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Quercus Technologies announces the opening of its new branch in France

March 24, 2022



Quercus Technologies announces the opening of its new branch in France



Quercus Technologies is proud to announce the opening of a new subsidiary in France. Strategically located in the city of Sophia Antipolis, and operational since March 1, this subsidiary will enable the company to optimally develop its position on the French market, observing and complying with all its guidelines.

Since its establishment in the parking industry, Quercus has had a limited presence on the French market. Creation of this new company will expedite the group’s progress, helping meet the demand of parking facilities and more skillfully implementing its products and services. This new step in the company’s internationalization strategy shows its direct commitment to being closer to French partners and integrators, offering them smart parking solutions adapted to each project, and giving them greater response capacity to meet market needs.

Anthony Fremaux, Quercus Country Manager for France, will manage the new branch. Anthony has put together a stellar track record in his over 15 years in the parking industry, focusing on distribution, installation and maintenance of parking guidance systems. He has also contributed to the creation and implementation of new projects in the organizations he has worked for over the years.

“This opportunity will allow me to further expand my knowledge in the sector and create new synergies in the field of mobility”. A. Fremaux

Quercus has become a company of reference in the parking sector, both in Spain and internationally, thanks to its commitment to new technologies. With it, the company proposes solutions that are adapted to each customer’s needs, and that promote sustainability and efficiency. Our chief goal is anenhanced parking experience for operators and customers alike.

Press Release:

https://www.quercus-technologies.com/news/quercus-technologies-announces-the-opening-of-it s-new-branch-in-france

Contact: marketing@quercus.biz

Quercus Technologies: A new SmartLPR Access license plate recognition camera

February 01, 2022


Quercus Technologies: A new SmartLPR Access license plate recognition camera





Quercus Technologies is proud to launch its latest license plate recognition system, up to four times faster than current standards, with a new HD sensor for higher resolution, with configurable operation options for color or IR thanks to the new built-in dual lamp, optimized freeflow mode, and more. And all in a single unit!

Quercus Technologies is the leading manufacturer of All-In-One license plate recognition cameras. Our strategy, based on comprehensive integration of everything needed for optimal recognition in a single unit, is a true challenge. Thriving in a market as changing and innovative as parking facility access control requires constant product improvement and updating.

This brand’s innovation strategy has always been geared to simplifying the experience of the operator, and improving that of the user. Our robust foundation of consolidated, in-house Research and Development is a key part of our approach in the drive for innovation and perfection at Quercus Technologies.

The All-in-One SmartLPR® Access license plate recognition cameras, built with Quercus Technologies’ own technology, bring innovation in the form of license plate recognition up to four times faster than the current standard. They now integrate configuration options for color or IR recognition in the unit itself, enabling the recognition of new license plates in a state or country, in case of changes in the type of plates. They also feature a new, completely redesigned and optimized free flow operation mode in IR as well as color.

The new version adds an increase in image resolution and performance improvements in difficult external conditions. The HRR option (double reading with two license plate recognition cameras) is now completely compatible with all operation modes, and possible scenarios in parking systems. Another innovation, the PoE+ connection in the equipment cuts installation costs of the integrator and facilitates connection with cameras, which will now require just one cable that includes electricity and communication.

Revamped communication interface: UX friendliness and simpler configuration

All-in-One cameras also feature a new configuration interface that is much more user-friendly, and facilitates quick and simple configuration and start-up of the unit. The platform offers secure information and shows the entire REST configuration system. This feature is meant to enhance the 360° user experience in the most efficient way.



All in all, Quercus Technologies is launching a product that positions the company as a leader in license plate recognition with All-in-One cameras. The license plate detector includes improvements in product performance velocity that are aligned with the needs and specifications required in our customers’ parking systems. Our customers and their needs are at the heart of the company’s strategy.

Now, with the latest version of API REST integrated in the license plate recognition unit, it will be much easier, faster and enjoyable to implement integrations in all possible scenarios and cases. All it takes is a few clicks and a little effort.




  • Dual Lamp – Color and IR reading inside the unit
  • New secure web configuration interface
  • Identification of license plates up to four times faster
  • Augmented image resolution
  • Optimized color and IR freeflow
  • Integration through API Rest
  • PoE+ Connection and efficient energy draw
  • Improved performance in unfavorable conditions


Quercus Technologies launches its outdoor parking guidance system

June 07, 2021


Quercus Technologies launches its outdoor parking guidance system



Empty parking lots, aerial view.



