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Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) announces FY18 First Half Results

February 26, 2018



Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) announces FY18 First Half Results



Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) is delighted to announce record first half results for the 2018 financial year, where growth trend continues with increased margins and significant technology wins.


Financial highlights

  • Group revenue $16.1m up 26%
  • Adjusted EBITDA $3.8m up 115%
  • NPAT $2.2m up 509%
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin up 7% from 13.9% to 23.6%
  • Operating cash flow $3.1m up 1,376%


Operational highlights

  • Continued installation of Smart Parking technology around the
  • Continued investment in technology, including new smart city IoT


Management services

  • Revenue of 12.9m up 19% on H1
  • EBITDA increased 38% to $4.8m vs H1
  • EBITDA margin growth of 5% to 37% demonstrates the quality of new business and focus on customer
  • Continues to deliver earnings growth through installation of Automatic Number Plate Recognition [ANPR] technology in line with company


  • Business transformation continues following the loss of legacy contracts of Asda and Matalan in H2 FY16 and
  • VAT adjustment – despite the changes to VAT the UK business continues to demonstrate strong



  • Revenue of 3.9m up 79%
  • EBITDA improved 56% on H1
  • New smart city platform, SmartCloud, delivered and
  • Additional capabilities launched to market and orders
  • Public WiFi added to the SmartCloud platform for Moonee Valley, demonstrating true smart city & IoT
  • New SmartParking app delivered and operational, with orders to deliver


CEO commemntary

Smart Parking CEO Paul Gillespie: “We are pleased to announce that we have managed to increase Adjusted EBITDA  before non-recurring items  for the half year ending 31 December 2017 by 115%. Strong growth in our Parking Management business, significant Smart City contract wins in the Technology division and strategic partnerships with Telstra and Google are providing positive momentum heading into the second half of FY18.”






Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ) | A Global Parking Business

Smart Parking is leading the way in the delivery of proven, fully integrated end- to-end information technology that results in a transformation of the complete parking experience. This is based upon the ongoing exclusive innovations being progressively delivered and the extensive experience which it has developed.

With over 40,000 vehicle detection sensors installed in 17 countries, in some of the industry’s largest deployments Smart Parking has achieved the position of holding the largest market share of the global intelligent parking sensor and integrated smart parking services market.


Smart Parking Limited: New parking app launched to ease the search for a parking spot in Cardiff in Europe’s first citywide roll out of smart parking technology

November 10, 2017



Smart Parking Limited: New parking app launched to ease the search for a parking spot in Cardiff in Europe’s first citywide roll out of smart parking technology




Cardiff, UK: Cardiff is bidding farewell to the pain of finding a parking spot as a new smart parking system that helps drivers find an available parking space using the new ‘Park Cardiff’ smartphone app will go-live this week.


Working with parking technology firm Smart Parking Limited, Cardiff Council has installed 3,300 sensors in ‘paid-for’ and disabled parking bays.

Cardiff Council is the first Council in Europe to roll out this technology across its citywide road network.

Councillor Caro Wild, Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport at Cardiff Council has set out his vision to get as many people as possible to use alternative forms of transport.

Cllr Wild said: “Although our priority is for people to use public or alternative forms of transport, we accept that there will still be a requirement for people to use the private car. Given this, we want to provide the technology to make parking as easy as possible, so that people don’t have to drive around the city to find a parking space. “

Cllr Wild continued: “Now that we have invested in this scheme, we want people that park in and around the city centre to download the free app – it is easy to use and will help both the motorist and the Council. Congestion and driving at low speeds significantly increases pollutants form cars, so we want people to find a space and park as quickly as possible.”


Vehicle detection sensors are embedded into the road and detect whether or not the parking bay is occupied using infrared technology.

Populated with data collected through the sensors, drivers in Cardiff can download an app, called Park Cardiff, to search and view a real-time map of parking availability and be directed to an empty space. The Park Cardiff app is now available for iOS and Android devices on the Apple Store and Google Play store.

Park Cardiff can also connect users to Cardiff’s mobile parking payment service – provided by MiPermit – which comes with free confirmation and reminder texts.

Smart Parking’s bay sensor system has already been successfully deployed in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, South Africa and Europe.

