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Survision was chosen by HUB PARKING for a unique frictionless experience at LEGOLAND USA

April 27, 2023




Survision was chosen by HUB PARKING for a unique frictionless experience at LEGOLAND USA.




Amusement parks often mean an unforgettable day of fun but also endless long waiting lines from the beginning to the end of the visit.

Merlin Entertainments’s Legoland amusement parks (starting with New York and California) decided to face one of their most critical caveats: the frustration and inconvenience for visitors caused by long waiting lines at the parking lot.

That is why the Legoland team upgraded visitors’ experience while getting the most out of their parking assets.

Legoland needed the parking user experience to be easy, quick, and efficient while reducing potential lost revenue.

A Solution based on LPR

HUB Parking is the Parking system in charge of creating the new Legoland Pre-booking / Gateless / Free-Flow Ticketless Parking based on LPR, using Survision Micropak cameras.

Now Legoland entry lanes are fully free flow while exiting lanes gates are equipped with gates and License plate recognition to decide to open the gate if prepaid or to activate a pay station otherwise.

These are the Legoland Parking System’s new features:

Pre-Booking / Prepaid Parking: You can pre-book parking in other amusement parks, but you still have to wait in line like everybody else to validate the payment. In the new Legoland Free-Flow parking, you can Prepay your ticket and the LPR system will associate your license plate with your payment, so there is no need to perform any manual check.

Gateless free-flow entrance: No lines to access the park  (and no impatient kids screaming in the back of the car!). One LPR camera per lane catches the visitor’s license plates on the go while driving at any speed to the Parking lots.

Fast Exit for Prepaid Customers: When exiting the park, LPR system  will check your payment status and if Prepaid, it will open the barrier and let you go without stopping

On-site Pay Station: If your plate couldn’t be read at the entrance or if you didn’t Pre-book, the system  will instruct you to make payment at the Pay Station

Advanced data gathering and statistics: This digitalization process allows for collecting behavioral and transactional information on every visit, giving the company a better understanding of its customers and an opportunity to tune up its service.

An amusement park without Parking waiting lines?

Yes, this is the happy truth for Legoland and their new enhanced Parking customer experience: visitors can now skip the parking line step and go straight to the fun part!

Read more about Legoland LPR success story

Survision bets on creative solutions to modernize Mobile LPR

December 14, 2022




Survision bets on creative solutions to modernize Mobile LPR




License Plate Inventory (LPI ) and Parking Enforcement, two key methods in Parking management, have two things in common: 1. both require human agents to supervise the premises and 2: they have been manual processes, whether on foot or using heavily modified vehicles. According to Laura Caillot, Survision’s USA General Manager, this traditional technology “holds back the huge, perhaps unknown potential of LPR.”

Rapidly increasing traffic brings many challenges: more data is needed to be processed, more clients need to be serviced, and more infractors need to be detected.. and it has to be done faster than ever before.

LPI and Parking enforcement are perfect scenarios where updates can make huge differences: Back in 2015, Survision partnered with Segway for a public parking enforcement project where Picopak (the world’s smallest all-embedded LPR camera) was mounted on one of their scooters and paired with a mobile app, creating the first mobile LPR solutionwhich managed to get fascinating results:

A single parking control agent equipped with a Picopak-Segway could accurately check up to 1000 vehicles a day, much more than the 300 that could be done by foot.

“Not just because of its size but also its fast, serverless and triggerless processing capability, Picopak is versatile enough to successfully read plates, literally on the go, with high accuracy, which makes it perfect for LPI and enforcement operations.” Laura Said.

Taking advantage of deep experience-based knowledge of the LPR field and its challenges, Survision has made the jump from hardware providers to LPR solutions developers with their two new Mobile LPR solutions, specific for every field of action: LPI to GO and Platenforce



These new solutions are hardware/software bundles that rely on Survision’s little battle warrior, the Picopak LPR camera, to be combined with a specific, ad-hoc self-developed app for each case, working on a tablet (also provided if needed). The set is lightweight and standalone so that it can be mounted in any vehicle (from bikes to golf carts) and moved anytime to another vehicle.

One of the main features of these solutions is  4G connectivity which makes it capable of transmitting its already LPR-processed digital data to the cloud in real-time.



“Survision LPI to GO and Platenforce are what we think the state of the art of Mobile LPR should be: Light, adaptable, precise, fast … and connected!” Laura Caillot said.

SURVISION: LPR becomes key in adding value to Parking customer experience in luxury office buildings

August 16, 2022



SURVISION: LPR becomes key in adding value to Parking customer experience in luxury office buildings



Associated in the past with high-quality materials and devoted service, today’s luxury means intelligence. Luxury clients want a smooth and frictionless experience from the very first moment they enter the building… and of course, it starts with the parking!

So, today’s Landlords have the never-ending challenge of turning their developments into “intelligent buildings” that provide a luxury experience from the moment tenants access the facility.

For an office building, Luxury equals efficiency; customers want to spend no time doing boring/unproductive activities; they want their time back, so they have a great appreciation for time-saving methods and easier experiences.


This is the case of 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, a Trophy Class office building located on Washington’s most prestigious thoroughfare. The building contains fourteen levels of above-grade office space, approximately 763,000 rentable square feet, and just over 41,000 square feet of ground-level retail space.

But… What about the parking?

For the 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue crew, the journey had to be complete: The parking experience in its three levels of underground parking needed to be the beginning of a modern and powerful experience. A high-class office in a building with slow/clumsy/polluted parking is a poor combination.

So, how to offer a faster, cleaner, and smarter parking experience?; It’s still just parking, what else can be improved? Right?

Well… Let’s think about it.

Monthly Service

Monthly parking service is part of their commercial offer…and an opportunity to rethink everything about it! 

