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 DESIGNA Impulse January 2020, Ed.1: Trends in parking 2020 (USA) and DESIGNA’s Largest Installation to date 

January 20, 2020





DESIGNA Impulse January 2020, Ed.1: Trends in parking 2020 (USA) and DESIGNA’s Largest Installation to date 



Kiel, 2020-01-20: At the beginning of 2020, we venture a look at the parking trends of the year, written by Steve Gorski. The CEO of DESIGNA USA shares his insights on key trends in the parking industry today – covering digital transformation, customer experience and data analysis. Also: Read about DESIGNA’s major project at New York’s four airports in cooperation with the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey, which is nearing its successful completion and get first impressions from our new DESIGNA India operations. 

1. Key Trends in the Parking Industry Today 

By Steve Gorski, CEO of DESIGNA USA 

Businesses are in continuous change – and this is also the case for the parking industry. Entering 2020 is a perfect opportunity to take a quick look at the upcoming items that will influence our industry. We have identified five trends that will have a short and long-term impact. DESIGNA’s strategical and operational activities in 2020 will reflect these big trends. We are looking forward to sharing our ideas and solutions to convert changes into your business opportunities. 

Digital Transformation – Cloud-based, seamless and frictionless solutions are all components of the digitization of the parking industry and the changing needs of today’s parkers. Customers rely on their smartphones for finding, evaluating and booking parking. Payment for parking moves away from coins and bills to cards and online payment services. Parking operators reduce staff and invest in automation and digital control of their parking systems. The paper ticket is becoming a thing of the past, with other means of identification such as license plates, Bluetooth emitters or QR codes gaining relevance and market acceptance. 

Customer Experience – Customer experience is the number one trend driving decisions in many vertical markets within parking today. Customers want the same frictionless and stress-free experience for parking as they have when utilizing Uber or mobile apps for hotel check-in and digital keys. Within the hospital vertical for example, parking is the first and last impression patients and visitors have of a hospital visit, and the parking experience clearly impacts the overall patient experience and subsequently each hospital’s overall rating. To add to the optimal parking experience, customized graphics on a large color TFT display can show a variety of digital content, including available spaces/guidance by level, rates and other hospital-specific information or videos. 

Data Analytics – Everyone is leveraging data to make better business decisions and improve the customer experience. Parking operators can benefit from data analytics to more efficiently and accurately manage their parking operations. Data provide precise information regarding parking occupancy, average time to park and average time to exit, for understanding and analyzing parking volume over time, enforcement and the potential of implementing dynamic pricing. Data analytics are also critical for ensuring a positive customer experience 

Internet of Things – From smart cities to smart homes, the Internet of Things is affecting our daily lives. This is also the case in parking where we see connected cars and devices such as sensors, parking meters, smart parking and guidance, cellphones and digital signage. Data can be shared across various platforms through APIs. For example, organizations can easily integrate their internal security/access system for managing access control for staff. Security credentials can be automatically shared with the parking system – eliminating the need for double data entry and thus providing the ultimate in parking access control and accurate counts of transients and staff. 

Mobility – Many industries will be impacted by the significant changes predicted for mobility, and parking is certainly one of them. While parking will change, it will still remain very necessary. For example, what will you do with your autonomous vehicle when you are at work? How and where will consumers charge electric vehicles? Many experts predict parking “hubs” positioned on the outskirts of cities. Customers would then utilize different transportation modalities for first and last mile journeys. 


2. DESIGNA’s Largest Installation to date: The Port Authority of New York 

In 2016, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) awarded DESIGNA the largest airport PARCS replacement project ever undertaken. The contract is in excess of $70 million and replaces the Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems at all four of the Port Authority’s international airports. 

The three-year project launched in 2017, with phased installation beginning in 2018, plans to replace parking systems at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), three large hub airports that process a combined 7.8 million parking transactions and over $250 million in revenue annually. The project also includes New York Stewart International Airport (SWF), a public and military airport run by the Port Authority. 

