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Spaceek Announces Integration Certification with T2 Digital Product Line

October 04, 2017



Spaceek Announces Integration Certification with T2 Digital Product Line


NPA 2017, Palm Springs, CA – Oct. 3, 2017



Spaceek announced today that it has received a Letter of Validation from T2, certifying Spaceek’s integration with T2’s Digital product line, for the purpose of directed enforcement. Based on Spaceek’s industry-leading, highly accurate, real-time sensors, this integration allows owners, operators and municipalities to receive immediate violation notification when a parker overstays their paid time, allowing violation enforcement to be timely and accurate.



Spaceek’s cloud-based IoT parking engine manages and displays occupancy in real-time, providing real time status information about the occupancy of a space, the sensors and the sensor network, in addition to in-depth analytics in graphical and report formats.

Spaceek’s sensor network provides a robust, resilient, scalable and reliable infrastructure, from which operational and financial metrics are derived, at a level of detail exceeding that of traditional parking systems.


Spaceek, Inc. offers parking occupancy sensors, with a extensive sensor suite and an advanced cloud-based IoT parking engine, providing real-time data and analytics. International installations include airports, malls, garages, surface lots and on-street parking, supporting municipalities, parking operators and real estate owners. Benefits include real-time occupancy dashboard with analytics, directed enforcement, affordable parking guidance and revenue recapture. For more information about Spaceek, please visit us at www.spaceek.com.




For more information, please contact Michael H. Bigbee/CEO at mbigbee@spaceek.com or