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Schreiner PrinTrust at PARKEN 2019, booth NORD B51: The Latest RFID Solutions for Smart Parking

May 08, 2019


Schreiner PrinTrust at PARKEN 2019, booth NORD B51

The Latest RFID Solutions for Smart Parking


Oberschleissheim, May, 8th 2019 –Contactless entering and exiting, automatic billing and app-based supporting services—this is what the future of parking looks like. At PARKEN in Wiesbaden from June 5 to 6, Schreiner PrinTrust as a leading provider of RFID solutions for smart parking will showcase its latest portfolio of solutions for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI): RFID windshield solutions for on-street parking, off-street parking and Third License Plates for official vehicle identification. As the highlight to be featured at its booth, the certified specialist for security and authentication will demonstrate how the total project can be delivered by a one-stop shop: from the selection and production of suitable RFID labels through to cards and personalized mailers.

The PARKEN trade show covers the entire breadth of the parking industry. Schreiner PrinTrust as a total solutions provider offers a wide variety of products in this fast-growing market with a major impact on the everyday lives of many people, and thus is actively involved in shaping the future:

Labels Specifically for Smart Parking and AVI Applications 

Along with increasing mobility the worldwide traffic volume keeps growing, as well as the related customer expectations. Especially bottlenecks such as entrances to parking garages and toll gates call for solutions that accelerate traffic flow. The ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global enables contactless Automatic Vehicle Identification ( AVI) in diverse applications. Reliable access control and electronic billing of distances driven on toll roads are thus efficiently supported. In the “Secure” version, an encrypted solution for applications with high security demands is available as well.

Applications in the area of smart parking make special demands on the RFID label. Schreiner PrinTrust’s ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global UHF satisfies these requirements because it was specifically developed for AVI use. It is highly resistant against heat and sunlight, which is essential for long life on the inside of windshields. Users benefit from the high UHF RFID performance of the chip. Due to invisibly integrated, full-surface light protection, the chip is fully functional even when exposed to direct sun irradiation—unlike many other solutions available on the market. The ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global UHF is produced in Schreiner Group’s high-secure ISO 14298 certified environment in Oberschleissheim.

Convenient Off-Street-Parking

When drivers approach a parking garage gate in their vehicles the barrier automatically opens via the wireless technology of the chip in the ((rfid))-Windshield Label applied to the inside of the front window. The fees to be paid are calculated by capturing the entry and exit times and charged to the customer based on the payment data stored in the IT system of the parking facility operator.

Efficient On-Street Parking Checks

In on-street parking, the ((rfid))-Windshield Label and its counterpart, the ((rfid))-Parking Permit, enhance efficiency as well. With the ((rfid))-Parking Permit, vehicles can automatically and conveniently be identified on the outside in a contactless process from a distance of a few meters, which enormously reduces the verification effort. Due to RFID, data transmission works without direct line of sight. This verification can be complemented by a direct visual check based on the printed image and security features.

All Components from a One-Stop-Shop

As a one-stop-shop Schreiner PrinTrust not only offers a diverse product portfolio of labels specifically developed for parking and AVI. In parking applications, the corresponding access media have to be distributed to a large number of consumers.

For these purposes, Schreiner PrinTrust offers the delivery of the total project from a single source – from the selection and production of suitable RFID labels through to individual mailers to consumers. This massively reduces the coordination requirements for the customer and ensures the high quality of all the components.

Partner PAV Card will be featured as a co-exhibitor at Schreiner PrinTrust’s booth. The experts from PAV Card will showcase mailing solutions, IT services and card products.

Utmost Security for Official Applications: ((rfid))-3rd License Plate

Schreiner PrinTrust offers suitable AVI solutions for official applications as well. Vehicles without proper registrations cause massive damage worldwide—from tax losses to vehicle thefts through to higher security risks such as circumvention of access controls. These issues call for effective measures to deter fraud and abuse, and to provide faster proof of illegal practices: Schreiner PrinTrust’s Third License Plate is a security label affixed to the inside of the windshield. It complements the conventional metal license plates that can easily be stolen, copied and illegally reused. With the Third License Plate, due to its location in the vehicle’s interior and its additional protective mechanisms against tampering and counterfeiting, this cannot readily be done. The self-adhesive seal bears the vehicle data issued by the vehicle registration authority and may be used to cover additional applications such as proof of insurance, proof of taxes and fees paid, parking permission, toll or access controls.


About Schreiner PrinTrust

Schreiner PrinTrust, a business unit of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG based in Oberschleissheim near Munich, Germany, develops and markets specific functional and security labels for system suppliers and service providers focused on identification and authentication solutions. The unit’s activities are centered on customers such as card manufacturers, RFID system integrators and suppliers of products for government authorities. Schreiner PrinTrust’s portfolio is focused on customized self-adhesion products and services for PIN protection, NFC-Stickers for contactless payment, RFID solutions for automatic vehicle identification, as well as products such as vignettes, stickers and transfer seals serving as proof of payment of official fees or as access authorization.

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