Monthly parking is a cold service where you already have all the information about who is allowed in; what about using this information to optimize all parking-related operations?

… In a timely fashion

When you think about parking, you immediately feel how your whole day rhythm goes down for a while: searching for a badge, slowing the car down, waiting for the barrier to open and so forth. But, let us dream… What if you could go through the barrier without even slowing down? Is that even possible?

Yes…  it’s called LPR/ANPR

For the 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue Challenge, Scheidt & Bachmann chose Survision Nanopak Rugged LPR Cameras to upgrade the parking facility with License Plate Recognition capabilities and benefits such as:

  1. Automatic gate opening in entrances and exits, decreasing the wait before the barrier by more than 50%.
  2. Badges are not needed anymore, decreasing the operational costs of managing access cards or stickers (and the pain for the client to pick up his card or lose it)
  3. Improved Security: Once the license plate is captured and received in real-time by the building security systems, it’s possible to match it with security forces hot list or other databases, so immediate alerts are issued.


Survision Nanopak rugged LPR camera at 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue Office Building


Survision LPR/ANPR technology makes badges and waiting at the gate a thing of the past.

The accuracy challenge

When a barrier opens by the decision of an algorithm, precision becomes a significant concern, no one wants false positives gates opening in a top-level office building, nor the complaints coming from false negatives victims either! So it has to be a very good machine if you are planning to entrust it with your parking’s entering and exiting.

Using their AI-Powered LPR algorithm, Survision LPR cameras achieved a more-than-satisfactory 98.34 % accuracy rate (and 99.14% N-1). This is where Survision LPR cameras make a big difference: an excellent confidence level that allows an accurate and secure operation, just what a state-of-the-art parking needs.


Harry Reid International Airport upgraded parking to LPR thanks to Scheidt & Bachmann’s & Survision.

April 13, 2022





Harry Reid International Airport upgraded parking to LPR thanks to Scheidt & Bachmann’s & Survision.




What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas!




Survision LPR cameras have been Scheidt & Bachmann’s “weapon of choice” to face the challenge of upgrading Harry Reid International Airports (formerly McCarran Airport) Parking Management System.

Along with other major upgrades, this iconic airport has empowered its parking lots with 50 Survision Nanopak Totem cameras acquiring the ability to offer a frictionless exit to their customers, exponentially reducing waiting times, pollution levels, and radically eliminating lost ticket inconveniences/frauds.

When it comes to high volume traffic, as in the case of Las Vegas Airport, this represents a huge leap in service quality and operational efficiency; the challenge was tough: they needed to install 50 short-range LPR cameras without major infrastructure changes and without loop triggers.  Survision’s Ready-to-use Nanopak Totem was the perfect solution.

Laura Caillot, survision General Manager says:

“We are very excited of witnessing this LPR well justified “revolution”;  think about it, the benefits are undeniable for both customers and companies: 

On one hand, you have all the “magic” LPR can bring to the people(no wait in line, no lost ticket, less pollution, no badges) and on the other,  you have our special all-included Survision LPR cameras handling  all the processing by themselves!, All of this makes it easier and cheaper to do the LPR upgrade sparing you from spending thousands on heavy/expensive additional hardware” 

Survision LPR cameras already operate in many city airports such as London, and Paris.


LIDL Choose Scheidt & Bachmann and Survision for an Innovative Customer Parking Experience

April 01, 2021






LIDL Choose Scheidt & Bachmann and Survision for an Innovative Customer Parking Experience


LIDL, a European leader in mass retail and Scheidt&Bachmann, world leader in parking facilities, have come together to provide customers of the chain an innovative customer service experience with the help of SURVISION ANPR (Automatic number-plate recognition) technology.

The comfort of LIDL’s customers depends particularly on how easily and quickly they can find supermarket parking. As more and more supermarkets were opening in town centers, the importance of the reservation of parking places exclusively for LIDL customers became clear. A customer unable to find parking to load his shopping because all the spaces are occupied by improperly parked external vehicles is an unhappy customer who may never return.

Using SURVISION technology, Scheidt & Bachmann and LIDL have now installed in LIDL supermarket car-parks an access control Entrance to LIDL garage, closed parking barrierssystem which combines license plate recognition and barriers. Users benefit from a free parking period, beyond which they must pay a parking fee proportional to their length of stay.

Thanks to this system, the parking spaces are only used by LIDL customers who can park easily and exit rapidly, without payment and waiting at the barriers, as long as their parking stay doesn’t exceed the allotted free period. LIDL customers have a better experience in terms of comfort, fluidity and pollution reduction.

LIDL’s decision to employ the most innovative technologies for improved customer comfort is clearly in keeping with the progression of the chain in the French market. It has registered the best annual progression (with +0.4% of market shares in 2020) and has surpassed for the first time the level of 6% of market shares in France.

About Scheidt & Bachmann
The family-owned company with its headquarters in Moenchengladbach, Germany was founded in 1872 and is now managed in its fifth generation. In the four divisions Fare Collection systems, Signalling Systems, Petrol Station Systems, and Parking and Leisure Centre Systems, Scheidt & Bachmann are setting worldwide standards. The Parking Systems division dominates the international car park market by nearly 22,000 installations; it is the system provider for more than 75 airports worldwide. Scheidt & Bachmann provides with its brand “entervo” integrated, modular general solutions consisting of up-to-date JAVA software and innovative equipment.


SURVISION is a global leader in License Plate Reading (LPR). Since 2001, with solutions being deployed in over 30 countries with more than 20,000 sensors thanks to a network of 300 Value Added Integrators. The quality of its R&D team allows SURVISION to work with world-class integrators for a complete set of innovative solutions for Smart-City, Smart-Parking, law enforcement, toll road collection, car-park management, and for local authorities.