Phased implementation and installation of the new DESIGNA PARCS solution, configured to meet the specific requirements of the Port Authority, was completed at LaGuardia Airport in 2018 and has been operating for over a year now. The installations at Newark Liberty and Stewart International Airports were then completed on-target in 2019, while work at JFK International Airport is already more than half finished. 

Paul McIlvride, Vice President of Major projects for DESIGNA USA, has led the three-year project. “The program is on schedule to be completed in March of 2020,” states McIlvride, who adds, “New York winter weather permitting, of course.” 

For Peter Carbonaro, the Port Authority’s Manager of Airport Access Programs, one of the major considerations in choosing DESIGNA was its “future-proof” architecture. “DESIGNA’s modular architecture and system design give the Port Authority the flexibility to expand our enterprise and incorporate today’s latest technology, as well as tomorrow’s emerging technologies,” says Carbonaro. “Being future-proof is essential in maximizing the life expectancy of our investment.” 

Kyle Sundin, Manager of Airport Parking and Revenue Systems for the Port Authority, stated that additional objectives were increased automation and next-level customer service and system capabilities. “Automated parking facilities can offer minimal effort and maximum convenience for customers while making better use of space,” says Sundin. “The latest parking technology can decrease costs, increase profitability, streamline operations and increase the efficient use of airport parking services.” 

The new enterprise system includes pre-booking, E-Z Pass RFID functionality, and numerous new electronic payment options. The Port Authority is moving towards its plans for completely automated, cashless exit lanes. The new In/Out payment capabilities allow both ticketless and ticketed payment on both entry and exit by a number of payment methods, including EMV credit card and mobile apps. An automatic pre-booking parking system enables ticketless parking with online reservations and prepaid mobile QR codes. E-Z Pass payment and mobile pay options such as Apple Pay and Samsung Wallet are also available for parkers. 

Entry and exit plaza cameras are providing Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) to link 

individual vehicles to their actual time of entry and exit and to ensure proper fee calculation. A Mobile License Plate Inventory (MLPI) solution has also been implemented to provide Port Authority operations and public safety personnel and parking customers with the location of individual vehicles within the parking facilities. Variable message signs and parking space guidance systems provide customer convenience in communicating space availability, traffic flow requirements, seasonal messages and other useful messaging. 

“Automated parking and smart parking technologies will expand electronic payment options and take the revenue control system to a new level,” says Sundin. “This will allow airport parking to evolve from a logistical exercise to a customer service and revenue opportunity.” 


3. DESIGNA India – A story of success 

The exploration of a new DESIGNA market started last year with the foundation of DESIGNA India. Thanks to a great team and reliable parking management solutions, DESIGNA has been able to win more and more tenders here, e.g. to provide a complete parking management solution at Como Plaza, Paryag Raj and Chandigarh Airport. The Indian market is 95%+ driven by ‘Payment at exit’. Traditional parking systems in India utilize payment at exit through a manual pay station, and this method is the most common. Manual operation is also more prevalent in smaller cities. This is quite different to the European market, where payment is carried out at a centralized cash station before the customer gets back in the car to leave the premises. But, also in India, the parking management industry is changing somewhat. This is especially the case for tier 1 cities and large parking premises, e.g. at airports. At the same time, the Indian government is promoting a digital payment option under which payment service providers are playing an increasing role in parking payment through Credit Card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayTM and BT Mobiquick. 

DESIGNA’s parking solution with software-enabled features like pre-booking, mobile payment, C&P and PayTM payment have really made an innovative difference. Even more features such as long-range RFID and integrated LPR functionality have been used in recent DESIGNA parking management solutions. Now, after nine months, customers are very satisfied with service and performance of DESIGNA India. Additionally, a recently won big tender is very satisfied with the performance and guidance to incorporate features that enhance operational performance and help manage business more profitably. 

