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IPD: Walnut Creek Transit Village South Garage

July 16, 2019



IPD: Walnut Creek Transit Village South Garage



The Walnut Creek Transit Village (Walnut Creek, CA) is an urban mixed-use development that includes studio apartments, retail, restaurants, and public plazas. The new South Garage is a five-level, 920-space structure which serves residents, visitors and BART patrons, and features artwork installations created by an award-winning artist. 

The garage is developed on an existing surface lot and involves access and traffic circulation improvements, landscaping, and a 2,100 SF single-story BART police building. The police facility includes administrative offices, locker room with restrooms, kitchen and dining area, and detention and interview rooms. Included in the project scope are a passenger drop-off area, enhanced bike and pedestrian paths, and a bus facility expansion with an additional 15 bus bays for the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority. Other features include a car counting system, provisions for electric-vehicle charging stations, and bioretention planters in the bus area that collect rainwater from the rooftop. 

Visit www.ipd-global.com for more information.