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T2 Systems Completes First Large Sale of Luke® Cosmo Pay Stations

September 06, 2018



T2 Systems Completes First Large Sale of Luke® Cosmo Pay Stations





Indianapolis, IN September 6, 2018– T2 Systems, the largest parking technology provider in North America, today announced the first major sale of Luke® Cosmo multi-space pay stations.




T2 will partner with SP Plus to install 40 Luke Cosmo units in the City of Tampa, and will continue updating Tampa’s entire fleet of multi-space pay stations over the next two years.


“We designed Luke Cosmo specifically for on-street parking in communities and cities,” said Scot DeLancey, Senior Vice President, Product and Strategy for T2. “It’s exciting to have industry leaders like SP Plus and the City of Tampa in the first major implementation.”


“The City of Tampa purchased the new Luke Cosmo units because of their sleek design and user-friendly options for our parking customers,” said Kelly Stephens, Parking Division Manager for the City of Tampa. “With the innovation of technology in the industry, it’s vital that we continue to improve our equipment options and improve services for our end users.”


Learn more about T2’s innovative and reliable parking technology solutions at T2’s website.



About T2 Systems
T2 Systems is the largest parking technology provider in North America, with more than 24 years in the parking management industry and currently serving thousands of parking professionals. T2 integrates the best people, processes and technology for powerful, high performance and secure parking solutions. Its open technology and processes are used to manage more than 200 million parking transactions for over 2 billion dollars annually across all 50 states and 10 provinces in Canada. For more information about T2, visit www.t2systems.com.


 A very special first: Launch of the three new DESIGNA pay stations: Pay Coinless, Pay Cashless and Pay Cash & Card 

July 18, 2018




A very special first: Launch of the three new DESIGNA pay stations 

Pay Coinless, Pay Cashless and Pay Cash & Card 




Kiel, 2018-07-18, Welcome to the new face of the BlueEdition product family . The three new DESIGNA pay stations – Pay Coinless, Pay Cashless and Pay Cash & Card – prove that technical re-quirements and sophisticated design go hand in hand. The special feature: the new pay stations are specifically developed to meet the demand for payment options that are currently desired by the operator. 

Instead of simply having one fully equipped pay station which involves the operating company having to make compromises if it for example wishes only to accept coinless payments, DESIGNA now offers three pre-defined pay stations with separate performance profiles for every payment need. All three new pay stations – Pay Cashless, Pay Coinless and Pay Cash & Card – are designed for processing tick-ets and cards with magnetic strip and barcode technology. They are compact in design and architec-ture, available in different operating heights and optionally equipped with NFC readers. The intuitive-ly designed user interface ensures a smooth payment process for car park customers. 

Pay Cashless: Being able to pay for parking conveniently, without cash, makes a significant contribu-tion in improving customer satisfaction. With the cashless solution from DESIGNA, operators can offer their customers a secure transmission of customer payment data and reduce the expense of cash handling. 

Pay Coinless: The coinless solution shortens the payment process by handling bank notes and credit cards exclusively. Thus, providing less stress and greater customer satisfaction. 

Pay Cash & Card: The all-in-one pay station provides full device architecture and functionality. All payment transactions, whether with cash, debit/credit cards or cashless can be performed. Thus, all requirements to a fully-equipped car park management system can be fulfilled. 

Additional information: 

DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik 

Faluner Weg 3 

24109 Kiel, Germany 

Phone +49 431-5336-0