We are curious and want to know what’s to come. 



February 22, 2018





European online parking reservation leader, ParkCloud, has added a second Polish airport to its growing portfolio of airport parking providers.


Poland’s fourth largest airport, Katowice International Airport, has agreed to add its P2 car park to ParkCloud’s global booking platform, enabling it’s near 3 million users to reserve a space prior to departing for their journey.

P2, which went live on ParkCloud’s database in late 2017, is an uncovered, long-stay car park, located just 300m from both terminals A and B, with free transfers to and from the terminals for passengers.

Thanks to the innovative technological solutions of the SKIDATA parking system, every entry and departure of a vehicle from Parking P2 is recorded and the data archived, guaranteeing safety.

With Poland steadily increasing in popularity with culture-seeking tourists – both domestically and internationally – ParkCloud is keen to add further key locations to its database to complement Katowice Airport and its first Polish airport partnership – Łódź.

Mark Pegler, Managing Director at ParkCloud, said:

“Poland is an exciting market for us, with air routes from key airlines such as Wizz Air seeing significant investment over the last five years, opening up travel opportunities for native and international tourists.

“For ParkCloud, creating strategic partnerships with key international airports such as Katowice, is essential for providing the most relevant and convenient parking options for customers, as demand for pre-booking such services online continues to rise.”

2017 was a record year for Katowice International Airport, with passenger flow peaking at near 3.9 million.

To find out more about ParkCloud, please visit www.parkcloud.com.

About ParkCloud

ParkCloud, simply put, lets drivers book a parking space in advance, in the same way as it’s possible to do with hotel rooms, restaurant tables…and even a coffee these days.

When travelling, parking is usually the last thing on anybody’s mind, but research shows that as much as 20 minutes is wasted when searching for a parking space. ParkCloud aims to solve that problem by letting customers make a parking booking, whether they are getting on a plane, taking a cruise, catching a train, or visiting a city or event.

ParkCloud was founded in 2008 as an online parking reservation service and within the 10 years we’ve been operating our success and growth has been rapid; we’ve gone from our three founders to employ over 20 members of staff; from one country to over 40; and from two languages to over 20 – and we don’t plan on slowing down.

Today we are an award-winning, global provider, working with car park operators across 42 countries to include them on our comparison search engine, which aims to give consumers the most user friendly, efficient service possible when they need it most.
This bookable parking network is also made available to travel industry partners to help complete the itineraries of passengers worldwide.

Winner of Queen’s Award for International Trade


February 20, 2018





Berlin, 20 February 2018: Parkling’s new technological solution for street parking has been recognized by the city of Stockholm, a global leader in smart cities.



Parkling, a leading company in collecting and using on-street data, has been selected as one of two winners of Stockholm’s Traffic Administration contest. The aim of the contest is to explore the potential of new technological solutions for monitoring on-street parking, and for offering residents and visitors to Stockholm a better parking experience.

As the top-ranking winner, Parkling has gained the right to proceed to a practical demonstration in Stockholm’s residential suburb Årsta, starting in Q2 2018.

In a consortium with APCOA, Genetec, and Agendum, Parkling will detect and identify parked vehicles as well as parking violations using unique sensor fusion technology. In addition Parkling will digitize physical parking signs.

Parkling’s app, which is already available in the Swedish Android app store, will guide the way towards free parking opportunities. By June 2018, Årsta residents and visitors can expect to engage with a parking heatmap and use Parkling’s optimal parking search path.

Parkling CEO Detlev Hülsebusch comments: “The entire Parkling team is very excited about winning the Stockholm competition. It shows that Parkling is well on its way as an innovator in using data for parking, enforcement, and autonomous driving. ”

Thomas Sjöström, project leader from Stockholm’s traffic administration explains the decision: “Setting Parkling apart was their innovation in integrating LIDAR technology with ANPR cameras, and the potential to scale on any vehicle.”

