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SpotMe solves parking problems at San Jose State University

May 20, 2019




SpotMe solves parking problems at San Jose State University




Introducing the Solutions




SpotMe Solutions is a parking app that tells you where parking is available in real-time. How it works, sensors are installed in the entrances and exits of garages. SpotMe streams the overall (per floor) count of a garage onto a mobile app. The founder, Steve Suarez was able to partner with San Jose State University for a trial period. The app manages SJSU’s four main garages (North, South, West and Park and Ride garage).


Introducing the Founder


Steve Suarez is the founder and CEO of SpotMe Solutions,LLC. He started the project a year and eight months ago after realizing that there was a parking problem at SJSU. His vision was to help make commuting easier for his classmates. Now, Steve Suarez has decided to bring his solution beyond just to San Jose and has plans of working with other parking apps that are out in the market.


“My dad once told me, there are two groups of people when there is a problem, those who complain and those who go out and make a change.” said Steve Suarez.


About Us:

SpotMe is made up of five SJSU students, Steve Suarez (founder), James Zhao (Software Lead), Beshir Aissi (Hardware Lead), Jasmine Alvarez (Graphic Designer), Patty Ing (Lead Designer). We have been awarded recipient of the People’s Choice award in the 2018 Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge. We are live in the Apple and Google Play Store under, SpotMe Solutions. Please, feel free to contract me with any questions.