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Bluefin Announces a Global Agreement with Scheidt & Bachmann to Deliver Validated P2PE Security for their Fare Collection Systems

December 13, 2023

Bluefin Announces a Global Agreement with Scheidt & Bachmann to Deliver Validated P2PE Security for their Fare Collection Systems


ATLANTA—-Bluefin, the integrated payments pioneer in PCI-validated encryption and tokenization services that protect payments and sensitive data, today announced a global agreement with Scheidt & Bachmann Fare Collection Systems GmbH, a leading provider of system solutions that make using public transport easy.

“The collaboration among the teams from both organizations was outstanding as we were successful in meeting timelines for migration”

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Scheidt & Bachmann has integrated the Bluefin PCI P2PE solution based on Decryptx® as an option into its payment processing software platform which allows Scheidt & Bachmann to offer PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions directly to their clients.

Scheidt & Bachmann have upgraded more than 3,800 ticket vending machines with P2PE protected payment devices throughout the UK and Ireland for their national rail services. The ticket vending machines are mission-critical infrastructure for the UK and Ireland’s transport network, providing ticketing services for most of the largest operators including Govia Thameslink Railway, Great Western Railway, Transport for Wales, Nexus, Transport for Greater Manchester, Scotrail and both operators LUAS and Irish Rail in Ireland.

Additional projects with Bluefin are underway for Unattended ticket vending across North America. The solution is fully integrated with the Scheidt & Bachmann payment host and seamlessly reaches multiple acquirers in the markets.

“The collaboration among the teams from both organizations was outstanding as we were successful in meeting timelines for migration,” said Andreas Räschmeier, CEO of Scheidt & Bachmann Fare Collection Systems GmbH. “The expertise and strong dedication of everyone involved made it possible.”

“This agreement is a significant milestone for Bluefin as we extend our PCI-validated P2PE solutions globally,” said John Perry, Chief Executive Officer of Bluefin. “Securing payment and sensitive data is the highest priority in an expanding global market that truly needs protection now more than ever.”

About Bluefin

Bluefin is the recognized integrated payments leader in encryption and tokenization technologies that protect payments and sensitive data. Our product suite includes solutions for contactless, face-to-face, call center, mobile, E-commerce and unattended payments and data in the healthcare, higher education, government and nonprofit industries. The company’s 300 global partners serve 35,000 connected enterprise and software clients operating in 60 countries. Bluefin is a Participating Organization (PO) of the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) and is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Waterford, Ireland and Vienna, Austria.

About Scheidt & Bachmann

Scheidt & Bachmann provides innovative solutions for a mobile world that shape signalling systems, parking solutions, fuel retail solutions and fare collection systems worldwide.

Scheidt & Bachmann’s Fare Collection Systems division is a leading provider of system solutions that make using public transportation easy. In partnership with transport operators around the world, we are committed to making travel as pleasant and stress-free as possible for passengers. We combine the innovative products and services of our brand FareGo with the unique expertise of our international team. The result is reliable, intuitive, and forward-looking fare collection systems that help make sustainable mobility accessible to everyone.


Taylor Odekirk
Walker Sands, for Bluefin

Scheidt & Bachmann USA, Inc. Announce Channel Partnership with Creative Parking Concepts, LLC

October 31, 2022


Scheidt & Bachmann USA, Inc. Announce Channel Partnership with Creative Parking Concepts, LLC


CPC will become a sales, distribution, and service provider for new S&B customers in the Southeastern United States



LOWELL, MA and NASHVILLE, TN, (October 27, 2022) – Scheidt & Bachmann USA, Inc. (“S&B”) and Creative Parking Concepts, LLC (“CPC”) announced the signing of their channel partnership agreement whereby CPC will become a sales, distribution, and service provider for new S&B customers in the southeastern United States. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Creative Parking Concepts has been selling, installing, and supporting a variety of parking technologies since 2010 as one of the leading systems integrators in the parking and transportation industries. As part of this new relationship with Scheidt & Bachmann, CPC will now be representing one of the most iconic brands of Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (“PARCS”) in the world for customers within their region, which includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

For S&B, their partnership with Creative Parking Concepts reflects a new chapter in the organization’s 150-year history by marking the first time it will sell and support its products through a distributor-based model in North America. Until now, the company has operated exclusively with a “manufacturer direct” approach throughout the US and Canadian markets.