About Stockholm’s innovation contest and “CIVITAS Eccentric”

Stockholm’s innovation contest is part of “CIVITAS Eccentric”, an initiative to demonstrate the potential of integrated & inclusive urban planning approaches, innovative policies and emerging technologies in five different cities. This initiative has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research & innovation program.

About Parkling

Parkling’s vision is to improve peoples’ life through data. Using proprietary LIDAR technology, advanced data science methods and user-centric design, Parkling drives innovation in on-street parking, on-street enforcement and on-street mapping for autonomous vehicles.

The company launched in 2016 in Berlin, where their mobile app provides user-centric parking predictions for over 1.800km of streets. Their 15-strong team, consists of highly skilled data scientists and software engineers.

Parkling’s partners in Stockholm are APCOA, Europe’s leading operator of off-street parking garages, Genetec, a world-wide leader in ANPR camera technology and Agendum, a leading ANPR software provider.



LiveWall Living Wall Blooms on Bloomington Parking Garage

February 20, 2018


LiveWall Living Wall Blooms on Bloomington Parking Garage



LiveWall Green Wall Installation Stands Out as a Distinctive Design Element on the Monroe County Parking Garage in Bloomington, Indiana



Spring Lake Park, Mich. — February 20, 2018 — The new Monroe County Parking Garage in Bloomington, Ind. features a unique LiveWall® installation. LiveWall, the green industry’s most sustainable, durable and low-maintenance living wall system, fills five of the parking structure’s window openings with a variety of plants that bloom in shades of yellow, red, pink, purple, and green.

“The idea was to break up the otherwise stark exterior of the six-story parking garage with an interesting and visually appealing element, achieved by incorporating some green design,” said Stephen Andoh, AIA, LEED AP, project manager, Axis Architecture + Interiors, the project architect.

“Many older buildings in the area have second and third story window boxes planted with flowers,” said Julie Thomas, Monroe County commissioner. “Installing LiveWall put window boxes into the windows of the parking garage. The green wall, with a total of 180 plants in a variety of seven annuals, is a beautiful, lively addition to the garage

“LiveWall was a good choice for an outside green wall exposed to the elements. Its components are strong and durable,” said Joel Fleming, project manager, Hagerman Construction Corporation, the project’s general contractor.

“LiveWall’s structural design lent itself to a secure installation within the garage windows in a way that allows for easy access from behind the green wall on the inside the garage,” said Logan Messmer, project engineer, ProCLAD, Inc., a building envelop contractor selected to install the parking garage green wall

The window openings in the parking garage measure 8 feet long by 6 feet tall. ProCLAD designed and installed a framework within the window openings with 4-inch by 4-inch by ¼-inch tube steel. They bolted the LiveWall system’s horizontal aluminum rails to the tube steel frames. Each of the five sections of green wall has six rows of LiveWall modular planter boxes, which slide into the rails.


Designed with a healthy regard for plants, LiveWall® is the patented living wall system that achieves simplicity and sustainability in harmony with nature. LiveWall is the result of four years of R&D by the professionals who created LiveRoof®, the superior green roof system. LiveWall green wall solutions are engineered with horticultural and structural features specific for indoor and outdoor environments. LiveWall supports plants as nature intended — roots growing down, stems and leaves growing up. With unsurpassed versatility to grow a diversity of plant types, LiveWall transforms ordinary walls into inspiring, thriving vertical landscapes that are simple to install and easy to maintain. Follow LiveWall on LinkedIn, like LiveWall on Facebook, and for more information call 877-554-4065.

Link to Project Video: YouTube_LiveWall_Monroe

City of Elizabeth launches new parking and enforcement application MeterFeeder with goal of increasing revenue.

January 26, 2018



City of Elizabeth launches new parking and enforcement application MeterFeeder with goal of increasing revenue.



