ indoor maps based on current layouts, as opposed to ‘as designed’ when EV chargers and other services were not featured in the original plans. This gives drivers the most accurate and fresh view of parking spaces and EV chargers, enabling seamless navigation regardless of GPS availability or on-site signage.

Future Plans

Parkopedia’s indoor mapping solution supports common industry mapping formats required to deliver a superior end-to-end navigation user experience. For self-driving cars that will go on sale in the near future, indoor maps will enable Automated Valet Parking, which will be one of the first use cases due to high driver demand, slower driving speeds and controlled environments inside parking facilities.

Parkopedia is a proven leader within automotive indoor mapping technology, delivering successful projects with leading European, American and Asian car manufacturers. The announcement follows the completion of the ​Autonomous Valet Parking project​, which successfully demonstrated the use of indoor mapping technology to autonomously park a vehicle within a multi-story parking facility without GPS signal.

Parkopedia has already mapped key parking facilities across Europe, with coverage increasing daily. In the coming months, Parkopedia will expand this coverage into new regions to cater to growing OEM and driver demands.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Brian Holt, Head of HD Maps at Parkopedia, said:

“Parkopedia had a clear vision from the start and we have worked tirelessly to deliver an unparalleled level of accuracy to our indoor maps. We have closely monitored the direction the industry is heading and the associated benefits with connectivity and autonomous driving, so starting to deliver an indoor mapping solution with OEMs is essential in meeting driver demands. Parkopedia, as a market leader within parking services and the associated infrastructure, has an unparalleled depth of knowledge which puts us in a unique position to deliver an optimal solution for both industries and drivers alike. I look forward to seeing our product in production vehicles, helping drivers to effortlessly navigate, park and charge, and to the day when navigation systems going blank inside parking facilities becomes a distant memory for us all.”

For more details on indoor mapping or to contact the team, please visit https://business.parkopedia.com/indoor-mapping​.

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