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Paris airport (ADP group) chooses Kowee solutions for the development of its new car park pricing strategies.

May 17, 2018




Paris airport (ADP group) chooses Kowee solutions for the development of its new car park pricing strategies.




Atlanta, GA May 15, 2018.  The revenue management of the 28,000 parking spaces of Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and that of the 10,000 parking spaces of Paris Orly airport will be powered by the cutting-edge Yield Management solution of Kowee, the leading provider of Dynamic Pricing solutions for the parking industry.




The objective for Paris Airports (ADP) is to leverage its parking facilities to maximize revenues as well as provide its customers with the highest possible service standard, as for its parking booking facilities including the right price, at the right time and for the right length of stay.

With an increasing number of domestic and international travelers, the two Parisian airports are facing a critical parking capacity challenge. Machine learning forecasting models together with a highly sophisticated revenue optimization engine will help the airports accompany the natural growth of the “pre-bookings” segment while at the same time proposing adequate rate offerings to the “roll-up” segment.

Kowee’s parking revenue management solution lies on deep-learning forecasting modules as well as on a demand-based optimization engine, covering the significant challenges and finds the optimal length-of-stay-mix to optimize revenue. “

The parking revenue segment being strategic to any airport in the world, Paris Airports has identified the opportunity, using Kowee solutions, to push further its ambition to drive more revenue while at the same time facing a changing environment with the growing digitalization of alternative car park facilities and market habits.


“The new apps are giving drivers geo-located prices and real-time availability resulting in improved customer experience with price transparency pushing parking operators to offer competitive price offerings.  Kowee’s solutions are precisely designed to help this dynamically evolving market where agility is key” explains Xavier Zakoian, co-founder of Kowee


“Kowee’s expertise in the industry with its sophisticated algorithms with proven deployments at both urban and airport operators positions us well,” says Dr. Vastani, CEO of Kowee USA.  “Kowee’s assets are its phenomenally loyal customer base, world-class products, delightfully talented people, reputation for continuous innovation and market momentum. As we grow globally, add more capabilities for our customers, our mission remains the same – to help parking operators improve their bottom line.”


About Kowee:

Kowee was founded in Paris, France in 2013 and provides innovative, world-class technology solutions for the parking industry.  Kowee is a leading provider in France and is rapidly growing its presence across Europe and North America. Kowee develops advanced software solutions specifically designed for parking lot operators focusing on yield and pricing optimization.  Kowee offers three cloud-based solutions: K-Pricing, K-Analytics, and K-Yield. K-Analytics analyzes the demand and customer behavior to manage revenue with customizable dashboards better. K-Pricing designs optimal pricing policies by performing simulations that instantly estimate revenue impacts. K-Yield optimizes revenues using sophisticated yield algorithms, predictive occupancy, and dynamic pricing which work with pre-booking requests as well drive-ups.

For more information about Kowee, please visit www.koweepark.com, email at contact@koweepark.com or call at (470) 227 0815.