“After evaluating several key data points and metrics within our current business, moving to a distributor-based model in certain markets with the right, hand-selected partners that will add value to our existing offerings just makes sense,” said Bill Geraghty, Executive Vice President of Sales for S&B. “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to kick things off with Creative Parking Concepts and feel honored that they are as equally excited to be working with our organization. Todd Albert and his team are a highly talented and professional group of individuals that share our passion for delivering great technology and a great customer experience.”

Todd Albert, CEO of Creative Parking Concepts, stated, “When we became aware that Scheidt & Bachmann was building a partner channel in the states, we immediately raised our hand. S&B’s versatile product line is built to scale and includes the full range of features that today’s parking buyers demand; from gated to gateless, from tickets to apps. We are beyond excited to be selected to represent the time-honored S&B brand as a full-service partner in the US.”

Scheidt & Bachmann says similar announcements with additional key channel partners are in the works for other select markets around North America as they continue to enhance their Go- To-Market strategy to benefit both their customers and the business.

About Scheidt & Bachmann

Scheidt & Bachmann is one of the world market leaders in innovative system solutions for mobile living. With our products, we support numerous transport systems and thus keep millions of people on the move worldwide.

About Creative Parking Concepts

Founded in 2010, Creative Parking Concepts’ mission is to provide forward-thinking technology solutions to the commercial parking industry.



Global Parking Solutions Titan, Scheidt & Bachmann, Partners with Tech-Savvy, EV Charging Disruptor EVPassport

May 23, 2022

Global Parking Solutions Titan, Scheidt & Bachmann, Partners with

Tech-Savvy, EV Charging Disruptor EVPassport




Scheidt & Bachmann and EVPassport officially launched their partnership at the

2022 PIE Show, Reno, May 15th-18th at Booth 112.


 Scheidt & Bachmann and EVPassport have joined forces to bring EVPassport’s innovative hardware and software EV charging solutions to the parking industry. The two companies found common ground in their commitment to pushing the envelope in technological innovation for parking combined with a relentless approach to quality and customer service.


Scheidt & Bachmann Senior Executive Vice President Henk de Bruin, and EVPassport’s Co-founder and President Hooman Shahidi are mutually enthusiastic about this business development. “EVPassport hits on all the key mandates that our brand demands,” said de Bruin. “Their market-first technology, ease of use, reliability and durability are clear standouts in the marketplace.”

EVPassport’s Hooman Shahidi looks at Scheidt & Bachmann’s high “Tech IQ” as a key attraction to the partnership. “Scheidt & Bachmann quickly grasped the difference and potential of our platform and the importance of our mission.” said Shahidi, “Most of all, they demonstrated a powerful ability to communicate our vision to the marketplace,” concluded Shahidi.


About EVPassport

EVPassport is the technological evolution of EV charging software and hardware for forward-thinking companies around the world who place high value on the satisfaction of their customers. Their API-driven, cloud-based software provides endless integration possibilities and is the only truly open, interoperable EV charging platform. Businesses rely on EVPassport’s custom branded hardware to provide drivers with the easiest charging experience possible, requiring no apps, fobs or cards, just a simple QR code scan. And EVPassport’s lowest cost of entry and lucrative revenue share model delivers the fastest ROI in the market. EVPassport recently acquired 100% carbon neutral status and was selected as a “World Changing Idea for 2022” by Fast Company.


About Scheidt & Bachmann

Scheidt & Bachmann USA, Inc. is a leading provider of Parking and Fare Collection Systems for the North American market.  With global headquarters in Germany, the company has been delivering mobility solutions for 150 years of which the last 56 years have included the parking industry.  Core business activities include software development, manufacturing, integrating, deploying, servicing, and hosting complex revenue and access management systems.  Our solutions utilize advanced payments technology and open API architecture to deliver users a seamless journey while empowering owners and operators to maximize their revenue and operational effectiveness.  Scheidt & Bachmann’s U.S. headquarters are located in Lowell, MA. With 26 subsidiaries across the globe, Scheidt & Bachmann has over 3,000 employees worldwide and an unwavering commitment to the long term success of our customers.

Harry Reid International Airport upgraded parking to LPR thanks to Scheidt & Bachmann’s & Survision.

April 13, 2022





Harry Reid International Airport upgraded parking to LPR thanks to Scheidt & Bachmann’s & Survision.