Pittsburgh (PA) –  The City of Elizabeth is looking to upgrade its parking payments and enforcement system. Elizabeth has decided to work with Braddock, PA based startup Meter Feeder Inc to provide low-cost enforcement tools for their on-street parking  spaces.


MeterFeeder will save the City of Elizabeth thousands of dollars in implementation costs thanks to their streamlined ticket management system, and integrated enforcement tools.


MeterFeeder uses state of the art geolocation technology to determine parking spaces and special algorithms to determine prices. The system requires no infrastructure on the streets, so Elizabeth can start making more revenue with little up front cost.


This new system is expected to go live in the coming days and, along with the T.F. Green Airport valet parking facility, makes the second location to start using MeterFeeder in the in the month of January, 2017.


MeterFeeder, Inc was starting in 2014 by co-founders James Gibbs and Daniel Lopretto with the goal of making scalable and cost-effective parking payments management solution for municipalities, large and small.


“Our goal is to make paying for parking so easy, no one ever gets a parking ticket again,” quipped Lopretto, MeterFeeder’s Chief Technology Officer. The firm is working toward that goal with the recent announcement of their, “Pay By Vehicle” platform at the recent Innovation Works’ AlphaLab Demo Day & New Product Introduction event, last November. “Right now we are focusing on autonomous vehicles, but it is a technology that we plan to make available to everyone,” Lopretto continued, “as driverless cars start to appear on our streets Parking Authorities are looking for solutions.”


About Meter Feeder, Inc.


As a technology first company, Meter Feeder, Inc. focuses on usability and efficiency in resolving parking issues. Introducing  smart parking solutions, we streamline the process from enforcement to payments in a few easy steps. To learn more about MeterFeeder’s products and how we can help customize a solution to your parking needs please visit www.meterfeeder.com or contact via info@meterfeeder.com.


January 23, 2018






ParkWhiz is Now the Official Parking Partner of Madison Square Garden




Partnership Provides Customers the Opportunity to Pay for Parking in Advance at Madison Square Garden Venues in New York and Chicago




New York, NY, January 23, 2018 – The Madison Square Garden Company (NYSE:MSG) and ParkWhiz today announced a marketing partnership, naming the leading provider of scalable, on-demand parking services as the Official Parking Partner of Madison Square Garden. The agreement provides ParkWhiz with premier brand integration and exposure across the digital platforms for Madison Square Garden, The Theater at MSG, Radio City Music Hall, The Beacon Theatre and The Chicago Theatre.

“We are always searching for opportunities to enhance our customers’ experience when they are attending an event in one of our venues and this partnership with ParkWhiz continues to help make that happen,” said Ron Skotarczak, executive vice president, marketing partnerships, The Madison Square Garden Company. “We look forward to working with ParkWhiz to provide this additional convenience to our customers.”

“We know parking isn’t a final destination; rather, it’s a bridge to an experience that people are excited about. Through this partnership, we’re excited to help people save time, money and stress – so that they can enjoy their event without worry,” said Dan Roarty, ParkWhiz president and chief operating officer.

Guests attending events at Madison Square Garden’s venues in New York and Chicago will have the option to reserve and pre-purchase parking during checkout on Ticketmaster or any time before their event by clicking through the “Getting There” page on the venues website. With the ParkWhiz platform, sports fans and concert-goers can save up to 50 percent off of standard parking rates and will receive a digital parking pass, which they can display on their smartphone for validation. A leader in event parking, the company has been helping fans get to venues across the country since 2006.


About ParkWhiz

Headquartered in Chicago, ParkWhiz is the leading provider of scalable, on-demand parking services to both consumers and enterprise customers. Its consumer-facing applications, ParkWhiz and BestParking, provide the fastest and most efficient way for drivers to find and book parking spaces before reaching their destination. ParkWhiz helps consumers find parking with detailed, accurate data on over 27,000 parking facilities across the United States and Canada. The company’s Mobility Services Platform allows companies to integrate parking into their primary product or service. ParkWhiz delivers integrated parking data and transactional solutions to millions of consumers, mobile devices and connected vehicles through partners like Ford, Ticketmaster, Stubhub and many more. ParkWhiz has helped more than 6 million drivers seamlessly get where they need to be. For more information, visit ParkWhiz.com.


