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Edeva: Actibump – A speed bump you actually like?

April 05, 2016

Actibump – A speed bump you actually like?

Speed affects the degree of injuries sustained from a collision and must be held at a reasonable level, especially in traffic situations involving vulnerable road users. The ideal speed securing equipment would remind speeding vehicles to slow down and let everyone else pass. Actibump does just that.

Actibump is an active, dynamic speed bump that creates a discomfort for speeding vehicles and stays level for everyone else. Speeding vehicles activate a hatch, integrated into the road surface. The hatch is lowered a few centimetres creating an inverted speed hump. Driving over the lowered hatch is an uncomfortable experience but in a level position it causes no discomfort.

Actibump is a Swedish invention, by the company Edeva, that has been in commission since 2010 in Linköping, Sweden. All installations are showing very good results on speeding and yielding behaviour.
Edeva is now setting its sights on the international market and has recently entertained visiting officials from the Czech Republic. This week we are visiting Norway and Intertraffic.

Come talk to David Eskilsson CEO of Edeva, Hans Åberg, Chairman of the board of Edeva, and Walter Foltin from Frogics at Intertraffic in the Via Traffic stand 04.207.

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