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Phrame Appoints Charlene Consolacion as CEO

May 10, 2018




Phrame Appoints Charlene Consolacion as CEO




Phrame, a San Francisco-based startup that reinvented the license plate frame as a smart lockbox enabling every car to access high-tech security, mobility services and in-car trunk delivery, announces Charlene Consolacion as CEO. She is a co-founder at Phrame, joining at inception in 2016 as COO when Phrame’s smart license plate frame for key management started as a way to manage and share keys for family and peer-to-peer car-sharing companies.


“Since joining, Charlene Consolacion has established key strategic partnerships for Phrame, bringing new opportunities for Phrame to become a global business, and it’s my pleasure to appoint Charlene as Phrame’s CEO,” said Founder and President Dr. Gary Golduber. “Charlene is uniquely positioned to lead Phrame to the next level. She has a consistent history of advancing company goals and her well-rounded leadership, ability to operate efficiently at scale, and delivering value to shareholders, Phrame can leverage to grow.”

Consolacion’s milestones at Phrame include driving a strategic partnership with one of the world’s leading OEM to build and scaling Phrame’s state of the art smart license plate frame that acts as a connected lockbox, paired with the Phrame app. Under Consolacion’s leadership, Phrame has grown partnerships to give customers a robust offering of services that customers can order directly to their cars, even while they’re on vacation or at the office.

Phrame bridges the gap in the connected cars space by enabling car owners with any existing model and year to use Phrame to participate in in-car trunk package delivery and on-demand auto care. With Phrame’s smart license plate and app, a 1995 sedan owner can enjoy a luxurious, seamless car service experience, because Phrame fits on any car in the U.S.

The company’s team has grown to more than 20 under Consolacion’s operational and executive leadership, including CTO Steve Dusse, a veteran Silicon Valley engineering leader, former engineering manager at Logitech, CTO of RSA Data Security, and BSEE from MIT with technical multiple patents who leads the license plate hardware team in Phrame’s San Jose office.

“It has been a privilege to be part of Phrame since inception,” said Consolacion. “Gary Golduber had two successful exits in the the space and he inherently understands it. He has built a thriving foundation that will enable us to continue to win. With our talented team and differentiated product, I am more than ready to achieve our long-term strategic goals.”