Sixt Rent-a-Car Continues U.S. Expansion, Opening New Location at San Antonio International Airport

January 22, 2018



Sixt Rent-a-Car Continues U.S. Expansion, Opening New Location at San Antonio International Airport



Building on its rapid growth in 2017, the world-class affordable luxury provider announces its first new location of 2018, with more new locations expected in the near future


(San Antonio, TX—January 22, 2018) Sixt Rent-a-Car, the world’s premiere affordable luxury car rental service with more than 2,000 locations in over 100 countries, is renowned around the world for its one-of-a-kind “Sixt Experience”, meeting the unique needs of each customer with world-class service. In the United States, Sixt is upgrading and improving existing locations, as well as expanding to new markets as rapidly as possible.

Today, Sixt is announcing that it’s officially open for business at the San Antonio International Airport. The company’s latest new location is inside a brand-new, on-airport Consolidated Rental Facility (CONRAC).

“From the iconic Riverwalk, to the Alamo and its historic Missions, to a host of first-class attractions, San Antonio is an unforgettable travel destination. This incredible city merits an equally incredible travel experience, and that’s why Sixt is proud to be open for business. We’re grateful to Mayor Nirenberg, our friends at the airport, and so many other good people who have made us feel so very welcome,” said Daniel Florence, Chief Operating Officer of Sixt USA. “Every time we have the opportunity to open a new U.S. location and make Sixt available in a new market, it’s a particular thrill for us. We’ll work harder than everyone else to earn new business, showing our customers that the unique affordable luxury experience Sixt has to offer is unmatched anywhere else. I want to personally invite all travelers to and residents in the greater San Antonio area to give Sixt a try, we can’t wait to meet you.”

In 2017, Sixt unveiled a newly-expanded offering at its flagship space in the Miami International Airport and at its Seattle-Tacoma International Airport location, launched a new location at the San Diego International Airport, and moved into its new North American corporate headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. As the 5th largest car rental company in the U.S. after just seven years, Sixt’s success story continues to unfold month after month. The company has grown to over 750 employees, and serves more than 50 rental locations located in California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Washington, Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Massachusetts.

About Sixt:

Sixt SE has its registered headquarters in Pullach near Munich and is a leading international provider of high-quality mobility services for business and corporate customers as well as private travelers. With representations in over 100 countries worldwide Sixt is continually expanding its presence. The Company’s strengths lie in the high proportion of premium cars in the vehicle fleet, its employees’ consistent service orientation and a good price-performance ratio. Taken together these strengths have given Company an excellent market position. Sixt was founded in 1912 and maintains alliances with renowned brands in the hotel industry, well-known airlines and numerous prominent service providers in the tourism sector. The Sixt Group generates revenues of EUR 2.4 billion (2016). http://about.sixt.com/

DESIGNA USA Opens Branch Offices in Maryland and Southern California

January 19, 2018

DESIGNA USA Opens Branch Offices in Maryland and Southern California




Chicago/Kiel, 1-18-2018:  DESIGNA USA has opened branch offices on both coasts to expand its operations and support its growing presence in the US. The two new offices, located in Bowie, Maryland and Santa Ana, California, will work seamlessly with DESIGNA USA headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.


“Designa has experienced phenomenal growth in the US over the past three years,” said Tom Sivak, CEO of DESIGNA USA. “The new branch offices are part of our bold expansion plan. With our customers in mind, we have created the infrastructure to handle our ever-increasing business.”

Bob Kane, DESIGNA USA’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, said the branch offices will also support DESIGNA US Business Partners across the country. “We have a growing group of industry-leading companies that have partnered with us to bring future-proof parking systems to their customers,” said Kane. “Our new branch offices offer added resources and support for their customers across the country.”

