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Spacer Launches US App Helping Thousands of Users Make money from Spare Space

August 10, 2020




Spacer Launches US App Helping Thousands of Users Make money from Spare Space




Platform Solves Parking Woes in Major US Cities




San Francisco, CA, (August 10,  2020): Today, the makers of Spacer are excited to announce the stateside launch of their app, a key milestone in their expanding growth in the US market. Spacer.com is a service that connects monthly parkers with spaces, seamlessly and on-demand.



Spacer.com, currently the largest parking marketplace app in Australia, connects people who have a spare garage or car space with individuals looking for affordable and convenient monthly parking. Likened to Airbnb, the community is made up of thousands of local hosts who are helping users access the extra space that they need on demand. Spaces include driveways, garages and local parking operators. The app provides a simple one-stop shop where drivers can locate all available parking spots in an area, compare prices and book seamlessly. Users can find spots near their work, home, university or any other place that they need. Parking rates vary and are set by hosts, based on recommended benchmarks, with average savings up to 50% on regular retail options.


The benefits flow both ways, with parking space owners able to earn an extra income stream, with some owners earning as much as $6,000 per year with their empty garage or driveway.  It takes less than 10 minutes to list a parking spot online, for free.


To list a space, hosts need to provide photos, dimensions, and details. The dimensions include the length, width, and height and details include the features of the parking space, access, and security details, as well as the distance from any amenities or public transport.


“We are thrilled to launch this new app in the US which will accelerate the strong growth we are already seeing in our platform” said Michael Rosenblum, Spacer co- founder and CEO, “Prototyped and proven in Australia, we’re hoping to help improve parking across America one space at a time. Spare space is a valuable and tradeable commodity that many people and businesses have and even more people need. Seamlessly connecting them is our aim.”


Spacer is available in San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Boston, with more coming soon.



Say goodbye to parking fines and skyrocketing car park fees with the new Parkhound app

June 25, 2019




Say goodbye to parking fines and skyrocketing car park fees with the new Parkhound app




Sydney, Australia:  Tired of driving around in circles looking for a park, skyrocketing parking fees and pesky parking fines? The new Parkhound app, launched today, is set to bring welcome relief to commuters with an easier, more convenient and affordable way to find and book over 40,000 long-term parking spaces around Australia.


With parking spaces at a premium price in built-up areas, more commuters than ever are faced with a daily challenge finding convenient and affordable parking. On the flip side, around Australia, there are hundreds of thousands of residential parking spots going idle. Parkhound is helping to solve this disconnect with Australia’s largest marketplace for long-term parking; connecting people with unused parking spaces to rent, with those searching for a long term solution to their parking needs.


With the Parkhound app, users can secure affordable and accessible long term parking – often in very high demand areas, while providing a lucrative money spinner for those looking to put their idle parking spaces to good use.


Mike Rosenbaum, CEO, Parkhound commented: “Our members are literally saving thousands of dollars a year by using Parkhound to find and book long term parking spaces. The app also delivers a greater level of convenience and functionality to help users discover, book or list parking spaces.”


Unique features, such as augmented reality, make it easy for people with empty spaces to both measure the area and gauge the appropriate price to charge. Users can simply scan their empty car parking space through the app to get an estimate price for daily, weekly and monthly rental. For commuters, the addition of Bluetooth entry for some car parks eliminates the need for a key fob or entry card, with drivers able to scan entry direct from theapp.


“Our goal with the release of the app is to make commuters’ lives easier, with more accessible, convenient and affordable parking. When building the app we wanted to ensure it delivered to all these points through the inclusion of powerful new features and a clean and intuitive design to deliver a great user experience,” added Mr. Rosenbaum.


Con Barbayannis, President of Kew Junction Business Association, which has partnered with Parkhound to help residents and companies, commented: “Our employees and tenants were fighting a never-ending battle to find parking. Shops were losing a whole day’s worth of trading time every week having to frequently close their shop and move their car, and some employees were receiving daily parking fines, costing them thousands a year.


“The Parkhound App offered a resolution to these issues. Now all staff and tenants have the opportunity to secure a long-term solution to their parking needs – saying goodbye to fines and the inconvenience of having to move their cars.”


