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Gulf Traffic: Sony eliminates windscreen glare to identify dangerous drivers and illegal driving behaviour  

November 10, 2019



Sony eliminates windscreen glare to identify dangerous drivers and illegal driving behaviour    




Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions’ polarised camera technologies, which eliminate glare to more reliably see into the vehicle, will be at the heart of its Gulf Traffic 2019 demonstrations.


Sony’s award winning[1] polarised ITS camera and software development kit not only allow authorities to more easily identify dangerous drivers, but also spot illegal behaviour such as mobile phone use.


In addition to this new class of camera technology, Sony will also exhibit its suite of 4K FCB block cameras, which give exceptional resolution and image quality in traditional ITS applications.


The need for polarised modules

Camera technologies have been proven to deter behaviour[2] such as speeding and red-light jumping, which kill thousands of people each year around the world. However, prosecutions often stall due to an inability to reliably identify the driver[3].


Additionally, several laws and restrictions – including mobile phone use, driving in carpool lanes, smoking in vehicles with minors – exist which are hard to police by camera systems due to glare preventing the identification of such behaviours.


Sony’s XCG-CP510 is the first in a new series of polarised vision cameras from Sony. The module combines Sony’s IMX250MZR/MYR on-chip quad-filter polariser with formidable prowess in vision module engineering to capture clear images in all lighting conditions.


Additionally the XCG-CP510 is the only polarised module to come with a software development kit. The SDK cuts average development time from between 6 and 24 months to just 6-12 weeks (depending on application / team).


Sony ISS’s Stephane Clauss said: “Camera technologies have become an invaluable tool in preventing dangerous driving and enforcing driving regulations – especially as policing budgets shrink.


“But they can only be an effective deterrent if they accurately capture images of the driver, and if they can see through the windscreen to capture dangerous or illegal behaviours. The need for polarised cameras is becoming glaringly obvious.”


Sony will be at Gulf Traffic stand Hall 8, Stand H15.


The event runs from the 9th to the 11th of DECEMBER 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.  To arrange a press meeting email rob.ashwell@publitek.com.


About Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation is a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology. From game and network services to music, pictures, electronics, semiconductors and financial services – Sony’s purpose is to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology. For more information, visit: http://www.sony.net/.



About Sony Image Sensing Solutions Division

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions division has designed, developed and manufactured an in-depth range of component cameras and image sensing products that you can depend upon, even in the most demanding applications. Industry leading products include 4K & Full High Definition cameras; standard definition colour and monochrome CCD video cameras for analogue and digital (IEEE 1394, GigE & CameraLink) vision systems and the latest Global Shutter CMOS cameras, all of which satisfy numerous market sectors and applications. From manufacturing (industrial vision solutions), inspection, security/ monitoring, webcasting, videoconferencing, scientific and medical markets we thoroughly understand your requirements and the specialised environments in which our products need to operate.


The Image Sensing Solutions division is based in the UK and France and continues to be supported by over 30 years of technologically-advanced design and development, delivered today in world-class products.


Sony ISS Division is responsible for Western Europe, Eastern Europe (including Russia), Middle East countries and Africa. Sony ISS Web Site: http://www.image-sensing-solutions.eu.




[1] Despite Sony only announcing the camera’s availability earlier this year, the XCG-CP510 and its SDK has already won awards from the journals Vision Systems Design and Mesures. It is currently shortlisted for Electronics Weekly’s Elektra Award.


[2]  A peer reviewed paper from California Polytechnic State University / Qatar University showed red light violations dropped by c. 60% when a camera was present.


[3] A conference paper from the Four Continents road safety conference, Beijing, stated:  “[D]ue to e.g. lighting conditions, glare, coatings on car windows or intentional obstruction, the recognisability of the face of the driver on an evidence photo may be difficult. This reduces the prosecutability rate of the registered violations. Processing rejections if the owner was not driving also adds to the operational workload.


Additionally, data published by the German state of Baden Württemberg, states two thirds of driving violations captured by an automated camera system stall due to an inability to identify the driver