Founded in 1951 in Kiel, Northern Germany, DESIGNA’s clear and visionary standards have led to the development of innovative products and solutions for the parking management sector for more than 65 years. DESIGNA has delivered industry-leading technology to more than 15,000 locations in over 50 countries.


For more information:



777 Oakmont Lane, Suite 2000

Westmont, Illinois 60559




Mid-Atlantic Branch Office

4801 Tesla Dr.

Bowie, Maryland 20715


Southern California Branch Office

1901 E. Carnegie Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92705



Parkmobile, LLC to Offer New Mobile Parking App in Charlottesville

January 03, 2018

Parkmobile, LLC to Offer New Mobile Parking App in Charlottesville



Charlottesville, VA – January 2, 2018 — Parkmobile, LLC and the city of Charlottesville announced today the launch of the Parkmobile app, which allows customers to use their mobile devices to pay for parking in the city at approximately 105 on-street parking spaces.



The parking meter pilot program was launched on September 5th as a tool for better managing mobility in the downtown area.  The program, which covers 105 on-street parking spaces surrounding the mall, is part of the city’s Parking Action Plan. Additional on-street parking remains free outside of the signed pilot area and the first hour of parking is free at the Market Street Parking Garage.  Visitors staying longer than 2 hours are encouraged to use the parking garage.

To use Parkmobile, customers can register for free through the app for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, or online at parkmobile.com. After setting up their account, customers can immediately begin using the system with their registered mobile device. App users may also choose to receive a reminder prior to the expiration of their parking session, and if the maximum parking time has not been reached, parkers can even extend their time from the app. Enforcement officers will be able to see that a motorist has paid with Parkmobile using a wireless handheld device and the user’s license plate number. Additionally, multiple payment methods are offered through the app, including Masterpass, PayPal, Visa Checkout, Chase Pay, Parkmobile Wallet, and Apple Pay.

“Parkmobile is thrilled to be expanding our services to the city of Charlottesville. With availability in 8 of the top 10 US cities and a user base of over 7 million, we’re excited to continue to lead the industry as the top provider of mobile parking solutions in the US. Parkmobile uses innovative methods to supply our users with convenience and ease,” stated Jon Ziglar, CEO of Parkmobile.

Parkmobile is available in surrounding areas including Roanoke, Richmond, Woodbridge, Leesburg and Winchester. Parkmobile provides reservation parking in nearby Washington D.C. and many other regions. Additionally, Parkmobile maintains a contract with the New York City DOT to offer mobile payment at all metered spaces across all five boroughs.

As the most widely used mobile parking solution in the country with 7 million people using Parkmobile’s services over 50 million times per year, Parkmobile is excited to make a difference leveraging our large network of users.


About Parkmobile

Parkmobile, LLC is the leading provider for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. its mission is to leverage technology and innovation to maximize convenience and efficiency for the owner, operator, and consumer.  Parkmobile’s services have been adopted by over 7 million consumers and are available in more than 1M parking spaces, 3,000+ locations, including 39 of the top 100 cities in the U.S. Parkmobile’s services include on-street parking, off-street parking deck, airport and event reservations and municipal parking permit solutions. Parkmobile serves over 250 cities, 150 events and venues and 20 airports with on-demand, permit and reservations parking solutions. For more information, visit us at parkmobile.io, on Twitter @Parkmobile, or facebook.com/Parkmobile.