What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas!




Survision LPR cameras have been Scheidt & Bachmann’s “weapon of choice” to face the challenge of upgrading Harry Reid International Airports (formerly McCarran Airport) Parking Management System.

Along with other major upgrades, this iconic airport has empowered its parking lots with 50 Survision Nanopak Totem cameras acquiring the ability to offer a frictionless exit to their customers, exponentially reducing waiting times, pollution levels, and radically eliminating lost ticket inconveniences/frauds.

When it comes to high volume traffic, as in the case of Las Vegas Airport, this represents a huge leap in service quality and operational efficiency; the challenge was tough: they needed to install 50 short-range LPR cameras without major infrastructure changes and without loop triggers.  Survision’s Ready-to-use Nanopak Totem was the perfect solution.

Laura Caillot, survision General Manager says:

“We are very excited of witnessing this LPR well justified “revolution”;  think about it, the benefits are undeniable for both customers and companies: 

On one hand, you have all the “magic” LPR can bring to the people(no wait in line, no lost ticket, less pollution, no badges) and on the other,  you have our special all-included Survision LPR cameras handling  all the processing by themselves!, All of this makes it easier and cheaper to do the LPR upgrade sparing you from spending thousands on heavy/expensive additional hardware” 

Survision LPR cameras already operate in many city airports such as London, and Paris.


LIDL Choose Scheidt & Bachmann and Survision for an Innovative Customer Parking Experience

April 01, 2021






LIDL Choose Scheidt & Bachmann and Survision for an Innovative Customer Parking Experience


LIDL, a European leader in mass retail and Scheidt&Bachmann, world leader in parking facilities, have come together to provide customers of the chain an innovative customer service experience with the help of SURVISION ANPR (Automatic number-plate recognition) technology.

The comfort of LIDL’s customers depends particularly on how easily and quickly they can find supermarket parking. As more and more supermarkets were opening in town centers, the importance of the reservation of parking places exclusively for LIDL customers became clear. A customer unable to find parking to load his shopping because all the spaces are occupied by improperly parked external vehicles is an unhappy customer who may never return.

Using SURVISION technology, Scheidt & Bachmann and LIDL have now installed in LIDL supermarket car-parks an access control Entrance to LIDL garage, closed parking barrierssystem which combines license plate recognition and barriers. Users benefit from a free parking period, beyond which they must pay a parking fee proportional to their length of stay.

Thanks to this system, the parking spaces are only used by LIDL customers who can park easily and exit rapidly, without payment and waiting at the barriers, as long as their parking stay doesn’t exceed the allotted free period. LIDL customers have a better experience in terms of comfort, fluidity and pollution reduction.

LIDL’s decision to employ the most innovative technologies for improved customer comfort is clearly in keeping with the progression of the chain in the French market. It has registered the best annual progression (with +0.4% of market shares in 2020) and has surpassed for the first time the level of 6% of market shares in France.

About Scheidt & Bachmann
The family-owned company with its headquarters in Moenchengladbach, Germany was founded in 1872 and is now managed in its fifth generation. In the four divisions Fare Collection systems, Signalling Systems, Petrol Station Systems, and Parking and Leisure Centre Systems, Scheidt & Bachmann are setting worldwide standards. The Parking Systems division dominates the international car park market by nearly 22,000 installations; it is the system provider for more than 75 airports worldwide. Scheidt & Bachmann provides with its brand “entervo” integrated, modular general solutions consisting of up-to-date JAVA software and innovative equipment.


SURVISION is a global leader in License Plate Reading (LPR). Since 2001, with solutions being deployed in over 30 countries with more than 20,000 sensors thanks to a network of 300 Value Added Integrators. The quality of its R&D team allows SURVISION to work with world-class integrators for a complete set of innovative solutions for Smart-City, Smart-Parking, law enforcement, toll road collection, car-park management, and for local authorities.


Scheidt & Bachmann Acquires Majority Stake in evopark

December 11, 2017


Scheidt & Bachmann Acquires Majority Stake in evopark



Porsche remains a close strategic partner


Scheidt & Bachmann USA Appoints Parking Industry Professional Luis Mendez

April 21, 2017


Scheidt & Bachmann USA Appoints Parking Industry Professional Luis Mendez 



Scheidt & Bachman USA recently hired industry professional Luis Mendez as the Parking division Sales Manager for California.  Mendez’ past experience collaborating with policy makers, operators, business leaders, planners, and designers makes him an excellent choice for establishing long-term partnerships in this region. His understanding of current technology and eye on future trends is in line with our commitment to innovation.