Quercus Technologies’ comprehensive global parking solution now features a new outdoor parking guidance system, SC Outdoor, capable of detecting available spaces in outdoor and rooftop parking facilities, and designed to facilitate parking mobility. Quercus’s smart parking guidance system achieves over 99% accuracy in vehicle detection, as confirmed by comparison with actual images. Outdoor smart parking facility control is key. The system markedly increases user mobility, as it directs customers to areas with available spaces via communication between SC Outdoor and information displays.

SC Outdoor enables comprehensive analysis of the situation in a smart parking facility, and detection of stay times for each vehicle through a platform characterized by its easy use, access and integration. With this system, up to 100 parking spaces are analyzed by camera, with adaptation to the needs of each parking facility and type when it comes to installation and maintenance, and very low infrastructure costs.



SC Outdoor, our smart outdoor parking solution, operates with the BirdWatch parking management system, Quercus Technologies’ unique, comprehensive parking system software. BirdWatch centralizes and interconnects the information gathered by all the products that make up the comprehensive parking solution. Real-time information on parking space occupancy can be shown on the LED displays that help guide drivers, with the goal of providing a higher-quality user experience.


User experience, the key goal of the comprehensive advanced outdoor solutions and interconnection with BirdWatch

SC Outdoor’s added value lies in its capacity for interconnection with the rest of devices and solutions that make up the company’s comprehensive parking solution through Quercus Technologies’ parking management technology. Together with this new outdoor solution, other BirdWatch functionalities enable easy generation of statistics and reports that identify present and future usage patterns, in addition to knowledge on user trends. BirdWatch gathers all of this data, essential for Business Intelligence.

Guiding users to free spaces in a parking facility in a simple and direct manner is a fundamental need all guided parking systems must meet. The advanced outdoor solutions are the ideal accompaniment to Quercus Technologies’ camera-based smart parking guidance system, SC Indoor. It is a perfect combination of systems designed to reduce congestion, improve end user satisfaction and increase vehicle rotation in the parking facility.

Efficient management of the parking facility, and getting the most profitability and productivity from parking spaces or areas, are key factors when considering a guidance system. The BirdWatch software platform lets operators gather complete data that lead to efficient overall control of parking facilities while also enhancing security.

How can you harvest Big Data on your parking facility? The SC Indoor sensors for smart parking and SC Outdoor parking control solutions, matrix information displays, the light per space system, kiosks to locate vehicles by license plate number and LPR cameras at access and exit points are all key components for optimal parking management. The information gathered by these devices, centralized in a single software platform, gives you total control over your facility, and expedites strategic decision-making based on parking customs and trends.

Guaranteed security in the facility, and access automation, with the comprehensive parking control solutions

Increased security in the parking facility is one of the highest priorities of parking facility operators, a basic element for an efficient management of the premises. Video surveillance of all movements in each of the spaces and in outdoor areas through panoramic cameras offers security at the highest level.

By monitoring the facility this way, operators prevent fraud, damages to vehicles, attempted or actual theft, muggings and accidents that can cause vehicle damage. In the comprehensive parking solution parking managers will find a higher degree of security, and pass it on to their end users, who enjoy a surprise-free parking experience.

Quercus Technologies’ comprehensive parking solution features access control in addition to all of the information gathered by the different smart parking devices. This way, operators know the condition of vehicles when they access and leave the premises, and prevent fraudulent claims for alleged incidents inside the parking facility.

Secure, automatic access, with no physical contact between the user and surfaces is now a growing demand, especially in the current circumstances. Thanks to the parking management software of the LPR cameras, parking facility operators can analyze the data gathered, and strategically generate decisions to continue optimizing and improving their parking systems.

Automated access thanks to the automatic license plate reader lets drivers reserve their space on-line prior to arrival at the parking facility. With the added value of specific parking space reservation thanks to SC Indoor, a parking space can be linked to a license plate number, and enable management to detect whether it is occupied by the right customer.

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University of Warsaw Installs Quercus Technologies LPR Cameras for Access Control

March 17, 2021



University of Warsaw Installs Quercus Technologies LPR Cameras for Access Control


Quercus Technologies Improving Life On Campus




The University of Warsaw is located in the capital of Poland, one of the European cities with the most dynamic growth. The historic main campus of the Warsaw University is one of the city’s main academic as well as tourist attractions.

