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TIBA Parking Systems to Expand LPR Offerings with RED LPR

October 17, 2019






TIBA Parking Systems to Expand LPR Offerings with RED LPR




Columbus, Ohio (October 16, 2019) – TIBA Parking Systems and RED LPR are launching a global partnership to expand TIBA’s current license plate recognition (LPR) solutions.



TIBA’s customers and Value Added Reseller’s (VAR’s) have immediate access to the full spectrum of RED LPR’s Fixed-Lane and REDmobile solutions.

“It is a proud moment at RED LPR as our team has been working for months with one mission in mind: to develop a simple, accurate and reliable set of LPR solutions for the parking market,” says Sagy Amit, Founder and VP Marketing for RED LPR. “With that mission in mind, and after thorough testing and an endorsement from TIBA, this partnership serves as a stamp of approval that we are well on our way to achieve and exceed those stated goals.”

TIBA Parking chose to solidify a partnership with RED LPR because of their focus on accuracy, reliability, and simplicity. After excellent results during field testing in live customer sites, TIBA Parking has certified RED LPR as a formal partner.

“As a market leader in PARCS, TIBA’s goal is to present our customers and VARs with world-class options so they can apply the solution that best fits their project’s needs,” stated Jon Bowsher, President of TIBA North and South America. “By growing our LPR repertoire to include RED LPR, we are able to support more projects with unique needs and different budget restraints. We have confidence in RED LPR to provide our customers with a world-class experience.”

The partnership is effective immediately.



About TIBA: TIBA Parking Systems provides innovative hardware and software solutions for the parking market. Based on the latest generation of processors, cloud-based services and physical/wireless credential technologies, TIBA products are reliable, user-friendly and simple to install and maintain. TIBA Parking Systems continuously improves and develops its’ products with the aim of lowering the price of initial acquisition and the cost of ongoing maintenance. TIBA has successfully implemented this through a focus on quality development, while continuing to listen closely to customer requirements and requests. This allows owners and operators to keep the capital investment down while still enjoying all the latest functionality. With extensive global experience, TIBA’s robust, scalable cloud architecture enables parking operators to keep pace with the latest trends in centralized operations, automated smart facilities, ticketless and frictionless parking, web reservations, and mobile payments. TIBA’s flexible systems facilitate IoT-connectivity and leverage big data to increase revenue. TIBA’s agile integrations with third party systems empower parking operators to be an integral part of the growing smart cities ecosystem.


For over 30 years, TIBA serves parking operators and owners globally, both directly and through its extensive network of Value Added Resellers across diverse industries such as hotels & hospitality, airports, universities, shopping centers, hospitals & medical centers, and local, state & federal governments. For more information about TIBA Parking Systems, visit www.tibaparking.com.

About RED LPR:
With a clear and concise mission statement, “To be A Simple to work with, Reliable and Accurate LPR manufacturer, that offers a full spectrum of LPR solutions globally.” RED LPR marks the 3.0 evolution of LPR technology for the Parking Industry. RED makes LPR accessible for even the smallest Parking facility, while Accurate and Reliable enough for larger networks of Parking facilities that span a nation or world-wide. RED offers Simple to implement access control that improves your Parking safety and Security on one hand, while improving customer experience and loyalty with seamless, hands-free entry and exit to the Parking facility. RED helps you make a good first, and last impression on your most valuable assets, monthlies and transients alike. www.redlpr.com