The full rollout follows a successful pilot project in which 225 sensors were installed in streets including Museum Avenue and Sophia Gardens Car Park.

Paul Gillespie, Smart Parking’s Group Chief Executive Officer, said he is delighted that Smart Parking technology is playing a key role in helping to transform the parking experience in Cardiff.

“The launch of the Smart Parking system is an important step in realising Cardiff’s vision of being a high quality, liveable smart city. Through the use of this innovative technology and the information it gathers, the city now have the opportunity to better understand the dynamics of traffic and parking.”

“The Park Cardiff app will deliver major benefits for people who need to park in central Cardiff. It will make finding a parking space easier so that drivers can reach their destinations faster and more conveniently and make a contribution to reducing the congestion and pollution associated with drivers speculatively searching for a space to park.”



Smart Parking Limited – Cardiff City Council set to unveil Europe’s first citywide deployment of bay sensor technology

January 23, 2017


Cardiff City Council set to unveil Europe’s first citywide deployment of bay sensor technology



In a commitment to ensuring Cardiff is a high quality, attractive and liveable smart city, Cardiff City Council is using innovative technology to deliver tangible service improvements in city management, with a wide range of applications across council functions. One of these innovations is the introduction of Smart Parking technology.


Europe’s first citywide deployment of bay sensor technology


Cardiff is the most highly populated Welsh Local Authority, with around 346,100 inhabitants[1]. The city’s population is growing rapidly and by 2026 is predicted to grow between 14 and 19% to 395,000-413,000.[2]



Delivered by Smart Parking Limited (ASX:SPZ), Europe’s first citywide deployment of bay sensor technology will transform the parking experience through a combination of the following technologies:



  • the installation of over 3000 infrared vehicle detection sensors in on and off street locations;
  • the use of ANPR technology at off-street car parks across the city
  • variable message signage strategically placed throughout the city, directing motorists to available parking; and,
  • the introduction of SmartApp, the real-time parking availability and guidance smartphone app.




  • Cllr Ramesh Patel, Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Sustainability, said:

“The City Council’s primary focus is to encourage public transport, cycling and walking and encouraging people to leave their cars at home. We do understand that sometimes travelling by car is necessary, either because public transport routes are not available or viable. This technology will ensure that people travelling by private car are able to find their car parking space quickly and easily. This will have a number of benefits, notably helping in our aim to reduce congestion and improve air quality levels in the city centre.”

Through Smart Parking’s industry leading back office processing and analysis platform, SmartRep and Cardiff City Council will gain better intelligence on parking activity in its parking facilities.

Paul Gillespie, Smart Parking CEO, commented:

“The launch of Smart Parking technology in Cardiff highlights the growing importance of smart city technology to not only manage parking but to also equip city operators who perform smart city IoT planning with accurate data and insight in order to radically change the way cities operate.”

Gillespie adds: “In today’s fast changing sustainable and technological environment, success belongs to the Cities who are continually innovating and see opportunity where others do not. This exciting citywide deployment, between the City of Cardiff Council and Smart Parking, will help the Council to address the strategic and operational aspects of parking operations. This will help the Council to achieve its goal of ensuring the City is clean and sustainable by making sure that parking behavior does not negatively impact on the city and the people who live, work and visit it. We look forward to working with the City of Cardiff Council in achieving its vision to become Europe’s most liveable capital city“

Background – Cardiff’s Bay Sensor Technology

The City of Cardiff’s 2015 sensor pilot initially covered 275 bays across the city. Drivers can download SmartApp, to see when parking spaces are available in real time.

It comprises of Smart Parking’s flush mounted, anti-slip profile RFID-equipped SmartEye sensors, which use advanced sensing technology to detect when a vehicle has occupied a parking space.

Real time data is then communicated to the back office system SmartRep, regarding changes to parking space occupancy on a second-by-second basis. Drivers are able to access SmartApp to view an accurate live map of available parking spaces nearby or at a location that they plan to travel to.

The initial pilot looked to assessed the operational capacity and usefulness of the system including providing customers with the real time parking availability via a smartphone app.

Watch BBC Wales News coverage.