More than 45,000 people study at this renowned college. They are pioneers in development and innovation and that is why they wanted to join the smart parking revolution. They wished to provide the extra security required by a center of these characteristics. For this reason, a total of five license plate recognition cameras have been installed at the different car park entries. The use of these ANPR units not only increases campus security but also controls the entries and exits of all vehicles circulating through the facilities. They also make the flow of traffic at the access points much more efficient.

The recognition of both students’ and teachers’ license plates allows for different dynamics to be established. The operator is able to apply a reduction in the price of parking, discounts, and even automatic access through admitted listing. It also provides information on the exact times of access and exit of vehicles from the parking facility. Therefore, the operator can establish a specific price depending on the times at which the parking facility has been used.

Betting on Quercus Technologies’ license plate recognition means going a step further in parking management. It means betting on the security, control, and convenience that comes with getting a system that helps optimize the flow of vehicles and improves user experience.


About Quercus Technologies:

Quercus Technologies offers optimal solutions for any type of parking facility, maximizing efficiency in its management, and improving the customer’s parking experience. The company develops and manufactures highly technological products that aim to improve mobility and security in parking facilities and it is known worldwide for its highly reliable license plate recognition (LPR) technology. Quercus’ solutions include All-in-one LPR units, parking guidance, and LPR-based spot monitoring units, light per space systems, LED displays, kiosks, and the innovative software parking suite, BirdWatch, that relies on all these smart technologies and provides total control of parking facilities.

Forget ‘smart detection’, we do so much more! Quercus Technologies introduces new logo, slogan, corporate philosophy and website

November 25, 2020



Forget ‘smart detection’, we do so much more! Quercus Technologies introduces new logo, slogan, corporate philosophy and website

For Quercus Technologies it is an end of year full of positive changes that form the basis of the growth that is expected both of the company and of the products, projects and services it provides. The global turbulent times have only reinforced the need to adapt and take advantage of the circumstances.

Technology and artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important to reduce contact with surfaces and automate parking and user experiences as much as possible. As in all sectors, user experience is fundamental.


New logo

The new Quercus Technologies logo retains its classic tree composed of pixels and the letters that symbolize the essence of the company: Quercus, the oak tree. The strength and stability of its roots characterize this family of trees and also Quercus Technologies.

Previously, the company’s logo had the slogan Smart detection integrated into it, a message that represented of the company’s activity at the time. However, the strategic line of Quercus Technologies in recent years has been moving towards parking guidance projects and parking services, and not only intelligent detection and license plate recognition products.

While new branches and leaves appear on the oak, it is essential that the roots—the time-honored products developed by the company—remain strong and form the foundation on which to grow.


New slogan – Boost the parking experience!

In line with the above mentioned, Quercus Technologies was not exclusively engaged in the production and distribution of license plate recognition equipment, but went much further. “Boost the parking experience” perfectly sums up what customers can expect with the installation of the company’s system, products and services.

Enhancing car parks means making them intelligent, optimal, improving the user experience from the moment they enter to the moment they leave the premises. This can only be achieved with a global vision of the car park and the experience of those who have successfully carried out projects of this caliber.


New Corporate Philosophy – Mission, Vision and Values Renewed

Every great change in a company starts with a change of vision, and with a constant desire to improve and offer better services. That is why Quercus Technologies also has a new corporate philosophy that draws on the professionalism that already characterized the company when it was founded, with the added value of experience and new horizons.

  • Mission: Innovative parking solutions to improve user experience and our customer’s business.
  • Vision: A world leader company in providing the most innovative and reliable engineering solutions to every customer.
  • Values: Professionalism, Innovation, Cooperation, Quality, Honesty.


New website and domain

In early 2019, the creation of the company’s two commercial and business divisions, Detection and Mobility, led to the need to reinvent a website that needed a change in both content and style. With the intention of strengthening the brand, the domain of the new website has also changed, it is now www.quercus-technologies.com including the two words that have accompanied Quercus Technologies and all that this company represents for more than 20 years.

The new website has much more information about the company: the divisions, its markets and applications, its products, its projects and references, its success stories and its Human Resources section. Quercus Technologies, a large company with international projection, must have a quality website, which perfectly reflects the products and services offered.

