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PARKPLUS: Automated Robotic Parking Surges in New York City

April 26, 2021






PARKPLUS: Automated Robotic Parking Surges in New York City


Over 100 Automated Parking spaces completed in recent months.



New York, NY  – The demand for robotic valet parking systems in the United States has intensified as developers and users continue to enjoy the substantial benefits provided by automated parking. This trend is demonstrated by the recent completion of four new fully automated parking systems in Manhattan, all with technology made in the USA, the PARKPLUS AGV Automated Parking system.


Electric Vehicle Integration with Automated Robotic Parking Systems

An emerging trend towards electric vehicle adoption is prevalent in automated parking systems: all the PARKPLUS AGV systems in New York include an increasing number of dedicated EV-charging parking spaces. EV Charging in parking garages is rapidly becoming the new standard across the nation as we witness code adoptions that mandate new and evolving EV provision requirements. PARKPLUS is assisting developers across the United States meet these and other electric vehicle requirements.


Jardim by Isay Weinfeld

Jardim is an 11-story luxury condominium in Chelsea, New York, developed by Centaur Properties and Greyscale Development Group, and designed by Isay Weinfeld. Thirty-six residences are distributed across two towers which surround two lush gardens on a shared base, a rare garden amenity in New York City. The building is equipped with a 38-space PARKPLUS AGV Automated Parking System on a subterranean level. Drivers approach the automated parking system through a brick-vaulted private drive for sheltered pick-ups and drop-offs. The driveway connects West 27th and 28th Streets and leads directly to the lobby, which has floor to ceiling windows looking onto the private gardens. Initially installed with 4 Electric Vehicle charging stations, the automated parking garage is now being expanded to include 20 charging stations to meet the growing demand.



Greenwich West at 110 Charlton St.

Greenwich West is a 27-story luxury condominium in Greenwich Village, New York, developed by Strategic Capital, Cape Advisors and Forum Absolute Partners. The tapered tower provides multiple residential terraces and a rooftop garden terrace for all residents. Much like Jardim, Greenwich West offers a viewing garden in the courtyard, with planted walls reaching up to 18 feet, providing a backdrop to the lobby and lounge. The building is equipped with a 30-space PARKPLUS AGV Automated Parking system on 1 subterranean level and 4 upper levels. The automated parking garage is serviced by two loading bays, with direct access to the lobby.



111 Varick St.

111 Varick Street is a towering 30-story luxury condominium in Hudson Square, one of New York City’s most rapidly evolving neighborhoods. Developed by Extended and designed by S9 Architecture, the sculpture-like building features a bold and distinctive undulating precast concrete façade. The building is equipped with a 20-space PARKPLUS AGV Automated Parking system on 2 upper levels. The automated parking garage is well positioned, providing direct access to the Holland Tunnel. Half of the automated parking spaces have EV charging, an entire level of the garage.



520 West 28 by Zaha Hadid

Designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the condos at 520 West 28th Street in the heart of West Chelsea leave an indelible mark upon Manhattan’s visual landscape. Developed by Related Companies, the iconic building is comprised of 39 distinctive residences directly on the High Line. 520 W 28 by Zaha Hadid features a unique combination of lifestyle services and amenities and is equipped with a 40-space PARKPLUS AGV Automated Parkingsystem on 2 subterranean levels, integrated with a 20-pod PARKPLUS automated storage system. Related Companies’ 70 Vestry is also equipped with a 40-space PARKPLUS AGV Automated Parking System on 2 subterranean levels. 70 Vestry, designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects with interiors and amenities by AD100 designer Daniel Romualdez, was developed on Tribeca’s last undeveloped waterfront site with unobstructed, panoramic Hudson River views.


“At Related we anticipate the needs of our residents and tenants to provide the ultimate lifestyle,” said Greg Gushee, Executive Vice President of Related Companies. “Automated robotic parking offers ease and convenience, with a safe and efficient way for residents to store their cars while minimizing the space needed on-site.”