Parkmobile Contact: Tina Dyer, VP of Marketing, Parkmobile, LLC, 770 818 9036, 770 818 9039 (fax), tina.dyer@parkmobileglobal.com

Belgrade gets smart with Nedap for 3,500 on-street parking spaces

May 26, 2016


Belgrade gets smart with Nedap for 3,500 on-street parking spaces


Belgrade, Serbia / Groenlo, The Netherlands, 26th of May 2016

Belgrade, capital city of Serbia, has introduced an innovative solution to enable motorists to quickly find a free parking spot. Nedap is selected by the public utility company Parking Servis for its SENSIT system. Dynamic signs along the streets display the real time parking availability. Over 3,500 parking spaces within time restricted parking zones will be equipped with this smart parking solution. With the implementation of smart on-street parking spaces, Belgrade presents itself as the leading city in Eastern Europe for safer, more efficient and environmental sustainable traffic solutions.

Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia with a population of 1.7 million people. In this densely populated city, traffic congestion increases due to a growing number of vehicles and a limited number of parking spaces. The public parking company Parking Servis is responsible for the full on- and off-street parking infrastructure in Belgrade and manages, exploits and maintains more than 32.500 public parking spaces in the city.

Selected after intensive assessments
Motorists looking for an available parking spot in the streets of Belgrade causes heavy traffic congestion and creates unsafe situations. To make parking easier, Parking Servis introduced wireless bay-mounted sensors that provide insight in the real time usage and occupancy of on-street parking spaces. Accurate information allows motorists to quickly find a spot to park. Less search traffic and a reduction of emissions will result in a better parking experience. The entire implementation consists of three phases for 3,500 parking spaces, in time restricted parking zones in the historic city center of Belgrade. After intensive assessments Nedap, leading specialist in vehicle detection and identification technology, has been selected for its SENSIT system.

Real-time parking information
SENSIT consists of wireless bay-mounted sensors that detect the vehicle occupancy status and the parking duration of individual parking spaces. The system deploys the fastest and most robust wireless network of sensors that processes reliable parking occupancy data, which is essential in on-street parking applications. Supporting an open data policy, Nedap allows Parking Servis to use the parking data based on the current and future needs for parking solutions.

“We are very satisfied with both the domestic partners – for record time of sensors implementation – as well as with the quality of the SENSIT system. We are very proud to introduce this intelligent parking system in Belgrade and to see it is a leading capital city in Europe for parking. Starting from this Spring, our citizens will know exactly if there are – and how many – available parking spaces. This will result in the absence of unnecessary cruising in search of them. Parking Servis will continue to maintain its position as a leader in the region with the continuous implementation of innovations in parking systems,” states Andrija Čupković, Managing Director of Public Utility Company Parking Servis”
In the first phase of the project, 850 parking bays in the Njegoševa Street area in Belgrade are equipped with the wireless in-ground sensors from Nedap. This SENSIT system, including the Variable Message Signs, is implemented by the Serbian companies Novatronic and Elektronet. Parking payment in Belgrade can be done via mobile phones. Following this year’s SENSIT integration with the central parking software application drivers the option of a customized smart phone app for navigation to the closest available parking space will be offered as well. This will enable Parking Servis a better and more efficient real time control of the parking usage.

Prestigious European project
“This project in Belgrade is one of the most prestigious projects in European ITS and Smart City industry today. For that reason, we are very pleased that Parking Servis, a respected public parking company, recognizes the quality of the SENSIT system and confirms its position as the leading system for on-street parking applications. The professional and energetic approach from Parking Servis and the implementation partners in this project is very impressive,” says Ido Wentink, Business Development Manager at Nedap Mobility Solutions.


Nedap is a manufacturer of intelligent technological solutions for relevant themes. Sufficient food for a growing population, clean drinking water throughout the world and smart networks for sustainable energy are just a couple of examples of themes Nedap is working on. It has a continual focus on technology that matters. Nedap was established in 1929, has been listed on the stock exchange since 1947 and, with more than 720 employees, Nedap is active around the world.


Nedap Identification Systems is the leading specialist in systems for long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection and city access control. Readers, sensors and controllers optimize, monitor and control the movement of vehicles and people. Safe, secure and efficient.



Editorial Note:
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Marketing & Communications Nedap

0031 (0)544 471 634
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