Brazilian shopping center Trimais Places benefits from the intelligent parking guidance system provided by Quercus Technologies

October 23, 2020





Brazilian shopping center Trimais Places benefits from the intelligent parking guidance system provided by Quercus Technologies



Quercus Technologies provides the solution in the field of intelligent parking that the shopping center Trimais Places needed to cover its needs for control and surveillance in their parking area. This Brazilian shopping center has a total of 150 stores intended to serve the public, and it is a building that has a natural landscape in its leisure and social areas with a very powerful visual appeal. Every day, more than 50,000 vehicles circulate near this distinguished shopping center and therefore it was essential to optimize the efficiency of its facilities and obtain greater customer satisfaction with the parking system presented by Quercus Technologies. 

Now the 1,749 parking spots that make up the car park of this complex located in São Paulo are monitored and controlled thanks to the guidance system provided by Quercus Technologies.  Currently, the facilities benefit from the monitoring and control offered by the sensors and from the location of the vehicles in the car park, thanks to the license plate recognition in each parking space. A total of 504 Spot Control sensors were installed, which provides maximum security and contributes to a more precise control of the vehicles in the car park.




In the external areas of the shopping center, Quercus has included the LPR Area external guidance system: the ideal addition to achieve a good guidance and monitoring system outside the premises. This external system makes it possible to locate vehicles at the entry and exit points of the car park through license plate recognition, thus guiding them to the external areas of the building.

Thanks to the 48 LED interior sign panels, which are installed in the different parking areas, users can find out the exact number of spots available on each floor of the car park as soon as they enter. This way, you can find the nearest free space in record time. This good parking management and the precise guidance of vehicles to the parking lot result in users reducing the time spent looking for a parking spot, and therefore also reduce the CO2 emissions created by the vehicles.



The 14 SmartLPR Access cameras installed at the entries and exits of the premises are designed to facilitate mobility and security within the car parks and access control areas. They are responsible for recognizing the license plates of cars entering and leaving the premises. In addition, license plate recognition helps to increase security in the car park by detecting attempts to gain fraudulent access to the premises or vehicle theft. This system provides many benefits for users, as they can have all the information about their vehicle at all times and book in advance with their registration number.


The Quercus Technologies camera-based guidance system not only makes it possible to enhance security and mobility in the various areas of the car park, but also generates valuable data on a powerful software platform. One of the essential features of Quercus Technologies’ global solution is the ability to integrate with security cameras of third parties and other suppliers in order to increase control over the entire facility. This allows car park operators to have the capacity to store as much information as possible on the use of the facilities, thus achieving a much more efficient management for their business and obtaining an important improvement in the user’s own experience.




Quercus Technologies: What automatic access control systems can do for car parks in this new reality

May 21, 2020



What automatic access control systems can do for car parks in this new reality



Interaction is natural and it is an inherent need of every human being. Nevertheless, latest technologies lead to avoiding human contact and simplifying lives thanks to automation. This path to the future based on avoiding interaction has been accelerated by the Covid19 situation. Considering the trend of increasing use of private transport, now it’s the best time for parking. More than ever it is mandatory to decrease or eliminate the physical contact points inside the premises.



How can LPR cameras like Quercus Technologies’ help prevent the virus spread at entries and exits of a car park? Quite simple. The less we poke around, the less chances for it to spread


In everyday life drivers who park in a car park have to interact with different devices in the process. It seems unavoidable to use things such as ticket dispensers, payment machines, cash or vouchers… And it’s been confirmed that the virus can stand on surfaces for long.

The major issue lies with the use of the ticket dispensers at the entry and exit; the best option to avoid this contact point is to simply go in and out without using a ticket. Technology built in SmartLPR Access cameras integrated with access control systems allows to automate entries and exits of the parking facilities. When drivers arrive at the parking premises, their vehicle’s license plate is recognized and registered and the barrier rises up automatically. This ticketless feature is widely used for car park monthly subscribers because it grants them a “hands free” access; bear in mind that this can also be used when creating registration lists for employees or regular customers with benefits.

If prepaid ticketless operation is not available, another physical interaction will be held at the payment stations. Don’t worry though, there are options that will allow you to minimize this such as using QR codes that make paper tickets readable at short distance away from the payment device. QR codes combined with the fact that most of the patrons will likely use a credit card will reduce the amount of user input.

