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ROKER Acquires SecurePark Technologies for End-to-End Parking Management and Enforcement Solution

July 20, 2021


ROKER Acquires SecurePark Technologies for End-to-End Parking Management and Enforcement Solution



Company to address needs of multi-billion-dollar smart parking market


PRINCETON, N.J. and EDMONTON, Alberta, July 20, 2021 ( — ROKER Inc., a provider of technology solutions aimed at urban space management inclusive of parking and enforcement, today announced that it has closed on a deal to acquire SecurePark Technologies of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2009, SecurePark offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) parking enforcement platform for municipalities, parking operators, airports, schools, hospitals, security and property management users. The deal was structured as an asset purchase with the seller receiving an undisclosed amount of cash and stock as consideration. It closed on July 15, 2021, and all SecurePark employees are now part of the ROKER team.

ROKER and SecurePark have been collaborating over the past year and recently won projects to implement a fully integrated parking enforcement and violation lifecycle management solution in the cities of Midland and Thorold, Ontario. Powered by blockchain and license plate recognition technology, the ROKER platform enables digital contracts for parking permits, accepts payments and provides transaction traceability for the public and private sectors. ROKER maintains CJIS compliance, an FBI standard for data security and encryption for criminal justice and law enforcement professionals, at all levels of record storage and retrieval for the government needs.

“This deal with SecurePark caps a landmark inaugural year for ROKER,” said Sachin Bedi, CEO, ROKER. “We marked the successful launch of our parking permit and violation management system, secured funding, and established solid customer traction, thanks in part to SecurePark. With the addition of the SecurePark team, intellectual property and recurring revenue stream, we now have a complete end-to-end system, along with the experienced team and resources needed to scale.”

The ROKER SaaS-based integrated parking platform enables permit management, parking enforcement, and mobile payments, and manages violations and compliance for customers such as parking operators, universities, airports, retail establishments and public parks. This cloud-first system is built on a state-of-the-art architecture that includes artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of Things to empower real-time transactions.

“Over the last decade, SecurePark has built a strong customer and user base, working with leading parking operators like Precise ParkLink in Canada to implement our parking enforcement solution with municipalities, airports, shopping centers, universities, and property management firms. This has led to new opportunities with cities and businesses in the United States and Canada,” said Shane Nolan, former President of SecurePark and ROKER’s new Head of Operations. “As we worked closely with ROKER to better serve our customer’s needs, we realized that we had found the right partner to join forces with and address the growing need for modern, affordable, and simple end-to-end parking management solutions, that would allow a larger market of customers to embrace new automation tools.”

ROKER was founded in June 2020 as a venture between Rekor Systems (NASDAQ: REKR), a provider of real-time roadway, customer and public safety intelligence to enable AI-driven decisions, and Cygnet Infotech, a premier product engineering and application development services firm. Cygnet’s then CEO Sachin Bedi took the lead at ROKER as its CEO. The ROKER solution is built on the technology stacks of both founding companies.

The expanded ROKER organization is headquartered in Princeton, NJ with its second office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. ROKER’s product portfolio will be sold directly and through the resale channel as individual and integrated products. Customers using the company’s solutions will benefit from the ease of use of both systems, the ability to integrate with any hardware, and the automation of routine parking and enforcement tasks, which leads to revenue recovery and generation.

About ROKER, Inc.
ROKER delivers technology solutions aimed at urban space management inclusive of parking, and enforcement, to enable higher revenue recovery for public safety institutions and the commercial market. The company creates an ecosystem for smart parking that will converge with smart city initiatives across the globe. ROKER leverages proprietary intellectual property from Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:REKR), a Maryland- based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, and Cygnet Infotech, a premier product engineering and application development services firm. ROKER was founded in 2020.

Sachin Bedi



Sachin Bedi

World-Wide Industry Leader Secure Parking expands into the Hawai`ian Islands

July 22, 2019




World-Wide Industry Leader Secure Parking expands into the Hawai`ian Islands




Secure Parking, the “only” established global world leader in parking management and innovation, is still growing with their latest expansion of projects into the Hawai`ian Islands. They are a parking transportation company unlike any other, with technology and innovation second to none around the globe!


The Secure Parking Group has a record of operational excellence stretching over a forty-(40) year period. Secures state-of-the-art technology in the mobility sector can be found in parking operations across major airports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, colleges & universities, medical centers, office towers, industrial complexes and sporting stadiums.


If this list wasn’t long enough, their operations can be found in over 13-different countries spanning the globe, including the US (mainland), United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and South Korea. Major city locations include, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, London, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Manila and Honolulu, Hawai’i;Secure Parking’s base of operations and Corporate Office for Hawai’i. No other transportation can provide these global initiatives!