HAYWARD, CA – Leading parking solutions provider Scheidt & Bachmann USA announced Mendez’ hire on March 27th. Mendez will be advising customers on how to develop their operating concepts with a variety of models to choose from. Prior to joining Scheidt & Bachmann, Mendez held multiple business development roles and was involved in the selection of systems for international airports.


In this new role, Mendez will focus on client relations and business development. When asked about how he sees his new role Mendez stated, “Scheidt & Bachmann has remained relevant since 1872 by constantly evolving and earning a reputation for reliability. Our car park management software provides a stable foundation for futuristic solutions and demonstrates our flexibility in allowing the integration of third party hardware and software. As we convert digital disruptions into new business opportunities, our growth will be directly tied to the energy and diligence that we bring to every project. Listening to and incorporating our customers’ feedback into our processes and plans will ensure our continued success.”


Scheidt & Bachmann USA’s Executive Director, Henk de Bruin, adds that, “Luis knows how to run a business and understands the unique challenges that operators face in the parking industry. This is an invaluable combination and we are thankful that he is part of our team.”


Mendez will make his first public tradeshow appearance at the International Parking Institute (IPI) Expo in New Orleans, LA from May 22 – 24. For more information on Mendez’s expertise and his new role at Scheidt & Bachmann USA, please contact us at phinquiry@s-b-usa.com.



Scheidt & Bachmann USA’s Executive Director, Henk de Bruin and the Parking division Sales Manager for California, Luis Mendez

Scheidt & Bachmann USA Appoints Parking Professional Graham Haldeman to Oversee Mid-Atlantic Business Development

October 24, 2016


Scheidt & Bachmann USA Appoints Parking Professional Graham Haldeman to Oversee Mid-Atlantic Business Development



Parking solutions provider Scheidt & Bachman USA recently hired industry professional Graham Haldeman as Account Manager over the Mid-Atlantic region to lead the efforts in business development. Haldeman comes from an extensive background in parking operations in the Baltimore area.




BALTIMORE, MD – Leading transportation solutions provider Scheidt & Bachmann USA recently announced on October 17 the introduction of parking professional Graham Haldeman as the company’s Parking division Account Manager in the Mid-Atlantic region. As a highly regarded professional within the industry, Haldeman brings with him over twelve years of experience in parking operations.

Prior to Scheidt & Bachmann, Graham worked as a Senior Manager for SP Plus Corporation (SP+), the largest public parking company in the nation. He was responsible for developing and maintaining multi-million dollar portfolios and developed an extensive background in commercial, hotel, municipal, shuttle and residential parking operations.

In this role, Haldeman will oversee client relations as well as business development in the mid-Atlantic region. “I’m very excited to join the Scheidt & Bachmann family. I sought an opportunity where I could build and maintain relationships. Coming from the industry myself, I am sympathetic to my clients’ needs and so my ultimate goal is to help maximize business opportunities for all.”


Scheidt & Bachmann USA’s Regional Sales Director Tim Rowland adds that “Graham brings an operational knowledge that is well versed and not easily taught to someone just entering the parking industry. His experience started from ground up in valet parking to working through the ranks of management, so this allows him to relate to our customers at all levels. We have full confidence in Graham’s ability to represent Scheidt & Bachmann well.”


Graham will make his first public tradeshow appearance at the California Public Parking Association Conference in Orange County, CA from November 1-3. For further information on Haldeman’s expertise and his new role at Scheidt & Bachmann, please contact us at phinquiry@s-b-usa.com.


About Scheidt & Bachmann

Scheidt & Bachmann has been a leading international transportation solutions provider since 1872. The company has 24 subsidiaries across the globe with 2,900 employees and over 6,000 total parking project installations. The Scheidt & Bachmann USA subsidiary operates two business divisions – Parking Systems and Fare Collection Systems – in the North American market. The Parking Division offers parking access and revenue control systems to various industry clients including airports, hospitals, universities and municipalities. Scheidt & Bachmann is highly regarded as the leader in providing complex solutions for airport PARCS installations. The company prides itself on maintaining a reputation as the top leader in the industry through its emphasis on innovation, reliability, flexibility and service. Recently, Scheidt & Bachmann USA moved headquarters to a new facility in Lowell, MA. For more information, visit Scheidt & Bachmann’s website at www.scheidt-bachmann.com.