To facilitate the previous process even more, some banks have taken the temporary measure to increase the contactless payment security limits. This will ensure that most of your daily parking fees can be paid without entering PIN and therefore making the payment a zero contact process.

Otherwise, if you want to avoid cash or credit payments altogether you can opt to integrate the LPR cameras and Access Control System into a mobile app. By using a mobile platform parkers will use their devices to pay using their licence plate or a pre-registered account as identification. This way they will be paying without touching any local device.

Last but not least, when users drive to the exit Quercus Technologies’ units will once more read their plate number, allowing them to verify if the user has already paid in order to automatically let them out. Every contact point can be easily removed with the combination of License Plate Recognition cameras and an adequate Parking Access and Revenue Control set-up.


LPR technology is not a one day work, it requires several years of experience

Quercus Technologies has been developing LPR cameras for more than two decades now. SmartLPR Access is the latest generation of License Plate Recognition units designed to contribute to security and smart mobility in car parks and access controls. A single device integrates all what is needed to provide the highest reliability worldwide.

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99.7% accuracy and many other benefits with Quercus Technologies’ camera-based parking guidance system at Children’s Health in Dallas, Texas

April 06, 2020





99.7% accuracy and many other benefits with Quercus Technologies’ camera-based parking guidance system at Children’s Health in Dallas, Texas




Considering the increase of urban population and traffic congestion, smart parking is always a strategic issue to work on, not only for the benefit of clients and their communities, but also from the raw benefit-driven point of view of owners and operators. In this path, companies committed to promote innovation of information and communication technology have played a major role. Quercus Technologies, a company with more than 20 years of experience developing and designing its own smart parking products and services, has contributed to change the way drivers experience parking into a more efficient and satisfying manner. Quercus Technologies’ contribution, its products and services, are all developed in-house, offering a comprehensive Parking Guidance System with powerful technology put on the service of both the operator and the client.

Of course during the last two decades, many different technologies have arisen, and the debate on which should be the most effective of them remains until today. The most popular alternatives to camera-based system are ultrasonics, laser and other similar systems. These are pretty basic. Their capability is simple, they can detect if a vehicle is parked on a space or not, and they are only capable of monitoring one space at a time. Unlike camera-based guidance systems, they are not able of getting any information of the parked cars. They do not read the plate number of the vehicles they detect, so they cannot tell if the detected vehicle is the same or a different one. They cannot inform the client of the whereabouts of their vehicle when they need to find it to leave the premises. They have no information about the journey of the vehicle on the parking lot so they cannot process such information. They can only give a yes or no answer to the question ‘is this space free?’. And nothing else.

How is it then, that some clients still dismiss camera-based systems? Well, some say alternative technologies are very reliable, their detection accuracy being better than the rest. While this was once the case, is it still so? Quercus Technologies, a company understanding the importance of proof to build solid foundations for future growth, has always relied on performing tests in order to lend weight to their arguments. For that reason Quercus Technologies recently performed a test to check the vehicle detection accuracy of their camera-based system, the Spot Control sensor, on the flagship Dallas Campus of Children’s Health. Texas-based NextGen Parking in collaboration with Quercus Technologies installed 990 Spot Control sensors in the premises, monitoring 3,314 spaces on 19 total parking levels (3 garages). The result obtained was an extraordinary 99.7%, a result that can easily compete with those of ultrasonic sensors.

Some others say it is because of the price of the products. Yes, it is well-known camera-based products are slightly more expensive than ultrasonic sensors and others, at least at first glance. Once you get to the installation things change quite a bit: performing an ultrasonic installation may be more expensive since sensors must be installed in each space, while camera-based sensors cover multiple spaces, resulting in a similar price of both technologies.

In comparison to ultrasonic or laser systems, Quercus Technologies’ guidance system is a comprehensive solution to every need a parking operator may have. In addition to guiding vehicles to free spaces, it offers control and surveillance in every park space, thanks to the use of LPR-technology and detailed event recording. The Spot Control sensor recognizes the license plate in every space, every unit controlling up to 4 spaces each and offering total control of the vehicle at all times. Meanwhile, video recording is triggered in the case of any event, avoiding not only robberies and assaults but also false claims for damages.