The technology is complemented by the recent parking machine upgrade, where Metric Elite LS pay and display parking machines with new payment options, including credit card and pay-by-phone technology (MiPermit) are currently being installed across the City.

Media are invited to speak to members of Cardiff City Council and Smart Parking

DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2017

WHERE: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

WHEN: 9-10:00am

Cllr Ramesh Patel, Cabinet Member Transport, Planning & Sustainability
Miriam Highgate, Cardiff Council Section Leader (Transport Vision, Policy and Strategy)
Jim Short, Smart Parking Technology Sales Manager

[1]2011 Census.

[2] Source: Cardiff LDP Deposit Plan and Welsh Government 2011 Bases Population Predictions

Media contact: Emily Armstrong
T: (0)845 230 3081 M +44 (0)7825 753202 E emily.armstrong@smartparking.com

Smart Parking Limited – Wellington joins an elite list of smarter cities around the globe that are embracing everyday available technology to make life better for the people.

August 08, 2016


Wellington joins an elite list of smarter cities around the globe that are embracing everyday available technology to make life better for the people.



Following a successful trial Wellington City Council in partnership with Smart Parking Limited are set to launch Sector 1 of the cities smart parking system – a move which could transform how residents, visitors and commuters park their car in the Capital.


Sector 1 sees approximately 900 parking sensors placed in the Golden Mile and the surrounding area with a further 3 sectors and over 2,580 sensors to be rolled out before Christmas, making it the largest deployment of the technology in Asia Pacific.

Parking at your fingertips

Parking Services Manager for Wellington City Council, Michelle Riwai says “The introduction of this new technology means you just enter the parking space number at the parking machine, pay for the time you need and it’s done. You don’t need to return to your vehicle to display a receipt. Parking sensors also mean that we can implement more convenient ways to pay”.

Drivers can download the free app PayMyPark which allows them to pay for their parking session straight from their smartphone device and extend their time remotely.

Once downloaded they simply enter the bay number into the app and press ‘start’ then continue at their leisure. Upon return to the vehicle they then select the ‘stop’ function therefore only paying for the time they use. Smart Parking’s infrared sensors automatically detect when a car arrives and relays the information to PayMyPark alerting the application of the cars arrival and departure.

Smart Parking’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Paul Gillespie said: “Smart Parking sensors work in conjunction with PayMyPark to make parking a stress free experience. No more looking for change or racing back to the car. Simply park and enjoy! Not only does this improve the driver experience but it also indirectly helps Wellington businesses by improving access to the CBD.”

Drivers are also given the option to pay for a ‘fixed period’ in advance. When their parking period is about to expire they will receive a text alert and the option to extend their time remotely. If they finish early they can simply stop the parking session and receive an automatic refund to their account.

No more searching for coins, no receipt needed and most importantly motorists only pay for their actual parking time!

Leading edge parking management

Smart Parking’s central database SmartRep collates and analyses the live information on how parking space is being used. Accurate vehicle-by-vehicle, minute-by-minute data on actual usage of the city’s facilities gives Wellington City Council the leading edge in day-to-day management and future planning.

Chief Operating Officer Greg Orchard says, “The new system builds on our Smart Capital approach towards making transport choices easier. Having real-time information about parking space use is one step to understanding parking trends in the city. The information about parking space use, turnover and occupancy will help plan Wellington’s parking and transport needs.”


The use of smart parking sensors to work in conjunction with the PayMyPark app has already been successfully rolled out in over 1,500 parking bays within New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Formed in 1993, Smart Parking is now one of the largest and fastest-growing bay sensor technology companies in the world with SmartPark with deployments in capital cities across the globe including Canberra; London, Cardiff, and Cape Town, Costa Rica and Cape Town.

Smart Parking specialises in some of the most technically innovative real-world solutions available within the market and continually leads the way in the development and application of these technologies, under the ‘Smart’ systems brand. They develop industry-leading technology and provide their clients with the very best parking management solutions.

For more information data view www.smartparking.com and www.wellington.govt.nz

Media contact: Emily Armstrong
T: (0)845 230 3081 M +44 (0)7825 753202 E emily.armstrong@smartparking.com