Maximized ROI Through Reduced Parking Footprint

Automated parking systems maximize a development’s return on investment with a reduced parking footprint and better building flow, for more revenue generating space. Construction costs and schedules, and operational overheads, are reduced through implementation of the robotic systems, which include multiple improvements in a project’s safety, security and sustainability. These benefits, coupled with the aversion to public transportation and the rise in single ridership caused by Coronavirus pandemic, have accelerated the adoption of automated robotic parking systems in the United States, as people begin returning to New York City.



PARKPLUS is the leading provider of Automated and Mechanical Stacked Parking Systems. Established in Queens, New York in 1969, PARKPLUS designs, manufactures, installs & services multi-level mechanical parking lift car stackers and automated robotic parking garages throughout the United States. Visit www.parkplusinc.com for more.



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PARKPLUS: Manhattan’s Largest Automated Parking System Puts More Cars in Less Space

January 18, 2019




PARKPLUS: Manhattan’s Largest Automated Parking System Puts More Cars in Less Space




In the heart of New York City, where street parking is virtually impossible and real-estate is some of the most expensive in the world, a new, state-of-the art automated parking structure stores more cars in less space and less time, and eliminates parking lot accidents. The new facility, designed and built by PARKPLUS, is the largest automated parking system on Manhattan island. Opened December, 2018, it offers robotically operated parking and retrieval for patients and visitors of a large hospital complex on the east side of Manhattan. “Automated parking systems like this are an effective solution for urban areas where parking space is desperately needed,” states Ryan Astrup Director at PARKPLUS. ”A conventional drive-through garage needs wide aisles for turning and maneuvering the cars. The robotic system is much more efficient, eliminating the need for much of that space. It can make use of lots that might be too small for a drive-through garage. This system provides 119 spaces in approximately 30,000 sf on 4 floors. That’s up to 30% more cars than a conventional garage.”


The system is set up as Valet parking, but humans only perform a small portion of the process. Visitors hand their keys to a valet who drives it into the loading bay, but from then on, the automated system takes over.

The robotic transfer device, a low profile handling mechanism (dolly), travels below vehicles and moves them onto a shuttle that travels the fixed-rail system. The shuttle travels on a lift to one of the four upper floors of parking and transfers the car horizontally to a pre-determined stall, where the dolly unloads the car. Integrated software records all transactions and allows for remote monitoring for improved system performance and enhanced user experience. Vehicles can be parked in tandem up to 3-deep, and the system will automatically shuffle vehicles as needed. Retrieving the car is simply the same process in reverse, and takes only about 90 seconds in most cases.


Moreover, it’s integrated with the hospital’s information system. There are computer pads throughout the hospital where customers can pay for parking and initiate retrieval. The car can be brought down while the driver is still on her way to the parking structure, and is waiting when they arrive at the valet desk.

The parking system is contained within the walls of the hospital building. There is no “garage building” visible from the street. Systems of this type can also be built as free-standing structures, and can have an architectural facade applied to suit the surroundings.


The hospital’s valet set-up is an appropriate amenity, but robotic parking systems are user friendly enough that they can be operated without human valets. PARKPLUS has installed robotic parking in residential buildings where the entire parking process is handled automatically, and enabled with a mobile phone app. Drivers retrieve their cars by requesting them from the app, which works from anywhere via internet, and can even schedule a vehicle retrieval time in advance.


PARKPLUS is the leading provider of high-density parking solutions, including Mechanical Car Stackers, Semi- and Fully-Automated Parking Systems, and custom systems.  With experience on a multitude of international projects spanning half a century, PARKPLUS designs, manufactures, installs and maintains our patented solutions for a broad variety of commercial and residential applications. With unparalleled expertise in creating cutting-edge products and executing the most complex projects, Park Plus counts many world-renowned companies among its clientele.




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