They inform about different kinds of spaces: for VIPs, people with disabilities, families, etc. They link every event they register to a license plate, returning all related information linked to that plate thanks to its powerful software suite and providing a comprehensive vision of everything happening in the parking lot any time. They provide organized, meaningful data, whenever it is requested by the operator, in order to optimize the parking management and marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, Quercus Technologies’ customers get every functionality without sacrificing efficiency. All camera-based system implies numerous benefits that are compatible with an extremely high detection rate and accuracy.

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Quercus Technologies: Deep Roots, New Leaves 

May 14, 2019




Quercus Technologies: Deep Roots, New Leaves




Just some weeks ago Quercus Technologies is celebrating its 20 years anniversary and takes stock on the situation of the company, its trajectory and perspectives for the future. Quercus began developing engineering projects for the industrial sector, in particular in relation to industrial automatization and quality control by means of artificial vision. Today, Quercus has become an international company, specialized in manufacturing LPR equipment in the parking guidance sector and has projects in more than 70 countries.



Quercus has become an international benchmark in its field: it is a model of success history, of a company that prevails thanks to the vision of its leaders, the effort of the staff and the struggle for innovation. Far from having arrived at the end of the way, Quercus is expanding:

How keep on growing at the present time as we have done until now?

How keep on growing, adapting to changes, without adulterating the essence that has allowed the company to get to be what it is today?


The company has experienced a period of transition in order to be able to answer these questions, for, briefly, continuing being faithful to its mission without going stale using a formula that worked well in the past. As a result of that process of reflection and adaptation, Quercus has created Mobility Division in order to harness the solution of parking guidance based on the sensor by camera in the market. This division commercializes exclusively guidance and mobility projects through a different sales channel than the one used habitually by Quercus for its OEM products. For the commercialization of those, Quercus has created Detection Division.


Detection Division is direct result of more than twenty years of experience in License Plate Recognition, continuing a business model that has turned Quercus into the company it is now: focusing in the making and commercializing of the most advanced and reliable OEM products that the client needs, while keeping a practical and efficient approach through the regular sales channel. A way of remaining faithful to the roots and the origin of the company.


Mobility Division reflects the need of broadening horizons in order boost in the market parking guidance solution based on camera sensors. Using the experience and know-how of Quercus Technologies, Mobility Division commercializes comprehensive and customized projects of parking guidance and mobility systems. They are the new leaves, Quercus’ stake in the future.



Quercus stays strong, facing the challenges without fear and with new proposals and parking guidance solutions. Quercus would like to sum up this new phase in a sentence that refers as much to the name as to the history of the company: “New leaves grow because we stand on our Roots” remembering to us that for new projects to develop it is necessary to always remember the origins.



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Quercus Technologies 20th anniversary

April 26, 2019




Quercus Technologies 20th anniversary



Quercus Technologies was founded in 1999 to develop engineering projects for the industrial sector, focusing in particular in industrial automation and quality control based on artificial vision. Short after, Quercus specialized as manufacturer of LPR equipment for the parking market.

Nowadays, after 20 years of activity, its know-how and experience in the market have turned  Quercus Technologies into a benchmark in terms of specialization in technology for vehicle detection and a leading brand among companies developing and commercializing parking guidance systems. The company has more than 50 workers all over the world with offices in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, and has a solid international reach, with projects in more than 70 countries.


The key of its success are its values: professionalism, innovation, cooperation and commitment to quality, as well as the responsibility and honesty of its workforce. All of those have enabled the development of All-in-One products like SmartLPR Access, a device that reads plates from all over the world; or Spot Control, a sensor that integrates plate recognition and video surveillance in every spot with a highly reliable parking guidance system. Quercus has also developed BirdWatch, a powerful software suite that provides information in a precise, organized and clear manner that enables taking decisions in real time from any location, so as to improve simultaneously the user’s experience and the parking management.

During this last 20 years Quercus Technologies has been offering the most advanced and comprehensive parking solutions, twenty years improving mobility and security, twenty years developing products in service of the client. During this time Quercus has also improved its strategy, asserted its leadership and reinforced its project. And everything thanks to its solid values, to its great team and to the confidence of its clients and suppliers.

Today, looking back, Quercus Technologies has accomplished its goals: it has stayed true to its mission and at the forefront in the field of artificial vision and parking guidance. Quercus is facing the future with new projects, its trajectory bears the company’s project out as the same time as it drives the company forward in order to keep on growing.



Here is for 20 more years of shared success!

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