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Parqour Announces the Launch of Their All in One Parking Management Solution for a Seamless Experience

February 06, 2023


Parqour Announces the Launch of Their All in One Parking Management Solution for a Seamless Experience




San Francisco, California–(February 6, 2023) – Parqour has announced the launch of its all in one parking management solution that makes the process of parking contactless and seamless for customers. Parqour leverages license plate recognition technology with 99.6% accuracy to make the parking process smoother for customers. Owners of parking lots and large public facilities like sports venues, restaurants, theaters and residential complexes can use Parqour to optimize their revenue through dynamic pricing, increase security, reduce costs, generate analytics and reports, as well as improve customer service. The company is also offering smart parking as a service by investing into client’s parking infrastructure upgrade, both in software and hardware, to be compensated from the parking’s future revenue.

The average person in the US spends 17 hours a year looking for a parking space and the number of cars looking for parking account for one-third of the traffic in inner cities.

Olzhas Bateyev, Chief Growth Officer at Parqour¬†said,¬†“With license plate recognition technology, customers enjoy the convenience of not having to exit from their cars or use tokens or interact with parking attendants when they park their vehicles. At the barrier, their license plate is scanned to identify the car. They can park and they are charged when they exit from the parking lot based on the time they have spent there. There is no need to even download any apps. Our interface is completely web based and gives customers the option to save their payment information when they make payment by scanning the QR code at the parking. Our technology takes customer recognition to the next level. Lack of parking and traffic congestion are huge issues in cities. The use of technology like ours can make life easier for customers, parking lot owners, and owners of public facilities, while helping us to minimize our carbon footprint.”

It is expected that in the future this technology could be implemented in collaboration with operators of restaurants, furniture and grocery stores, and supermarkets. Customers would be able to make purchases and seamlessly drive into the parking lots to collect them, without the need to get out of the car or to carry cash around.

As per CEO and Founder, Amirkhan Omarov, “The key benefits that our technology offers are recognition accuracy, contactless parking, online payment, dynamic pricing, analytics and reports, lower costs, and easy integration with any hardware and apps. Parking is one area where technology has not moved much with the times in recent years and this is why we have received interest from clients in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and SouthEast Asia. The high level of interest we have received from across the globe and our quick growth point to the importance of our technology.”

About Parqour

Parqour is a parking management software solution using proprietary license plate recognition technology with a 99.6% average capture rate for contactless parking. The company offers cost-efficient software that can be integrated into any third-party hardware, rescuing parking owners from vendor lock-in, and decreases CAPEX. Parqour helps owners of parking lots and large public facilities like hotels, theaters, shopping malls, business centers and residential complexes simplify the process of parking, optimize revenue and increase security, while providing a more seamless and improved customer experience. The company was founded in mid 2020 by Amirkhan Omarov, an experienced proptech professional, whose previous career was real estate investments and asset management. Apart from the U.S., the company is present in 20+ countries in Europe, Middle East, Central and South East Asia, serving 300+ parkings, keeping its fast growth and expansion by offering trials for the parking owners and managers.

Media Contact
Name: Olzhas Bateyev
Email: hello@smart-parkings.com