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In New Jersey, One Relies on Fully Automated Parking Systems from Achern, Germany

October 02, 2019


In New Jersey, One Relies on Fully Automated Parking Systems from Achern, Germany



Jersey City, 2020: A new residential and commercial building is currently being built on Oakland Avenue in Jersey City – and it will have a fully-automated car parking system with 181 parking spaces. The system with the stolzer brand name is designed and manufactured by Stopa Anlagenbau GmbH.



The company received the good news about the contract a few days ago. This is a resounding success for Stopa and its American cooperation partner Automotion (APS) – and still more proof of the convincing advantages of the sophisticated technology from the Achern-based company. The car parking system will considerably relieve the future parking situation on Oakland Avenue. Compared with conventional car parks, fully-automatic car parking systems can accommodate twice as many vehicles in the same space.

Residents in detached houses and blocks of flats in the area around Oakland Avenue in Jersey City, have been living next door to tradesmen, workshops and warehouses for decades. This is typical mixed area utilisation, well known in American cities. However, the face of the Oakland Avenue neighbourhood will change dramatically over the next few years – and the keyword is consolidation. Existing areas will be used more efficiently. A 15-storey commercial and residential building with a considerable floor area is being built on Oakland Avenue – and local residents are really worried that the parking problem will get worse. However, 181 parking spaces of the fully-automated system by Stopa will certainly ease the situation, at least here.

The universal car parking system, auto-UP for short, will be used in the building. Auto-UP extends over three levels and vehicles will be transferred to three transfer rooms. Two fully-automated storage and retrieval units are planned. They will convey vehicles safely and reliably to and from their parking places via the relevant transfer rooms. Drivers can also exit the building easily in their cars, because their vehicles are already facing in the direction of travel. The fully-automatic car parking systems from Stopa are characterised by long working lives, high levels of operational reliability and low maintenance costs. They are an investment for the future, not only in terms of total lifetime costs, but also for urban planners, architects, investors – and the future of our cities. With its stolzer brand name, Stopa is looking forward to the start of the project in Jersey City.

stolzer is a brand of Stopa Anlagenbau GmbH and stands for our Parking Systems division.

Image source: Stopa; Pixabay

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Please download here the following images:

S1904_Jersey City

Good news from the States: Stopa will build a fully automated parking system at Oakland Street in New Jersey. Project start: 2020.

Source: pixabay

S1904_Stopa rack service system

At Baxter Street, New York, a comparable project has already been completed. The rack service system moves the vehicle to its parking slot.

Source: Stopa

S1904_Stopa turning table

Tested and approved countless times: the turning table ensures that the vehicle is already in the direction of travel when picked up by the driver.


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Stopa is a leading manufacturer of automated parking systems and storage systems for sheet material and long-span goods in Europe. The product line ranges from stand-alone applications to integrated automated modules. With 40 years of practical experience, including the installation of complex plants, and more than 2,000 systems installed worldwide, this independent company possesses unique know-how with regards to product quality and process security, process automatization, and software development.

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