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Park Assist has been awarded the Parking Guidance System for REDI Shopping Centre

December 17, 2018

Park Assist has been awarded the Parking Guidance System for REDI Shopping Centre




NEW YORK, NEW YORK – December 17th, 2018 – Park Assist has been awarded the Parking Guidance System (PGS) for REDI Shopping Centre in Helsinki, Finland. The new facility features over 200 shops and 38 restaurants, as well as a variety of exciting and innovative leisure activities. REDI will be the first Finnish facility to open Cinamon, the Baltic’s leading cinema chain. Among the other entertainment options there will be a climbing arena, free-fall wind tunnel, and a 7D virtual theatre, immersing viewers in the action with virtual headsets and motion simulators. The car park will have 4 parking levels underground in long cave tunnels. Partnering with SWARCO, Park Assist was chosen for its innovative proven camera-based technology which is designed to deliver stress less parking for visitors.

Utilizing a patented camera-based smart sensor system, way finding signage and red and green lights to identify open and occupied spaces, parkers are easily directed to available parking by Park Assist’s PGS.

With 2,000 parking spaces across 4 different levels, Park Assist’s M4 smart-sensor system will provide REDI visitors with effortless guidance throughout the car park with color-coded sensors. Park Assist’s Find Your Car™ functionality using a camera-based system, provides for accurate License Plate Recognition (LPR) detection, allowing visitors to receive their vehicle’s exact location printed on their ticket after paying at the Skidata pay stations.The car park went live in September 2018.

“Park Assist is honored to partner with SWARCO on this unique and prestigious project where elevating the customer’s parking experience was the major priority.” said Gary Neff, CEO, Park Assist.


About Park Assist

Park Assist® is the parking industry’s leading camera-focused innovator with the most camera-based parking guidance installations in the world. Our patented technology helps customers effortlessly find parking spaces in real-time as well as find their cars when they return. Simultaneously, we provide parking operators with tools to improve customer satisfaction, create new revenue opportunities, realize greater operational control, capture parker analytics and expand CCTV capabilities. Park Assist is part of the TKH Group (Euronext: TWEKA), a $1.8 billion publicly traded company headquartered in the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.parkassist.com.



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