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Ottawa Goes Live with Schweers Parking Enforcement

September 01, 2020

Ottawa Goes Live with Schweers Parking Enforcement


Faced with an outdated enforcement solution and aging hardware Ottawa, ON turned to Schweers to radically transform their parking operation. Ottawa, ON is the first city in Canada to introduce the Schweers’ Politess Android Enforcement Solution. Schweers has been building parking enforcement solutions for 32 years. A market leader with 1,200 customers, we are proud to collaborate with the Capital of Canada to provide a powerful enforcement solution for this international city of 1.25 million and 11 million annual visitors. Our flexibility enabled the development and delivery of this progressive solution serving both By-Law Officers as well as multiple Private Property Agencies..

Undeterred by challenges as a result of Covid-19, Schweers worked hand in hand with the City to build and deliver a tailored web-based solution with real time communication, digital checks against 3rd party vendors, tickets printed in both French and English, all in total compliance with the City’s hi level security requirements. Working with Parksmart, Schweers is providing Ottawa with a unified parking enforcement operation converting their existing system into a cohesive, powerful and streamlined program.


About Schweers:

In 1988, Schweers developed our first Parking Enforcement solution.  Now, 32 years and 1,200 municipal customers later, our success is still based on the same fundamental principles. Innovation, ingenuity, quality, and long term goals are the foundation of Schweers’ success. By working hand in hand with our customers and partners, we are able to empower each other and find mutually beneficial solutions. From working together, customers in the USA benefit from the lessons learned in Germany, and those in Germany learn from solutions developed in the Australia, and thus the circle continues. At Schweers we believe that common goals can only be reached through extensive collaboration.

Each customer is important. And no two customers are alike. Each city has their own laws and regulations, so each enforcement solution needs to reflect these differences.

Designed and developed in-house since 1988.

Our customers range from cities with 600 handheld devices to small villages with only one handheld.

Schweers Delivers Powerful LPR Inventory App at Memphis International Airport

August 05, 2020




Schweers Delivers Powerful LPR Inventory App




ABM Aviation and Memphis International Airport implement Politess Handheld LPR Inventory Solution.


Faced with aging equipment and out of data technology ABM Aviation and Memphis International Airport turned to Schweers to develop a fast, accurate and cost-effective License Plate Inventory Solution.  Previously a labor and time intensive job, but now using our LPR app the airport will drastically increase productivity.


Daily, each parked car is scanned using our handheld Politess LPR Inventory app on rugged Zebra devices.  A complete tally of all parked cars is made in a web based hosted office available for any authorized user complete with photos linked with location and time stamp.


Memphis International Airport is the busiest cargo airport in the United States, the global hub for FedEx Express and has 80 passenger flights per day.


Schweers is proud to partner with ABM and Memphis International Airport.


Schweers Technologies, together with our German Parent company, has over 1,200 customers around the world. Our customers range from cities with 600 handheld devices to small villages with only one handheld.