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Passio Technologies Introduces Passio InfoVision™ to Enhance the Transportation Experience

February 05, 2019




Passio Technologies Introduces Passio InfoVisionto Enhance the Transportation Experience




Passio Technologies recently announced a new partnership and service line designed to further enhance the transportation experience for its clients. Passio InfoVision™ is the latest solution for delivering high definition video content and on-board route and stop information for transit passengers in real time.


In partnership with Nixplay™, Passio InfoVision™ puts operators in complete control of the content featured on screens on their transit system, allowing them to create, schedule, and update customized playlists by bus, route, time, and date. The content is delivered to each vehicle remotely, with just the touch of a button. The content is seamlessly uploaded from the operator’s Passio InfoVision™ account directly to the screens on selected vehicles. Users can utilize numerous programs to develop graphic and text content, and upload directly to the Passio InfoVision™ portal. The program also features GPS-triggered display, offering real time content including driver information, next stop, routes, and more.

Passio InfoVision™ is also a valuable tool to increase revenue, offering opportunities for targeted advertising for local and national companies seeking to target a captive, on-board audience. Passio InfoVision™ is also a way to engage passengers through social media via interactive content generated on Passio InfoVision™ displays.