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IPC – Partnership aims to boost consumer confidence  and convenience

September 25, 2017



Partnership aims to boost consumer confidence  and convenience




The International Parking Community is taking decisive and far-reaching steps to ensure the safety and priorities of consumers are at the heart of new initiatives to improve standards within the parking industry. The progressive trade association has now formalised its partnership with the People’s Parking accreditation scheme for car parks. As a result of this significant move, the accreditation scheme is now being adopted as an IPC standard, and the scheme’s founder, Helen Dolphin MBE will be representing the evolving interests of consumers for the IPC Steering Committee.




“Helen’s painstaking and inspirational efforts to create and implement a versatile and effective accreditation scheme for car parks has received universal praise and admiration from consumer groups, service providers and the motoring public right across the country,” says IPC Chief Operating Officer, Charles Clowes. “We’re delighted that Helen and her colleagues will now be working alongside us as we look to put the interests of consumers at the heart of service standards within the industry. Moreover, we will be confirming a number of ground-breaking initiatives in the coming months as we take steps to capitalise on this exciting new partnership.”


The People’s Parking accreditation scheme offers all users of car parks with unprecedented reassurance and convenience and provides a major step-change for improving the parking experience of motorists. With distinctive and intuitive ‘badge’ signage, it demonstrates clearly and effectively the safety, ease of access and on-site facilities for any consumer with a specific requirement.


To secure accreditation, car park operators must demonstrate that their parking facilities, comply with all set parking standards. These include having clear signage, good pedestrian access and providing a clean, bright and safe environment for service users. Significantly, People’s Parking accreditation not only provides real support for motorists with a disability and parents with children, it also promotes charging points for electric vehicles, cycle parking, accessibility to shopping centres and transport hubs and highlights pre-booking and payment options.


“With more cars on the road than ever before and with congestion and demand for parking spaces at popular venues and locations continuing to increase, decisive actions are needed to ensure motorists, their passengers and cyclists can easily identify the right car park for their needs. An independent scheme that only awards accreditations if key criteria have been met raises standards within the industry and makes the life of car park users much easier,” says Helen Dolphin.


“The IPC’s proactive and emphatic approach for raising standards within the parking industry has been a huge source of encouragement for everyone who cares about the rights of consumers and the importance of fairness and equality. Such an approach closely matches our own goals and aspirations, and I’m really looking forward to developing new initiatives with the IPC that will put the voice of the consumer at the heart of service standards within the sector.”


“Helping motorists find a car park that meets their precise needs, removes a lot of the headache and uncertainty when it comes to parking a car,” adds Charles Clowes. “People’s Parking accreditation does just that. Far and away the country’s most comprehensive form of accreditation for car parks, the scheme is also a clear endorsement for service excellence – offering much-needed reassurance and clear competitive advantage for service providers. Significantly and as many well-informed car park operators have recognised, People’s Parking accreditation is also entirely consistent with the Government’s Accessibility Action Plan, and submitting an application for accreditation really couldn’t be easier.”


A widely respected campaigner for the rights of disabled people and a member of the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC), Helen Dolphin was awarded an MBE in recognition for her services to disabled motorists. Her development of the People’s Parking accreditation scheme followed many years of tireless research and campaigning.


For more information and to submit an application for People’s Parking accreditation, visit www.peoplesparking.org


 Helen Dolphin MBE

Q-Park UK receives 67 People’s Parking accreditations

August 10, 2016

People's Parking

Q-Park UK receives 67 People’s Parking accreditations



Parking Provider, Q-Park UK has received the People’s Parking accreditation in 67 of its car parks. The scheme is specifically aimed at parking facilities that provide customers with a range of facilities and services. This will allow parkers across the country to easily find suitable convenient parking.



People’s Parking was recently launched earlier this year and has been designed by Helen Dolphin MBE. As an independent mobility consultant and a disability rights campaigner, Dolphin felt it was time for a change within the parking industry. The key importance for the scheme is to drive up parking standards for customers by enabling people to find a car park which meets their specific needs.


The scheme has a number of criteria requirements such as location, suitability for disabled people, parents with children and additional amenities including electric charging points. A quality car park should also have good signage and clear pedestrian routes that are well lit, clean and actively managed.


Q-Park UK continuously strives for high quality which is recognised by 12m customers. The company has developed the car parks into a multi-functional area which include extra wide bays where possible to accommodate disabled drivers to installation of electric vehicle charging points partnering with Tesla Motors. Q-Park has also installed ‘Tap & Go’ parking system allowing customers to enter and exit the car park by simply using your contactless card.


Head of Sales and Marketing at Q-Park UK, John Denton commented “We are delighted to be recognised by People’s Parking accreditation.  As key player within the parking industry, Q-Park actively looks at ways to improve the parking facilities to suit customer needs and create a safe environment for all.’


Founder and Director of People’s Parking, Helen Dolphin MBE commented, ‘I’m absolutely delighted that Q-Park has put all of their UK car parks forward for the People’s Parking accreditation. This is a fantastic commitment by Q-Park to improving parking for every customer whether they have a disability, children, need an electric charging point or somewhere to park a bicycle. I hope this will encourage other operators to follow Q-Parks lead in helping everyone find their perfect parking space.’


For more information about People’s Parking, and to get 10% off parking with Q-Park please visit www.peoplkesparking.org .


For further information please contact:

Helen Dolphin

Direct Line: 07941253947

Email: Helen@peoplesparking.org