Scheidt & Bachmann Sponsors Women In Parking Networking Event at Intertraffic to Begin Discussions to Form European Professional Chapter

May 02, 2016


Scheidt & Bachmann Sponsors Women In Parking Networking Event at Intertraffic to Begin Discussions to Form European Professional Chapter



International PARCS provider Scheidt  & Bachmann GmbH partnered with Women In Parking to host an introductory networking event on April 7, 2016 during the Intertraffic Amsterdam Conference and Expo. The event served to encourage discussions to establish a formal European Chapter of Women In Parking for the collective continent. Over 70 professionals attended the evening occasion which was held at the Scheidt & Bachmann conference booth.


“The platform provided by Scheidt & Bachmann was vital in bringing together parking organizations and Chief Officers to not miss opportunities to grow their own companies by ensuring that they tap in to  and recognize the women in their organizations who may and could enhance their businesses,” said Anjna Patel, past president of British Parking Association and Principal Officer of parking at Sandwell MBC in the United Kingdom.

Representatives from a variety of parking sectors including vendors, operators, consultants and public specialties participated in the event to learn more about the organization’s mission. A host of industry leaders were invited to speak at the event including Anjna Patel; Ashley Bijster, Managing Director of Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions; and Laurence Bannerman, current president of European Parking Association.

“The response and turnout for the WIP European Event was amazing,” commented attendee Julie Dixon, President at Dixon Resources Unlimited and WIP member. “It was so rewarding to see how many of our colleagues enthusiastically attended to represent their support.”

The Women In Parking (WIP) organization was founded in the U.S. in 2011 to serve as the premier association dedicated to promoting the advancement and achievement of female parking professionals by providing networking, leadership, and career outreach opportunities to its members. For the past few years, Women In Parking has worked persistently to offer resources that all organizations within the industry can access and take full advantage of to improve and capitalize on a gender balanced workforce within their respective organizations.

Over 200 individual members and a number of corporate sponsors including Scheidt & Bachmann support the Women In Parking. It is the organization’s desire to see the same success with a European Chapter. According to Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH’s Parking Managing Director and EPA Board associate member Martin Kammler, “it is imperative that global leaders in parking recognize the valuable initiative that an organization such as Women In Parking can bring to business discussions. I am fully supportive of a more diverse environment where collaborative ideas can be brought to the table to reach our fullest potential. This is not only a matter of supporting gender equality in the workplace but more importantly about recognizing valuable talent within our organizations by giving them necessary tools to grow and succeed.”

Women In Parking will be holding future information and networking sessions at European parking conferences and expos. In the meantime, the organization will work towards attaining formal establishment of a European Chapter as well as recruiting a leadership board and members. For immediate information about the Women In Parking association, please visit www.womeninparking.com.


SKIDATA AG honors Scheidt & Bachmann’s 50th Anniversary

April 20, 2016


SKIDATA AG honors Scheidt & Bachmann’s 50th Anniversary


SKIDATA made a surprise presentation to Scheidt & Bachman celebrating their 50th Anniversary in the parking industry during the Intertraffic trade fair. The Executive Board and Management Team from SKIDATA presented Scheidt & Bachman celebratory cakes customized with the S+B logo, parking equipment and SKIDTA’s mascot hummingbird “sweb” wishing them all the best.


“We have a very professional relationship with Scheidt & Bachmann. We challenge each other with the objective to improve our solutions. At the end the customers are the winners.” said Robert Weiskopf, CSO at SKIDATA.

Martin Kammler of Scheidt & Bachmann added: “The members of Scheidt & Bachmann were very appreciative of SKIDATA’s act of kindness in support of Scheidt & Bachmann’s 50th Parking Anniversary celebration during Intertraffic. As global players, both of our companies have mutual respect towards each other’s achievements and we look forward to continuing to encourage each other to lead with better solutions for the industry.”


In photo, L-R: Alexander Vouk (SD), James Toal (SD), Dr. Norbert Miller (S+B), Hugo Rohner (SD), Robert Weiskopf (SD), Martin Kammler (S+B), Willem-Jan Balk (SD), Ralf Klomp (SD).

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