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#PIEshow2017 begins this Sunday, March 5th, 2017 – See you in Chicago! Get connected with our PIE 2017 Mobile App!

March 03, 2017


#PIEshow2017 begins this Sunday, March 5th, 2017 – See you in Chicago!  Get connected with our PIE 2017 Mobile App!



Exctied to see everyone in Chicago this Sunday, March 5th, 2017 – Thank you for all for sending me your press releases and keeping Parking Today current and dynamic with ParkNews.biz.


Parking Today Media is more than Parking.  Our focus is on Parking, Smart Cities, Transit, Transportation, Technology and Emotional Inteligence at the work place.  We invite you to learn, grow and think outside of the box.  We invite you to share your input with us.


Please find me wearing my “funny hat” aka my London Top Hat, in the our Parking Today Media booth in the lobby across of the registration desk, or covering all our wonderful seminars, and let me know how I can be off assistance to your company and your brand.



Get Connected with the PIE 2017 Mobile App – Now Available!

Download the PIE 2017 Mobile App and check out what’s happening before heading to the show. The PIE 2017 Mobile App lets you connect with attendees, exhibiting companies, speakers and sponsors participating at this year’s show. Connect with other attendees and exhibiting companies to make appointments before the show to maximize your networking opportunities at the year’s first conference and trade show for the parking industry.


Thank you very much!


Astrid Ambroziak

Editor, ParkNews.biz
310 390 5277 ext 9
PIE 2017 – March 5-8, 2017
Hyatt Regency O’Hare – Rosemont (Chicago)





#PIEshow2017 – First Keynote, Michael Houlihan – You Can Sell More Wearing a Funny Hat!

March 01, 2017


#PIEshow2017 – First Keynote, Michael Houlihan – You Can Sell More Wearing a Funny Hat!





You Can Sell More Wearing a Funny Hat!


Michael Houlihan is a business growth consultant, sought after media guest, and “entrepreneurial cheer leader.” As a successful serial entrepreneur, he is most widely known for creating Barefoot, now the world’s top wine brand. Starting in his laundry room with no money and no knowledge of the wine industry, he brought in an outsider’s view which disrupted the entire industry. Michael specializes in helping entrepreneurs distinguish themselves through an expanded view of customer service. His clients are among the Fortune 500 and the INC 500.

Michael is a widely published New York Times bestselling author. His interviews and contributions appear in many business publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, and 43 Business Journals. He is the recipient of the Bradley Distinguished Entrepreneurial Speaker Award and his book, The Barefoot Spirit, How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart, Built America’s #1 Wine Brand is used in more than 50 schools of entrepreneurship internationally. His new book, The Entrepreneurial Culture, 23 Ways to Engage and Empower Your People is highly recommended by the C-Suite Book Club.
In his Keynote: You Can Sell More Wearing a Funny Hat! You will learn:


• Why Fun and Feelings Work
• Why prospects buy with their heart and justify with their brain.
• How to sell the feeling they will have – before you sell the reason they should have it.
• How to keep it light and entertaining – they have to like you first
• How to translate your product or service into feelings
• How to ad humor to your presentation


Leave with a new perspective on your proposition and anxious to apply it!


Michael uses real-life stories from Barefoot’s humble beginnings to bring to life the lessons he learned and make them memorable.


Presented by : Michael Houlihan, Co-Founder, Barefoot Wines and New York Times Bestselling Author, The Barefoot Spirit, The Entrepreneurial Culture


#PIEshow2017 – Sunday, March 5th,2017 –  1 pm

#PIEshow2017 – Meet Kathleen Laney of Laney Solutions – Attend Social Media and Parking, Wed 03/08/2017

February 28, 2017


#PIEshow2017 – Meet Kathleen Laney of Laney Solutions – Attend Social Media and Parking, Wed 03/08/2017



Don’t miss out on connecting with Kathleen Laney of Laney Solutions at this year’s PIE show.  As President of Laney Solutions, an executive and permanent recruitment firm specializing in parking industry placements, Kathleen is the parking contact to make. Kathleen has unparalleled expertise in recruiting top talent for parking industry employers and connecting parking professionals with exciting job opportunities. Her services will help you take your business or career to the next level.  Learn how you can gain access to thousands of qualified candidates and dozens of job openings by scheduling a meeting or stopping by Parking Today’s booth to speak with Kathleen.


