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Route1: Remote Working Due to Coronavirus? Here’s How to Stay Secure

March 11, 2020




Route1: Remote Working Due to Coronavirus? Here’s How to Stay Secure



As the threat of coronavirus continues to spread, many organizations are facing the potential of teleworking scenarios. What if in-office employees need to work from home? What’s the most seamless way to make that transition? And how will we ensure that any data and private information isn’t compromised when accessed remotely?


The thing is, coronavirus aside, there are countless reasons why your company should be prepared for a mobile work situation. Unexpected weather, travel, even something as simple as a shift toward more work/life balance for your employees — are all reasons to have a plan for secure work-from-home access. The MobiKEY from Route1 provides that solution.


Designed to deliver mobile access to any asset on any network using any device, the MobiKEY is a plug-and-play tool that’s authenticated to its individual user. By using the device on their remote computer, tablet, or mobile phone, each employee can continue to access their organization’s assets from any location, all with these benefits:


Security: With MobiKey, no data is stored or cached on any remote device — everything stays within the confines of your organization’s secure network. In fact, remote assets don’t even become part of the enterprise network, effectively removing any risk of malware and virus propagation.


Usability: The MobiKEY device delivers a simple, easy-to-use experience with no hardware installation required. There’s also no need to set up special privileges on mobile assets, modify your firewall, or manage the security posture of your remote assets — MobiKEY is a turnkey solution from square one. Plus, it fully supports virtualized environments, such as VMware & Citrix, and integrates with Active Directory.


Flexibility: While annual subscriptions are available, Route1 understands that your business might only need MobiKEY on a case-by-case basis, so we provide enabling devices free of charge and the MobiKEY software at a discounted rate on the premise your business won’t have to use it. If a situation arises where employees need work-from-home access, you only pay at that time — and only that one time. This pricing plan allows our clients to be prepared for all possible scenarios by incurring only minimal upfront costs.


When it comes to the long-term success of your business, don’t just expect the unexpected, plan for it. Route1 and MobiKEY help you do that in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way.


For more information about MobiKEY and other Route1 technologies, send us a message at sales@route1.com or click here for more details.