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SWARCO, McCain – Trendy northern California city, San Ramon, chooses OPTIPARK Parking Guidance and Wayfinding

May 07, 2020

Trendy northern California city, San Ramon, chooses OPTIPARK Parking Guidance and Wayfinding


Marking another Smart City expansion project, City Center, the new heart of downtown San Ramon that nurtures community, commerce and culture has been chosen to deploy McCaiin, Inc.’s OPTIPARK® Parking Guidance System (PGS) to improve the parking experience for the visiting public.


Trendy northern California city, San Ramon, chooses OPTIPARK Parking Guidance and Wayfinding. McCain, Inc., a leader in the supply of intelligent transportation solutions for safety and mobility and a member of the global SWARCO family has been chosen to deploy its OPTIPARK® Parking Guidance System (PGS) in the City Center Bishop Ranch, San Ramon, California to replace an existing nonfunctioning system. City Center is the new heart of downtown San Ramon, nurturing community, commerce and culture. The City Center Bishop Ranch parking facility, located in San Ramon, California is a four-level facility providing parking for 915 cars. Each level has two entry and two exit lanes.

OPTIPARK captures data through camera sensors, then delivers crucial parking availability and location information to drivers utilizing the existing LED signs at the City Center Bishop Ranch Garage. OPTIPARK PGS was selected for its accuracy in capturing parking space data through cameras and software and being able to disseminate that information to third parties or through third party apps and websites. With data captured revealing over 99% accuracy, OPTIPARK PGS solution maximizes both parking space utilization and visitor satisfaction.

“We are pleased to see how quickly the number of OPTIPARK Parking Guidance Systems installations are growing as word-of-mouth spreads between Cities and parking facility owners. Our customers love that OPTIPARK’s detection accuracy has a 99% guarantee. And their customers appreciate finding a parking space quickly and efficiently. It’s an easy win-win for all.” David Leingang, Regional Sales Specialist, McCain, Inc.

McCain Inc. creates intelligent transportation solutions including OPTIPARK Parking Guidance System (PGS) and OPTIPARK Wayfinding Solutions to maximize parking facility occupancy and boost revenue by directing drivers to available parking. McCain’s OPTIPARK PGS and Wayfinding solutions are tailored to the unique needs and budgets of each facility or city and are comprised of cameras, variable message signs (VMS), city-wide wayfinding, reports, actionable insights through accurate data collection, integration and open data sharing for mobile apps.

For more information, visit https://parking.mccain-inc.com/home

About McCain Inc.
McCain Inc. creates intelligent transportation solutions and traffic control equipment to promote safer, more mobile and livable communities. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the SWARCO Group, the San Diego-based transportation technology firm provides high-quality products and services to optimize signalized intersections and parking guidance improving safety and quality of life for all road users. McCain’s innovative solutions are paving the way to the future by creating the next generation of smart city solutions and helping to prepare the infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles.

For more information, visit http://www.mccain-inc.com or Twitter @mccain_inc.

SWARCO is a global transportation technology leader dedicated to making the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient and environmentally sound. Headquartered in Austria, the SWARCO family celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, honoring its expansive portfolio of urban and interurban traffic control, parking, public transport and street lighting. SWARCO’s livable and smart city solutions include cooperative systems, infrastructure-to-vehicle communications, electromobility, and integrated software solutions. With solutions in 70 countries and more than 3,700 team members, SWARCO is leading the effort to shift conventional transportation management into the digital age.

For more information visit http://www.swarco.com or Twitter @SWARCO_AG.

Nedap and Swarco optimize mobility in Linköping for motorists with disabilities

May 11, 2016


Nedap and Swarco optimize mobility in Linköping for motorists with disabilities



As the first city in Sweden, Linköping introduces an innovative solution to find available parking bays for motorists with disabilities. These designated parking bays, spread over 23 parking areas across the city of Linköping, are equipped with smart in-ground SENSIT sensors that process real-time occupancy information with the LinPark smartphone application. Swarco Sweden integrated Nedap’s SENSIT platform to improve the digital parking services of the LinPark app.



Dukaten parking

With over 100.000 inhabitants, Linköping is home of world leading research institutes, the Swedish aviation industry and a large state University. Due to the ever increasing lack of space and simultaneous growth of motorists navigating through the city centers cause more traffic congestions, environmental pollution and unsafe roads. Dukaten Parking is responsible for the implementation of the Linköping’s municipality parking strategy. In January 2015 Linköping introduced a cash-less parking service based on the LinPark app which is deployed since then by over 10.000 users.


LinPark app

This digital solution makes it much easier and faster to park without queuing at parking ticket machines. The LinPark app also provides information about rates, opening hours and the availability of parking spaces in on-street and off-street facilities. Last but not least it also differentiates the type of parking areas between private cars, motor cycles, e-charging and spaces where disabled parking permits apply.


Parking for motorists with disabilities

Trying to find a vacant parking space is always a challenge. This problem even more affects mobility impaired and elderly motorist who strongly depend on the limited designated parking facilities. Available parking spaces for motorists with disabilities are, in many cases, important for a full social integration. Parking spaces reserved especially for this group of motorists are marked by the international wheelchair symbol. In average, designated parking spaces for people with disabilities are just about 6% of the total parking capacity.


Real-time parking information

Swarco Sweden integrated Nedap’s SENSIT platform to improve the digital parking services of the LinPark app. The Nedap’s SENSIT system consists of in-ground parking sensors that detect the occupancy status of each individual parking bay in the street and the parking duration. The Nedap SENSIT system deploys the fastest wireless network in the parking industry and processes occupancy data in real-time, which is essential in on-street parking applications. In Linköping this information is measured by the Nedap’s SENSIT system on 23 locations across the city Centre.


Improved mobility in Sweden

European municipalities are working on initiatives to improve mobility for elderly and mobility impaired motorists. Linköping is the first City in Sweden offering a mobility service to guide drivers to the wheelchair marked parking areas, monitor the availability and enforce legitimate usage. With the implemented solution, the city’s available disabled parking spaces become visible and easy to find, reducing search traffic and improving the mobility in the City of Linköping for all inhabitants.



Optimizing future mobility

With the implemented solution, the city’s available handicapped parking bays become more visible and easily findable for mobility impaired and elderly drivers. This reduces the search traffic, reduces CO2 emissions and improves the mobility for all motorists. The existing capacity of the municipality parking facilities will be used more efficiently. Additionally, by monitoring the real-time usage of designated parking bays in the city, the right use of the parking spaces can be effectively enforced.


With all the collected parking data, Linköping will be able to better anticipate on how much handicap spaces are used, providing the basis for future decisions on improved enforcement and the number of special on-street and off-street parking facilities.


Testimonial Jan Hofman and Thony Rysjö:


“This innovative parking service for motorists with disabilities is a benchmark for all Municipalities in Sweden. It allows optimal usage of the limited capacity and optionally can monitor remotely with an electronic parking licenses (EPL) if the designated parking bay is occupied by a permit holder. The Nedap patented EPL solution makes the total SENSIT platform unique in the parking industry”, according to Thony Rysjö (Sales and Product Manager SWARCO Sverige AB) and Jan Hofman (Sr Business Development Manager Nedap).