Kathleen will also be speaking with Dr. Bob Harkins of University of Texas at Austin at the seminar, Social Media and Parking, on Wednesday, March 8th at 12 pm.   During this session, Kathleen and Bob will discuss the latest trends impacting the social landscape. In 2017, the conversation has moved beyond if you should be on social media for your business or organization to how to be most effective with it. Attendees will review how parking industry companies and organizations are using social media successfully and how you can too.


Just so one thing is clear. Social isn’t optional, and neither should be attending this session.


To connect with Kathleen email her at kathleen@laneysoltuions.com or message her directly on the PIE show app.


#PIEshow2017 – See What the Buzz Is All About at NuPark Booth 116

February 27, 2017


#PIEshow2017 – See What the Buzz Is All About at NuPark Booth 116



NuPark is one of the booths you will want to visit at PIE Show this year. As one of the most exciting technology solution additions to the parking industry, NuPark, Inc. is a trusted partner in smart parking management solutions with proven technology to address complex parking operations. NuPark’s license plate recognition-based parking management solution supports permitting, enforcement, adjudication, event management, asset management, reporting, and analytics in a truly open and integrated platform.



With over 200 years of combined experience, the NuPark team understands the business problems a parking organization faces because most of NuPark team members have experienced those challenges first hand. Our core values remain consistent with our commitment to providing unrivaled customer service while providing creative and flexible solutions utilizing the latest technologies.



NuPark can be found in over 28 states servicing clients from diverse sectors including higher education, municipalities, private operations retail establishments and transit authorities.



Reach out to NuPark to set up a meeting by contacting info@nupark.com or visit our website www.nupark.com. See you at PIE!


#PIEshow2017 – Clancy Systems & Clear Token – booth 113 – Next Generation Bluetooth Low Energy Parking Meters

February 27, 2017

#PIEshow2017 – Clancy Systems & Clear Token – booth 113 – Next Generation Bluetooth Low Energy Parking Meters




At this year’s Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE) Clancy Systems & Clear Token will be unveiling our exciting new hi-tech product line of next generation wireless parking meters and mobile payment technology.


The brand new line-up features in-dash, stand-alone, and sign-mounted parking meters that solve many issues that have plagued traditional multi-space and single-space parking meters.


Our team of parking industry experts brings a combined total of 110+ years of experience to the table. Innovation is the key to success in any industry, and we have found that key by combining Bluetooth LE with the latest advancements in handheld mobile communications.


Visit us at booth 113 to see a live demonstration and learn more!





John Van Horn and his staff at Parking Today, PIE, and www.parknews.biz work tirelessly to promote our industry. Let’s return the favor with support for their efforts.


February 14, 2017





This session at PIE 2017 will review the ‘state of the technology’ of Autonomous-‘Driverless’ Vehicles/ADV from the parking industry’s perspective. This overview evaluates ADV technology based on expert opinion and provides a basic framework for analysis of the issue going forward. Particular emphasis is placed on details of how and why ADV is expected to work versus the reality of today’s market place.


A principal question, beyond the status of the emerging Federal regulatory framework, will be addressed: To what extent positive externalities created by ADV technologies in terms of life- saving potential will create a market failure for the system?



Presented by : Dale Denda, Director of Research, Parking Market Research Company



Mr. Denda co-founded PMRC over 25 years ago, The company is a uniquely positioned market research organization devoted solely to providing real time market intelligence and the study of trends, activity and quantification of the U.S. parking market.


