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July 23, 2021









As the national demand for fast EV charging stations surges, the push towards easier and more impactful solutions gains momentum



SKYCHARGER, a one-of-a kind company dedicated to creating environmentally conscious communities today announced a new partnership with JuiceBar, an industry leader in fast electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The introduction of this partnership is a step forward in meeting the evolving demands of the expanding EV market.

JuiceBar provides a premium-level charging experience that is faster, safer, and more reliable, with options for brand customization to amplify host sites’ commitment to sustainability. Together, JuiceBar and SKYCHARGER will expand the EV charging infrastructure while eliminating the challenges that many businesses may face by hosting EV charging stations.

“The EV charger infrastructure in the U.S. is not currently equipped to align with tomorrow’s mass adoption trends in electric vehicle growth,” said Paul Vosper, President and CEO of JuiceBar. “This new partnership allows businesses to offer complete – and superior – EV charging solutions with the comprehensive end-to-end processes taken care of for them. Not only will host sites be able to provide a best-of-breed EV charging experience for their customers, but they will also be able to maximize usage to help drive more customers to their locations.

The synergy of JuiceBar and SKYCHARGER will enable businesses of all sizes to grow by attracting more EV drivers to their locations. Consumer research states that consumers tend to shop closest to where they park, therefore it is highly likely they will patronize the host site’s business.

SKYCHARGER equips each host site with the EVent Marketing™ software program, which enables the host site to deliver highly competitively charging rates.  The complementary strengths create a complete solution that provides an easy, one stop service including financial, hardware, software, installation, and management solutions.

“We educate businesses on why they need EV charging stations at their location(s) and help them grow by attracting a new demographic of consumers to their business,” said Jeff Zissulis, CEO of SKYCHARGER, “In fact we can show them how an EV charging station can significantly reduce their overall customer acquisition costs and cost per customer.”

About JuiceBar
JuiceBar has been leading the EV Charger EVolution since 2009 and is committed to building a global EV charging infrastructure that sustains the environment for future generations. Our JuiceBar chargers are deployed across more than 100 cities in the United States and Canada and are manufactured and assembled in the USA. Our recently launched Gen 3 chargers are 60% faster than the industry’s standard Level 2 charger, offer unique safety features and provide choice of communication networks. We are recognized for our technology, elegant and resilient charger designs with custom branding, a superior user experience, and our ability to consult and guide buyers through a cost-effective transition to e-mobility solutions. www.JuiceBarEV.com.

Established in 2013, SKYCHARGER has emerged as a leader in the EV charging space. It is our mission to create environmentally conscious communities, where accessibility to EV charging is not a luxury. Offering Level 2 and DC fast charging, vehicle-to-grid charging, fleet electrification, solar canopies including EV charging, and low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) solutions, we are poised to continue to lead the sustainable energy revolution. With the backing of Skyview Ventures, we simplify the rebate and permitting process and remove the financial burden from our partners and the host sites. SKYCHARGER delivers a new consumer demographic to businesses while protecting the environment and minimizing the carbon footprint.

SKYCHARGER was named Company of the Year in 2021 by AutoTech Magazine and is headquartered in Nashville, TN. SKYCHARGER – Where EV Charging is a Breeze. www.SKYCHARGER.com