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Q-Park UK receives 67 People’s Parking accreditations

August 10, 2016

People's Parking

Q-Park UK receives 67 People’s Parking accreditations



Parking Provider, Q-Park UK has received the People’s Parking accreditation in 67 of its car parks. The scheme is specifically aimed at parking facilities that provide customers with a range of facilities and services. This will allow parkers across the country to easily find suitable convenient parking.



People’s Parking was recently launched earlier this year and has been designed by Helen Dolphin MBE. As an independent mobility consultant and a disability rights campaigner, Dolphin felt it was time for a change within the parking industry. The key importance for the scheme is to drive up parking standards for customers by enabling people to find a car park which meets their specific needs.


The scheme has a number of criteria requirements such as location, suitability for disabled people, parents with children and additional amenities including electric charging points. A quality car park should also have good signage and clear pedestrian routes that are well lit, clean and actively managed.


Q-Park UK continuously strives for high quality which is recognised by 12m customers. The company has developed the car parks into a multi-functional area which include extra wide bays where possible to accommodate disabled drivers to installation of electric vehicle charging points partnering with Tesla Motors. Q-Park has also installed ‘Tap & Go’ parking system allowing customers to enter and exit the car park by simply using your contactless card.


Head of Sales and Marketing at Q-Park UK, John Denton commented “We are delighted to be recognised by People’s Parking accreditation.  As key player within the parking industry, Q-Park actively looks at ways to improve the parking facilities to suit customer needs and create a safe environment for all.’


Founder and Director of People’s Parking, Helen Dolphin MBE commented, ‘I’m absolutely delighted that Q-Park has put all of their UK car parks forward for the People’s Parking accreditation. This is a fantastic commitment by Q-Park to improving parking for every customer whether they have a disability, children, need an electric charging point or somewhere to park a bicycle. I hope this will encourage other operators to follow Q-Parks lead in helping everyone find their perfect parking space.’


For more information about People’s Parking, and to get 10% off parking with Q-Park please visit www.peoplkesparking.org .


For further information please contact:

Helen Dolphin

Direct Line: 07941253947

Email: Helen@peoplesparking.org