The new App features:

  • In-app messaging for smoother communication
  • Favourites, allowing drivers to save and compare car spaces
  • Bluetooth entry, no need for a key or swipe pass to access some carpark complexes
  • Revised make a listingprocess
  • Redesigned dashboard making it easier to manage bookings
  • AR measurement, making it easy for hosts to find out the dimensions of their space


Current Issue Parkhound Solution

●              Waste time finding a parking space (125 days of your life)

●              Waste time moving the car every 2 hours

●              Payaround$45/day onparking ($900/month)

●              Paying heftyfines

●              High risk of break-in on the busy street


●            Park in thesame placeevery day

●            Don’t need to move your car

●            Save around$35/day($700/month)

●            No parkingfines

●            Often more secure parking in a driveway or block ofapartments


●            Expensive rent living in the city

●            Has an empty carparking space


●            Makesbetween$200-350/month

●            Rents out car parking space



Download the Parkhound app and enter the competition to win one year’s worth of parking on The App Store and Google Play. For more information visit www.Parkhound.com.au


About Parkhound

Parkhound is Australia’s #1 marketplace for long term parking solutions for local communities. It has over 40,000 parking spaces from a variety of peer-to-peer spaces and car park operators and it is trusted by over 100,000 Aussies. Since 2015, members have earned over $20 million dollars thanks to the platform. Parkhound was acquired by Spacer.com.au in September 2017 and operates nationally across all cities in Australia.

Parkhound acquired by Spacer, to form the ultimate marketplace for space

October 10, 2017



Parkhound acquired by Spacer, to form the ultimate marketplace for space





Australia’s leading marketplace for parking, Parkhound (www.parkhound.com.au), today announced it has been acquired by Australia’s leading marketplace for storage solutions Spacer, following a successful $2.7M Series A funding round.




‘We started the business for one reason – to make it easier and cheaper for consumers to access parking – and we have gone a long way to achieving that goal. With the acquisition of Parkhound the business will hit new heights. Our members will gain even more scale, better options and even cheaper prices’, added co-founder, Michael Nuciforo.

“The acquisition is testament to our great team, who we can’t thank enough for their hard work and commitment, as well as all those who supported us throughout our start up journey.” continued Mr Nuciforo.

Parkhound is a thriving online community of over 55,000 members that can easily exchange and lease parking spaces with other drivers. Local residents and businesses make money from leasing a parking space and drivers get a cost effective and hassle-free parking experience. Parkhound has over 10,000 locations across Australia, where suppliers can make $400 to $700 a month renting parking, while those seeking parking can save up to 50% compared with other parking services.

“We’ve built Parkhound from an initial concept to a thriving marketplace serving the Australian community. The acquisition of Parkhound not only gives both businesses the opportunity to scale and grow, it’s also beneficial to our customers so we’re happy with the outcome. We’ll continue to work with Spacer for a seamless handover and look forward to seeing the marketplaces continue to grow and serve communities all over Australia and the world,” remarked Robert Crocitti, co-founder of Parkhound.

“We want to thank all of our members and all the local communities who dared to dream, that have embraced the platform and made it into the successful Australian icon it is today” continued Mr Crocitti.

“Following our most recent round of funding, the second phase of Spacer growth is focused on tapping into Australia’s $1 billion market for parking space by acquiring Parkhound. With cities becoming increasingly densified through urbanisation, many new apartment builds are only allocating one parking space for a two-bedroom unit, making parking ‘rentals’ high in demand along with self-storage,” comments Michael Rosenbaum, CEO and co-founder Spacer.com.au.

Acquiring Parkhound is a key milestone achievement for the business and a strategic move to become the leader in ‘space’ globally. Parkhound has built a solid foundation to successfully trade one of the biggest commodities, city parking. This complements Spacer’s business model that already includes parking to expand our offering and become the market leader. We have been following the company for some time and we are excited to take Parkhound through its next growth stage,” continues Mr Rosenbaum.

The acquisition, a significant transaction, marking the growing value of the sharing space economy and a landmark movement in Australia’s start up scene, includes all intellectual property, database, tech platform and customers, bringing the combined company’s inventory up to 20,000+ across storage, parking and warehouse space.

Launched in 2014, Parkhound has grown exponentially by disrupting the commercial car parking market. With Australian cities consistently ranking in the top 10 most expensive parking cities in the world, Parkhound has offered a much cheaper and convenient experience through its website and app booking service. Parkhound members have booked over 5 million hours of parking and its suppliers have made over $5 million in parking revenue this year alone. The founders, in an Australian series first, also rejected three investment offers on the Ten Network’s Shark Tank last year.


About Parkhound

Parkhound is an online community where members can easily exchange and lease parking spaces with other drivers. Local residents make money from leasing a parking space and drivers get a cost effective and hassle free parking experience.


About Spacer

Spacer is Australia’s premier marketplace for storage and parking, which connects Hosts (people or businesses with space) with Renters in their community. Founded by ex-Deals Direct CEO Michael Rosenbaum and former private equity professional Roland Tam, the company has closed $5 million from angel and private investors since October 2015. In March 2017, Spacer acquired Roost, the pioneers of peer-to-peer space sharing in the United States, and rebranded the company to become Spacer.com.

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