Attend PIE 2017  log on to http://pieshow.parkingtoday.com

#PIEshow2017: BIG DATA and SMALL CITY – By Mitch Osur, Parking Director, City of Aspen

February 06, 2017


By Mitch Osur



I first really learned about Big Data at the PIE show 2016 in Las Vegas, It was talked about in a lot of the seminars I participated in. Then I was lucky enough in the exhibitor area of the show to connect with a company called Smarking. They said they could turn my parking data into useful and presentable information. WOW have they done a great job for the city of Aspen.



The big data has given me the ability to measure and graphically display, with data the exact results of the programs and initiatives I have worked on in Aspen. It has become significantly easier to communicate and prove our results to the public, city council, and the media on what Aspen’s goals are and why we made the changes that have been instituted.


The big data has helped the city of Aspen evaluate data and optimize price points and visually communicate goals and results to all interested stakeholders in the community. The data I review every day is hourly peak occupancy, peak occupancy, revenue by type, and duration.


I have been able to track real time results and compare those results against the stated goals I shared with city council.


Aspen has extreme seasonal demand for parking, with thousands of tourists driving in the summer season. In 2015 parking occupancy’s varied from around 50% occupied in the off-peak season and over 100% occupied in the busy summer months. With the help of big data I was able to convince City Council to try a 3 month test program in 2016 to manage the parking demand.

The policies put in place to help alleviate parking and traffic congestion included:

  • Increase parking prices 50% only during the peak summer season in the downtown core
  • Keep parking prices low in the parking garage and residential areas
  • Started a FREE Downtowner door-to-door, on demand electric shuttle service
  • Implement a Drive-Less campaign
  • Promoted the use of We-Cycle, Aspen’s shared bike program


The goal was to

  • Reduce car traffic coming into Aspen
  • Cut down on congestion of cars in town
  • Have no more than 90% parking occupancy in the Downtown core
  • Increase transit, carpool, pedestrian and bicycle trips
  • Encourage parking in the parking garage, Brush Creek Intercept lot and the residential zones


The 3 month test was carefully measured and results showed that the program went above expectations. Parking occupancy decreased during peak periods, making it easier for visitors to find a place to park. Parking turnover increased, revenue increased and more vehicles parking in the parking garage and in the residential area rather than the congested downtown core. In addition the number that really matters is that Aspen had one of its best retail and restaurant summers ever with sales tax revenue up over 20% for the summer months.


With the help of big data we were able to prove to City Council and the citizens that the plan worked exactly as laid out, we achieved all of the goals as rolled out.  Because I was able to show City Council the data in real time is was easy to get City Council to adopt the new Parking prices for the future. We will now have 7 months of higher parking prices and 5 months of lower parking prices.


The next step for Aspen is to use the big data to go to real dynamic pricing and change the parking prices by day of the week and month of the year, with Smarking’s help I believe we can get the planned approved in the next 6 months.


For more information or details reach out to:

Mitch Osur

Parking Director, City of Aspen



Welcome to the PIE 2017 – Registration is Open!

January 24, 2017



Welcome to the PIE 2017 – Registration is Open!


Join Us as the Parking Industry Exhibition returns to Chicago!




Based on feed-back from our exhibiting companies, the Parking Industry Exhibition has instituted a new tiered Attendee pricing structure to more clearly identify attendees who are prospective customers for our Exhibitors.
The Parking Industry Exhibition continues to offer the greatest overall value to show participants from all sectors of this expansive industry.


Tier 1 Attendees – Public / Service Entity Rates
Academic Facility (College, University) • Airports • Hospital / Medical Centers • Public Entity (City, County, State, Economic Development, Municipality, Public Works) • Transit / Transportation Entity (Bus, Highway, Rail)


Tier 2 Attendees – Commercial / Corporate / Consultant Rates
Architect, Consultant Engineer, Planning Organization • Commercial Operator • Corporate Entity (Building Owner, Corporation, Developer, Entertainment) • Financial Services • Resort / Retail Property


Tier 3 Attendees – Vendor Rate for Non-Exhibiting Companies
Manufacturer/Supplier/Distributor of Parking Related Products, Services or Equipment