This award-winning company, established by Garth and Brett Matthews in 1979, is the largest property group in the world and currently employs over 25,000 employees and shows no signs of slowing down. Secure Parking has a prestigious confirmation, having received many awards including TOP100 SME for Exemplary Standards and Service Excellence, Parking Industry Award for Outstanding Marketing and Communications, Parking Organization of the Year (sponsored by NRMA), and ABA100, 1st Prize Winner for Best New Product and Marketing Excellence.


This listing of impressive industry awards is not what solely sets them apart within the transportation industry. Secure Parking also distinguishes themselves with their focus on sustainability. Prior to the introduction of recent parking operations in the Hawai`ian islands, Secure began their journey on O`ahu in 2016. Throughout urban Honolulu you may know Secure Parking as BIKI, a world-class bicycle transit system brought to you by Bike Share Hawai`i. Secure Bike Share, a company under the Secure Parking Group, signed as a partner for the finance and operations of the sustainable transport system which has since been ranked the sixth-(6) best bike share system in North America, within two-(2) years and growing every day.


Secure Bike Share’s specialized experience in the transport and customer service industry has made for an optimized system that exceeds the community and visitor mobility needs throughout any local community. According to their website, BIKI’s mission is “to provide the public with high quality, convenient, reliable, and affordable bikeshare services that enhance community health and livability; strengthen our public transportation system, and connect people to more places where they live, work and play throughout Hawaii nei”. www.gobiki.org


Secure Bike Share’s Managing Director is Kelvin Tjia, who has stated he is “extremely passionate about sustainable transport, and believe[s] everyone deserves an enjoyable experience throughout their commute and destination”. Throughout his career working as a professional for various multinational corporations, Kelvin has gained an in-depth knowledge into business management across diverse business sectors and geographies. He is committed to apply his skillsets to help serve Hawai`i’s markets in the transportation sector’s and industry.


Secure Parking is passionate about enhancing the customer experience and maximizing the potential of each parking operation through top of the line management formulas. Named the “System4Success”, Secure focuses on consulting, technology, operations, marketing, financial management, and sustainability, and individualizes it to each parking operation to create tailored solutions.


The General Manager at Secure Parking Hawai`i, Jonathan Mauri – stated that he “aim[s] to build and expand cross-industry businesses around the world; harnessing the expertise of local experts to not only grow [his] own knowledge and experience, but to establish successful operations.”An attitude that mirrors that of the ever-growing organization. Where others are tentative with the unknown, this is no repellent to Jonathan and Secure Parking. Rather stating, “[the unknown] motivates and excites [him] to stretch [his] knowledge and gain fast paced experience in not only new markets but new industries as well”.


Jonathan has accumulated over ten-(10) years of experience owning his own businesses, as well as working with multinational organizations to expand a diverse range of operations into new markets.His focus has been in the Construction, Transportation, and Finance industries.Within his two-(2) years in Hawai’i, Jonathan, along with Secure, has launched three-(3) new businesses into the Hawai`ian market and his aspirations do not cease there.

Not only is Secure expanding their operations and markets, they are expanding their local team as well; having brought on Stephen J. Kozlowski as the Director of Strategies/Solutions and Development.


Stephen is a seasoned Transportation Strategist who partners with companies, individuals and organizations at every level to grow and enhance their professional brands, transportation needs; marketing and professional parking management.As an industry expert, Stephen specializes in Airports, Commercial Buildings, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Municipalities, Retail, Marina’s, Sports/Entertainment and Residential. After spending nearly 30 years working in Transportation Management across North America, and operations for multimillion-dollar companies, start-ups, and everything in-between, Stephen knows what truly drives conversions—and it’s not mastering the flavor of the week. “It’s how well you deliver, connect and communicate with the heart-beating people and organizations you’re working with for longevity!”, said Kozlowski.


Secure Parking does not only help the customer to have a seamless and tailored experience in each parking operation, they also assist the businesses and wider community through analyzing traffic impact, public-demand analysis and remodeling the parking access and strategies. This international organization has stated that their company values include placing relationships and people first, integrity, resilience, daring tochallenge the status quo, and passion. Daring they are, as they inject innovation and global expertise into the local community on O`ahu, and expansions into neighboring islands such as Maui, The Big Island, and Kuai`i.


Jonathan Mauri, GM says, “We are very excited to see how we can enhance the parking experience over the next 12 months and beyond. We’re confident we’ll continue to bring globally, proven expertise to benefit the wider community here in the Hawai`ian Islands focusing on hospitality and service”.